These Four Walls

Today is Easter. Happy Easter, if that’s your thing. For me it’s a bit of a hollow holiday, in the sense that I’m not religious so it really doesn’t mean all that much to me. I suppose it isn’t for me anymore either. The boy had his egg hunt, earned some v-bucks for his trouble, and life has moved on. Memories had.

I just realized that today is the 12th of April. The last day I worked was the 18th of March, so I’m coming up on a month of quarantine. Is it just me, or did that go by pretty damn fast? I know the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun but have I really been having that much fun? In a sense, not much has changed. I still get up, do some things around the house or make supply runs. I’ve still been watching YouTube and Netflix and the LCS. I’ve played new games and completed some. More are on the to-do list. Surprisingly I haven’t been playing Magic as often as I was before quarantine, but that’s mainly because I have also spent more time watching shows and things. I guess when you have a plethora of options and these are things you would normally do, it’s not much different. I definitely feel weird not working, but to this point not struggling with financial issues has made it rather relaxing at the same time.

That’s not to say that I’m in a position to do this for the longer term. For now I am not stressed, but a lot is riding on the government coming through the way they say they will. Fingers are still crossed that we can go back to work on the 1st. It will be a relief and I’ll be able to go back to vegging out and getting fatter, while knowing I’m secure. Whatever the case, I’m choosing not to worry and instead look at the bright side. And that bright side is having a place to live, food to eat, a family that loves me and isn’t it amazing that we still have the Internet?

It’s easy to try and make comparisons to being stuck in a cell. These four walls surround us for many more hours per day than usual, and many are going stir crazy. Initially I wasn’t all that worried about the virus or its implications on my life but watching the world succumb to it has brought it closer to home. We have been taking the stay at home order seriously, and I only go out to get what’s needed. I’m still not worried that anyone in my household will get it, but the isolation has started to weigh on me a bit. I’ve been invited to things that I’ve declined and our normal family dinners with my best friend/others haven’t happened in a while either. I’ve still had voice chat communications with people but overall it’s felt a little more lonely. I’m thankful to be in a relationship with my best friend who keeps me sane as much as she drives me insane. Our crazy works.

I didn’t have anything exciting to share today, so I thought I’d do an IRL check-in. Things are largely the same, but also boring. But also fun. It’s a weird experience that’s hard to put into words.