By The Numbers: Week 11, 2019

I was thankful that Cam Newton was out of this week’s game, as the Packers were facing the Panthers who have had an okay year. It turns out, his backup is actually pretty good, and there were times I thought we might actually lose that one. Thankfully we did not, and we were able to go into the bye week 8-2. It’s been a good season, and I don’t see how we can’t still be competing come January. For a few weeks there it was getting pretty easy to choose who was going to win in games, but at this point in the season it’s anyone’s guess. I had my worst week of the season so far with my picks, and some of these weren’t a reach either. Take a look:

Chargers 27, Raiders 24
Lions 21, Bears 20
Ravens 31, Bengals 10 – Correct
Bills 24, Browns 10
Packers 28, Panthers 17 – Correct
Saints 35, Falcons 20
Giants 27, Jets 21
Cards 21, Buccs 19
Chiefs 28, Titans 17
Colts 25, Dolphins 13
Rams 21, Steelers 14
Cowboys 24, Vikings 21
Seahawks 31, 49ers 27 – Correct

Week Score: 3-10
Season Score: 86-61

Ouch. I think this might be one of the worst weeks I’ve had the entire time I’ve been doing this column. Seriously, 3-10? Looking at my picks prior to Sunday, most of these games looked like a lock. Sure the Chargers/Raiders game could have gone either way, same goes for the Lions/Bears, but the Browns beat the Bills? The FALCONS beat the Saints? Jets got another win, the Titans beat the Chiefs. The fucking Dolphins beat the Colts. Didn’t they beat someone pretty good earlier in the year? Anyway, I guess it’s coming out pretty random now, and my score has been affected. I’ll try better for this week, but it’s sort of a bye week for me too. My birthday is in a couple of days and I started celebrating already. My team doesn’t play so I may not watch football at all this weekend. Let’s make those picks.

Steelers 21, Browns 20
Ravens 24, Texans 21
Panthers 20, Falcons 13
Cowboys 28, Lions 23
Colts 21, Jags 14
Bills 30, Dolphins 21
Vikings 27, Broncos 10
Saints 35, Buccs 27
Jets 17, Redskins 13
49ers 24, Cards 13
Raiders 30, Bengals 19
Patriots 27, Eagles 24
Rams 21, Bears 10
Chiefs 27, Chargers 14

Let’s see if I’m any luckier this time. We’ll check back in next week to see how I did. Until then.