By The Numbers: Week 6, 2019

The Packers ended up having a hell of a game last Sunday, facing off against the also 3-1 Cowboys (who were considered one of the NFC favorites to go to the SuperBowl). The defense was on point for much of the game, holding the ‘boys to 3 points up until the third quarter. We did blow a bit of a lead but it was mostly during garbage time and still ended up with a ten point lead, good enough to take the win. It was a pretty decisive road win though, and that builds morale. If we can keep giving it to our own division, we only need a few road wins to get back into the playoffs. We match up favorably against the Lions who we face this upcoming week, so I think we should be able to start talking about 5-1 pretty soon. Let’s see how I did with my picks last week:

Seahawks 27, Rams 21 – Correct
Jags 21, Panthers 14
Cardinals 25, Bengals 24 – Correct
Texans 23, Falcons 20 – Correct
Saints 30, Buccs 24 – Correct
Vikings 31, Giants 30 – Correct
Bears 24, Raiders 13
Eagles 35, Jets 7 – Correct
Ravens 20, Steelers 10 – Correct
Bills 27, Titans 14 – Correct
Patriots 40, Redskins 17 – Correct
Chargers 21, Broncos 6
Packers 28, Cowboys 23 – Correct
Chiefs 35, Colts 21
49ers 26, Browns 19
– Correct

This week’s score: 11-4
Season score: 50-27

Still having a pretty good year. Some surprises there, didn’t see the Chiefs losing to the Colts, nor did I see the Bears tanking against the Raiders, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. Whatever the case, at just over the quarter mark, I have almost double correct picks over incorrect ones, so I’d say that’s pretty good. I’m not sure if I’ll do better than last year when it’s all said and done, but we’ll find out in a couple of months. Let’s make some picks for Week 6:

Giants 24, Patriots 20
Panthers 21, Buccs 20
Ravens 27, Bengals 14
Seahawks 28, Browns 13
Saints 30, Jags 20
Chiefs 28, Texans 23
Dolphins 21, Redskins 9
Eagles 23, Vikings 17
Falcons 21, Cards 13
Rams 31, 49ers 27
Titans 17, Broncos 10
Cowboys 35, Jets 14
Chargers 20, Steelers 9
Packers 27, Lions 23

We’ll check in again next week to see how I scored. I’m going out on a limb here that the Giants can once again pull out some heroics and eliminate the Patriots’ win streak. It’s also a reach as to who is going to finally get a win when it comes to the winless teams, namely Washington and Miami. I’m thinking Miami finally gets a win but I doubt it matters.