DOOM Eternal Complete

I apologize for the late post today, I ended up deciding that I wanted to complete a game in order to have a post, and rather than scheduling this for later, I wanted it to come out today. I guess what I’m saying is that I started playing last night, and before I knew it, it was pretty late in the evening and I knew that I was nearing the end. I tried to push through to complete the game so I could have written this post earlier in the day, but it was starting to get late so I just called it a night. Today I woke up with the intention on completing the game but lazed about for a bit and then had a couple of errands to run. Regardless, I have since completed DOOM: Eternal and I have some final thoughts along with a gallery of cool shots from the remainder of the game. You can catch up with my initial impressions in this post.

So I should preface my thoughts with the fact that I’ll be discussing parts of the game that could contain spoilers, including the screenshots below. Honestly anything that I might spoil isn’t integral to your enjoyment of the game, but I thought I should give you the chance to check out at this point in case you want to experience things first hand. Otherwise, if you’re on the fence about the game, perhaps I can further convince you of its worth.

I guess the main thing that would matter most is if you enjoy this style of fast-paced FPS. The action is even more over the top than the 2016 version, and there is a lot of depth to the combat. I will say that this game is significantly harder than the 2016 version as well, but that could be due to the fact that I’m four years older and perhaps my twitch reflexes aren’t as good. Or perhaps it’s just harder. It took me longer to complete as well, with 2016’s DOOM taking me 10 hours to complete, and DOOM: Eternal taking 14 hours. It didn’t really feel longer, and I don’t recall getting stuck anywhere, but it did feel like a fuller experience. I liked the fact that your spaceship is a hub zone and that finding items in the world (sentinel batteries) could be used there to further unlock upgrades and/or cosmetics.

As far as story goes, it felt more involved as well. VEGA, and to a lesser extent Dr. Hayden, make regular voice communications throughout each mission. There is more interaction with the villains because they actually communicate, rather than just being blasted. Well, the main character demons that is… the normal fodder is just there to be exploited.

Without a doubt, it was fully worth the $60 price tag. There is a fast travel system that allows you to go back and gather all the collectibles and things, so I might have more motivation to play in the future, along with the season pass giving some new campaign experiences. I thought it was a great game and I recommend it highly if this is your thing. Here’s some screens of my experience, in chronological order:

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Pick this up ASAP if your’re a DOOM fan, or a fan of shooters in general.