The War Report: Mail Day!

In the past couple of months I’ve mostly spent my M:TG budget on packs and the guild kits from the most recent set. This month I knew I didn’t want to buy more of the same set, instead I decided to pick up some cards for existing decks along with a couple of commanders that I’ve been wanting to build. I think in coming months I’ll get at least a couple of these finished off. “Mail Day!” is a common phrase used in M:TG circles — it’s usually accompanied by a picture of cards that were just delivered via mail. Sometimes people add to it by asking others to guess the commander or other things along those lines. So today, I’m sharing my most recent mail day with you.

My Zur deck is my pride and joy. I love having a deck that is so powerful and full of great (expensive) cards. I’ve seen the judge promo foil before, and I can’t get over how much better this version looks as opposed to the original. I decided I wanted to have a copy of my own to further “pimp out” my deck. I was also technically missing one card: the most expensive fetch land in his colors.  So the new version of Zur and Marsh Flats made it into my tier 1 deck, and I’m happy to say it’s complete. About the only other thing I want to do is get all of his basic lands changed into full art lands (I think I’m missing one or two) and I’d also like to add in a Mana Crypt, but those are fucking expensive so I’m waiting on a reprint. You can see my current list here.

The other two cards that I slotted into a deck right away was Kozilek and Ulamog. They were recently reprinted with Ultimate Masters, and the prices have leveled off lower than they were prior to that printing so I figured now was the time to grab them. I have the newer versions of them both, along with the newer (not banned) Emrakul already in the deck. Jodah now has all of the best Eldrazi in the deck. I also slotted in Captive Audience and Smothering Tithe from the new set, as they just felt appropriate for the deck. You can see the updated list here.

The last three cards I picked up were three new commanders that I want to build. Karador is another competitive build that I shared a while back. I don’t really have many cards for it though, so it will probably be a buy-it-in-pieces kind of deck. The other two however are a bit more budget friendly and since I no longer have a Dimir deck and have never completed a Gruul one, I’d like to get them done sooner than later. Nikya looks to be a fun way to smash face and not really worry about spells (check out my write up here), while Lazav is probably a lower tier deck but still looks like fun (write up).

Another couple of projects I want to work on are Judith and Estrid. I’ll have some more new builds soon enough, because I haven’t brewed anything in a while and another new set is right around the corner.