By The Numbers: Week 4, 2019

Another week has passed and we’re starting to see the larger picture taking shape. Granted, it is still too early to name a list of superbowl contenders, but we are seeing “better” teams distancing themselves from the pack. We’re also seeing some teams repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. The Antonio Brown saga seems to have ended for now… for those not paying attention, it started before preseason, where he got frost bite on a foot due to cryogenic therapy. Then there was the helmet fiasco. Then he got cut from the Raiders after calling one of his coaches a cracker. Then he gets signed by the Patriots (they would sign a scumbag like him, wouldn’t they?) and within a day or two allegations of sexual assault and rape come up. He played a lone game for the Patriots, caught one touchdown pass from Tom Brady, and then left New England faster than Paul Revere. The Pats dropped him after more allegations started to arise. Whatever the case, his story didn’t really hurt or help the Pats — they’re one of the remaining undefeated teams in the league, but have had an arguably weak schedule to this point. As for my Packers, they got it done again, mainly on the defensive side of the ball. The offense took some steps forward but still aren’t where they should be. I’m hoping that part of the ship is righted come Thursday night against the Eagles. Let’s see how I did last week:

Eagles 21, Lions 14
Patriots 35, Jets 13 – Correct
Vikings 24, Raiders 10 – Correct
Chiefs 24, Ravens 21 – Correct
Falcons 27, Colts 20
Packers 28, Broncos 12 – Correct
Cowboys 31, Dolphins 7 – Correct
Bills 26, Bengals 9 – Correct
Buccs 20, Giants 10
Panthers 23, Cards 17 – Correct
49ers 24, Steelers 21 – Correct
Seahawks 30, Saints 14
Texans 20, Chargers 17 – Correct
Rams 21, Browns 20 – Correct
Bears 17, Redskins 13 – Correct

This week’s score: 11-4. Should probably be 11-5 due to missing the thursday pick, but I’m just going to leave it out.
Season score: 34-13

Not bad despite some of these picks going the other way unexpectedly. I thought for sure the Giants were screwed with a backup starting, but the kid is alright. Ditto the Saints, but they pulled out the win without Drew Brees. Whatever, I’m doing pretty good with my picks so far, so let’s keep it rolling.

Packers 27, Eagles 20
Giants 24, Redskins 13
Chargers 21, Dolphins 9
Colts 20, Raiders 10
Texans 30, Panthers 17
Chiefs 31, Lions 20
Ravens 23, Browns 20
Falcons 24, Titans 20
Rams 28, Buccs 22
Seahawks 30, Cards 14
Jags 26, Broncos 21
Vikings 30, Bears 13
Cowboys 35, Saints 27
Bengals 14, Steelers 10

I’ll check back in next week with more football stuffs. Until then.