Time Flies (6 years)

Time surely does trudge on, whether we like it or not, are aware of it or not. Today marks 6 years since I jumped from whatever hosting service I was using (I literally don’t remember) over to WordPress.



In that amount of time, according to my stats, I have made 598 posts (including this one), although I had a couple years of backlog when I transferred over. I’ve had almost 50k visitors, so I’m definitely one of the “little guys”, but I’m proud to have out lasted some of the more prominent blogs out there. I’ve utilized 5 or 6 of the WordPress themes, and I have had one blog name change over this duration. Overall, I’m satisfied with the service, and how easy it makes my blogging, as I don’t really have to put out much effort with design/archiving etc., and can focus my energies on what I want to write that particular day. You might have noticed a slight change in the layout here, and though I did so yesterday, I’m just going to say I did it to commemorate the anniversary.

Here’s to 6 more years!