What Looter Shooter Would You Play?

It’s payday. I’m just about done with Resident Evil 2, and that means I’m itching to get into something new.

I considered jumping into something in the backlog, but nothing is jumping out at me. So, for your consideration, a poll:

I already have Destiny 2 along with the first two DLC packs, but I haven’t picked up Forsaken yet. I could grab that and blow through everything.

Or there’s Anthem. I still think it looks great but all of the reviews tell me I should wait for a while and see how it is down the road.

On the flip side, there’s The Division 2. I only played the first briefly, but this one is getting stellar reviews. I think I might enjoy it.

The last pick is Borderlands 3, only because there’s supposed to be information coming out on it this year. However, it’s not out so it was kind of a sarcastic option.

I guess I could have thrown Devil May Cry 5 in there as well, but I was sticking to a theme. I just thought I’d see where people were at and what they’d recommend.

Thanks for the help.

9 thoughts on “What Looter Shooter Would You Play?

    • I grabbed it when it was free after E3 last year. Then I paid for the champions pack because it was discounted. A great game, but just a deathmatch game, and I’m looking for something a bit deeper.


  1. Anthem is definitely not finished but if you want a light hearted looter shooter that is improving by leaps and bounds patch-wise weekly, with incredibly fun actual gameplay – you’ll get 50hrs right off that bat with anthem for your money. Division is a good shooter with just a heavier theme, and imo not as ‘fun’ to play, but offers way way more things to accomplish in the game so definitely you will get 100’s if he’s for your money here. Destiny 2, with the forge weapon and now the gambit armor – has become one ponderous grind. Still it’s Destiny and it’s good – but a bit daunting at the moment.

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    • I’m torn because you’re right on both accounts. I am already a little ways into Destiny 2 and bought the first two expansions. Also see that I can get Forsaken for under $25 at the moment, so I’m leaning that way. I was just playing with a friend and we haven’t played in a while.


  2. Anthem’s word of mouth tends to be along the lines of “It’s ok and if they figure out the endgame loot it will be better.”

    Destiny 2 I’ve often heard it said “It’s good, but Warframe’s better.”

    The Division 2 and Borderlands 3 I can’t say I’ve heard anything about at all.

    I play Warframe myself, and I quite enjoy it.

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      • To start: Follow the story quests. The tutorial takes you through a few nodes on Earth and to Venus. you then get left on your own until you get to Mars so you have time to explore and feel things out a bit.

        It actually looks like a lot more than there is — there are really only 3 “factions” you fight against – the armored Grineer. the shielded Corpus, and the zombie horde.. I mean.. Infested. The “4th faction” of the Corrupted is actually just a blending of the other 3 factions. There also aren’t all that many mission types, and each planet’s various nodes are pretty much just a re-hash of the various mission types as you progress the star chart, just with the mobs getting a little higher in level as you get farther along. Earth is mostly Grineer, Venus is mostly Corpus, Mercury’s back to Grineer, Mars and Ceres are also mostly Grineer, then Jupiter is Corpus again. Infested are on nodes scattered across each planet. And in the Void is where you’ll find the Corrupted. It’s all in a pattern, so once you figure that out, then it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

        That said, I think it’s got 228 nodes to fully complete the star chart, so there’s quite a bit to “work through.” But like any looter-shooter, the true endgame is your “FashionFrame.” 😉

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  3. If money is the main concern, Forsaken is a fun ride but once completed, you will probably have it collecting dust again. Anthem is quite fun actually. They put a lot of work into a beautiful world and if you hang in there, more free updates will be added to appease the online trolls. Division 2 is just like the original but in a different location and prettier menu.

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    • Well that’s the thing…I played the first Destiny once The Taken King Legendary editon was like $40. I played through the content solo, didn’t raid and didn’t PvP. But just that content alone was enjoyable and I felt comfortable moving on from it afterwards. I kind of just want to see the story through to it’s end. After that it really depends on if I can find the right people to play with to do anything else. I have friends who play so that shouldn’t be difficult, but I’ll probably be ready to play something else by then anyway til the next expansion or DLC.

      I’m leaning towards waiting on Anthem to be “fixed,” don’t think The Division 2 is really my style, and just buying Forsaken.

      I was also talking to co-workers today about Sekiro today and then the Souls series and Bloodborne and I realize I haven’t beaten any of them so I might just go that route for now.


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