By the Numbers: 2019 Season Hype

Typically I don’t make posts to this column outside of the regular season, but as I’m looking forward to the season starting, haven’t really talked about football since February, and need extra posts for Blaugust, I thought I’d do something a little bit different. I won’t bother making picks for the preseason because we all know that really doesn’t count for much, also there have been two weeks worth of games done already so there isn’t much point. There are two more weeks of preseason games to go and then we get to the season opener on September 5th, featuring the Green Bay Packers @ the Chicago Bears. Anyway, I thought I’d take this time to go over what’s different with my team, by featuring a couple of talking points.

There were some notable departures from the team. Two players that were both drafted by the Packers and two players who have been pretty solid in their time with the team. Firstly, Clay Matthews was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams, and Randall Cobb will be appearing with the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. Both are great players and favorites of mine, but I will admit that the production of Matthews has been in a slow decline, and both players have been bitten by the injury bug on more than one occasion. Between the two of them, I think Matthews is the bigger hit, just because receivers come and go, and Cobb was having trouble getting open more often than not. I think with some of the other players we’ll get to here in a minute, Matthews could have complimented well, but we’ll never find that out. This brings me to another big piece of news:

For once, the Packers have splurged in Free Agency. The defense is getting a makeover of sorts, and from things I have read it sounds like the new players will make an immediate impact. Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith are supposed to be beastly linebackers — younger and faster than Clay Matthews is anymore. Adrian Amos at safety is a quality upgrade, and I don’t know much about Billy Turner, but he is expected to shore up any weaknesses on the offensive line. If these players make the impact that most pundits are expecting, I imagine we won’t be missing Matthews for very long.

Finally, the draft. The 2019 draft looks pretty good for the Packers. Defensive End, Safety, Guard, Tight End, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback and Linebacker were all picked up. I was disappointed by these picks initially, because I feel like the Packers are always drafting defensive players, while they already spent a bunch in free agency for defensive players as well. But when I started thinking about the depth of our offensive positions, I realized that we are actually pretty good with our receivers and backs. Aaron Jones should be on point just like last year. Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison have already been pretty good, but some of the now 2nd year guys should start to come into their own. Besides, when you have Aaron Rodgers slinging the football, most average receivers get good — or they end up on the bench.

I’m looking forward to the 2019 season. It’s been two down seasons in a row and not making the playoffs during that time has got to make this team hungry. If we make it back to the playoffs I think we might finally get Rodgers another ring — we know he deserves it for putting the team on his shoulders all these years. Whatever the case, GO PACK GO!