What To Do Next?

It appears that the time has finally come. WordPress.com hosted sites like the one you lay your eyes upon are given 3 gigabytes of storage space for free. There are ads, but that’s to be expected with free things, and they aren’t all that obtrusive. I’ve known this time was coming for a while now, as I have been getting warnings that I was “coming close to running out of space” and “hey, why don’t you upgrade to a premium plan?” messages in my dashboard for a while. As of my last post, I’ve officially filled up my 3 GB of storage space. There was a time long ago that I didn’t really use pictures on my blog, but at a certain point in time I decided that screenshots, logos, and anything else pertinent to the article would add spice and flavor to my posts, along with being a visual aide for those who want to see more details. I use this blog to catalog my experiences and to share my thoughts on games, designs, mechanics, developers and industry news. I also have kept up with Magic: The Gathering posts for the last few years and those posts absolutely require the card pictures, but thankfully I only need one copy of each card I talk about to link to from multiple articles. Whatever the case, I simply can’t go back to picture-less posts. There are options.

Self-hosting is a thing, but not only would it probably cost me about the same, I hear it can be a headache to customize and then maintain and then you have to worry about getting a good hosting service or else your stuff disappears and yadda yadda. WordPress.com allows you to upgrade for a nominal fee, and in my case the package that makes the most sense is about $50 a year (though I get emails with discount codes all the time). For that price, I get an extra 3 GB of space, and honestly that should take a few years to fill up, particularly if I make sure to be as efficient as possible. I’ll also get some customization options and whatnot (so maybe a makeover will be in order?) and a domain name. I’ve never paid for a domain name before, and I’m honestly kind of stumped with where I want to go with that. I have a couple of options that make sense for obvious reasons but I leave it to you to help me out with other suggestions that I might have overlooked. Poll for your answer, comment with other ideas. I appreciate the help.