The War Report: Imposters

I was interested in Morophon the moment he was teased, but because I already have a 5-color commander in Jodah, I focused on some other brews first. I kept looking at Morophon though, and I just couldn’t resist building a deck around him. Let me show you why:

Morophon is fairly unique in that he’s a colorless creature and therefore only has generic mana in his casting cost (outside of the Eldrazi titans, there aren’t many). Granted, seven mana is hard to get to on early turns but not needing any specific colors helps to get there faster. Morophon is also classified as a 5-color commander due to the WUBRG symbols appearing in his rules text. This means we not only have access to excellent mana rocks to ramp up to seven mana to cast our big boy, but we also have access to any other color’s ramp too. It should be fairly easy to get him cast early on. The major detail here is that Morophon is a Shapeshifter, so he has the Changeling keyword (which means he counts as all creature types). I’ve utilized Changelings in the past with my Reaper King build, so I already had quite a few of these laying around. There are some interesting things we can do with this tribal Shapeshifter idea, and most of it is reflected in the general. Obviously when he is played we are going to choose the creature type Shapeshifter, and then any of those spells are reduced by up to five mana to cast. He’s also a Lord for the chosen creature type, and a lord sub theme will be present in the deck as well.


Modern Horizons introduced a handful of new Changelings, most of which are pretty decent. I’ve also included the best Changelings that already existed and I think we cover some good ground and keep the overall curve pretty low. Some of these are sort of underwhelming, being maybe a 2/2 with Morophon on the board, but being changelings, there are quite a few ways we can give them the power to beat down our opponents. Check out the lords:


All of the lords here are not changelings. I couldn’t see including every single shapeshifter because many of them were underwhelming. But, seeing as that our creatures with changeling count as all creature types, all of these cards will benefit them! We can give our whole team indestructible, hexproof, shroud, flying, haste, deathtouch, etc. Other cool interactions are with cards like Unesh where you get some card selection for each creature played, or the Archdruid which let’s you steal land by tapping some creatures. I wanted to throw in some of the more obscure lords that are already in my collection but that I hadn’t yet found a home for, so cards like Midnight Entourage can finally see some play and draw me some cards in the process. Of course, we want all of these lords to benefit from their own abilities too, so we have some additional utility added:

Win Cons + Fun Interactions:

Arcane Adaption and Conspiracy are cards that I’ve talked about before in other home brews, but they are just as important here. When these cards are played, we’ll name Shapeshifter again, and then suddenly all of our cards in our hand, on the battlefield and even in our library are now Shapeshifters and the synergy goes off the charts. Creatures will be pumped up, they’ll get new keywords, and hopefully this means you can get in for some damage for the win. Other ways we’re going to pump up our team is with cards like Door of Destinies and Coat of Arms which can make our army stupid big. We’ll also want to capitalize on awesome enchantments like Rhystic Study, Smothering Tithe, Kindred Discovery and Rhythm of the Wild — drawing cards, getting extra mana and giving our creatures haste or extra counters + denying enemy counter magic is what we want to do. I’ve also included a dumb alternate win con in Liliana’s Contract. I had put this into Kaalia but it’s more of an ask in that deck. Here, we simply need four creatures with changeling and for the contract to survive til our next upkeep and we win.

This deck isn’t going to revolutionize the game by any means, but it’s a fun way to use some cards that I’ve owned for a while but never used. It’s fairly budget, with the mana base and spell package it’s sitting at $265. You can see the full deck list here.