TWR: Core Set 2020 Spoilers

We just finished up with one spoiler season with Modern Horizons which released just a couple of weeks ago, and basically as that released, Core Set 2020 spoiler season began. You can see the full set here.

Core Sets have been a thing since the game began, but for whatever reason they were discontinued for a couple of years before returning last year. They’re sort of a tradition for the game, and I’m glad they came back — but they tend to be sort of ho-hum sets. They’re a great starting point for new players. Some cards are reprints, and many of them are designed for Standard/Limited, so EDH players like myself don’t have too much to look forward to. However, there are usually some EDH playables and there are always new legendaries included. Last year we got new versions of the Elder Dragons and you’ll probably recall my brew around Arcades the Strategist (wall tribal). This year there are a few cards I’m excited about, and then there are some others I’ll highlight as well.

Leyline Cycle:

I thought we might get some new Leylines this time around, but it turns out that these are all reprints. Honestly the only two that are very good are Leyline of Anticipation which is basically an enchantment version of Veldaken Orrey, and Leyline of the Void, which is Rest In Peace in Black. Both should be a bit cheaper to buy as singles due to the reprint, so if you need these cards I’d slam down the cash now before they climb in price again.

Temple Cycle:

Beyond the Temple lands being reprinted in Core 2020, the lifegain taplands are also included. I only included these because I feel that they are pretty good for taplands, particularly if you have extra uses for scry.

New Legendaries:

There are several new legendary creatures and from discussions with friends, the ones we’re all the most interested in are Kykar, Omnath, Kethis and Yarok. I’ve already brewed a deck around Kykar which I’ll be sharing soon enough, while one of my friends was into Omnath and the other into Yarok. I think they’re all good in their own ways but I’m not building more than one. As far as the others go, I like the new Kaalia to add into the 99 of old Kaalia, I think the mono legendaries have uses too but nothing too exciting for me.

EDH Playables:

There are some interesting cards here. A new vampire lord. A zombie dinosaur that also fills your graveyard. A new counterspell, a couple of planeswalkres that look neat. The Ceratops looks baller for dinosaur tribal. I like the Colossus Hammer, it’s easy to cheat equip costs, and my Shu-Yun voltron build will definitely use it. He can give himself double strike for two mana, so with this hammer equipped you can literally eliminate an opponent in one swing, for very little cost. The symmetrical tutor for one mana is pretty good too — it’s a great political tool (I’ll let you tutor a card if you do this) or you can easily force that card you let them tutor into a graveyard or exile with many other cards in the game. All in all, there’s some good stuff here, it’s just not overly exciting. Perhaps I’m just burnt on spoilers for the moment because we just got done with Modern Horizons. Whatever the case I’m liking the design choices coming down the pipe over the past couple of years and I’m excited to see what comes next. An announcement about the fall set is expected within the month of July, so we’ll know what we’re looking forward to soon enough.