By The Numbers: Thoughts on the Packers’ 2020 Draft

With the pandemic going on for the past month plus, I hadn’t really thought about football all that much. I knew free agency was happening but I didn’t really pay attention (I do know we picked up one receiver at least). I also knew that the draft was around the corner, but I totally forgot until the day it was happening and I started seeing things on social media. I have some opinions, but I’ll wait just a moment. After seeing the first draft pick I started paying more attention over the next couple of days and since it’s been a couple of days more since the picks were made, I figured I should jump on this topic while the iron is still hot. So old news and all, but here’s the 2020 draft class for the Green Bay Packers:

So right off the bat, I was like what the fuck? Having watched some film of Jordan Love, I do see the similarities between his style and Rodgers’, and yet I still think it’s too soon to be making the switch. Brady is still going and he’s a handful of years older at least. I don’t know that even if Love can prove himself to be the heir to the throne that he’ll be willing to sit around waiting for his chance. Rodgers sat on the bench for three years, and I suppose in three years Rodgers will be about 40, so maybe this is the right time. I see the potential for the kid, but I also don’t know that there weren’t better uses for a round 1 pick.

Round 2 was also weird to me. It has been clear that the biggest weaknesses of last year’s team were the receiving core and the defense. We have had stars on both ends of the ball for as long as I can remember, but only a few solid enough defenses to get the Super Bowl victory. Oftentimes the offense would carry the defense who would then let us down in big games when it counts. However last year was different in that the offense mostly looked out of sorts and the defense was starting to carry it. So I was expecting an impact receiver or more defensive picks. This running back does look pretty damn good though, and perhaps he can become the 2nd part of the 1-2 punch with Aaron Jones.

Round 3 was less of a head scratcher only because we let Jimmy Graham go because he didn’t do shit for us. A new tight end is never a bad idea, considering there were years when much of our offense would lead through the position, eventually opening up big plays for guys like Jordy Nelson. Josiah Deguara looks to be talented, so hopefully he is a big piece in this offense.

From there I have little opinion on the other picks. Offensive linemen and others are fine, but they’re likely just backups. Hopefully they are good additions.

I’m hopeful for this season, considering we made it to the championship game last year, but I have my worry just because we didn’t fully address the issues present and the competition in the NFC has been pretty stiff lately.