This is not a Post, It’s a Sandwich.

Kudos for those of you who get the reference in this title of this post. 

This isn’t so much of a post in that I’m not in the mood to write, don’t really have a lot to talk about at the moment, and haven’t been playing anything really outside of D3, Shining Force and Nuclear Throne. The Shining Force bit I will probably talk about more after I complete the game, which shouldn’t be too much longer. Still, trying to keep up with this whole writing every day thing, along with attempting to keep up on the Nuclear Throne daily videos. With that said, some days you need some time off, and though I sat around all day doing basically nothing, I still didn’t have anything pop up that I needed to write about.

However, I did play some Awesomenauts last night and had a stellar game as Leon, and thought I’d share the replay (which I just found out enables you to convert your replays into videos you can share, though the process takes longer than if you were to use an external recorder). So here’s that, and you’ll still get the Nuclear Throne daily run video to boot.

I’m thinking I might start doing voice commentary over the daily runs so that it’s maybe more interesting. Also been thinking of doing some let’s play type stuff but I don’t have the most fantastic of editing tools so I’m not sure how far I’ll go with that. We’ll see soon enough.

Stuck with random plant again. Seems like I was doing pretty well, but died on 4-1. Feels like every death is so dumb and preventable when I watch these!

Awesomenauts Patch 2.12


Having played quite a bit of Awesomenauts Assemble on my friend’s PS4 while I was out of town this past weekend, I had the urge to play the game on Steam. It helped that as soon as I opened up Steam there was a new patch waiting for me. Awesomenauts has been officially updated to 2.12, and with that comes a brand new character! You can view the full patch notes here, or read on for more info from yours truly.


Ksenia is the newest ‘Naut to join to the roster, and I jumped right into to try her out, along with the newest map that is in testing for a future patch. The map, which is “pre-alpha” looks like a holodeck but the general layout is there and it’s a nice new concept. It was a little distracting though, and I think it will end up being more fun when it’s skinned appropriately.


That’s the biggest portion of the patch, but there are a bunch of tweaks and stuff as well, some of which will be visible for those familiar with the game in the video I’m about to share. Overall the new character has a neat kit, but I am not maximum level (I’ve been doing the prestige thing) so I don’t have everything opened, so I can’t fully judge her just yet. I do like how you can build to get more blades to throw more often, and her stealth is an excellent engage and disengage tool, though I kind of wish it functioned more like Leon’s. Still, if you like Leon you’ll probably enjoy her. Anyway, here’s video of my first time trying her, and the bots end up kicking my ass, but you can see her in action.

You get two videos today for the price of one! Though this is one of the shortest runs I’ve had in a while. Tried to do a run with Rogue, and remembered why I don’t usually play her. She has an awesome special, but adding in the IDPD every level and accidentally shooting yourself with her special makes for a short run xD

Modifying the Rotation: A Rant

You’ve probably noticed for the past year or so I’ve been doing a weekly round up of what it is that I’m playing. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll know that the only constant is that the list of games I’m playing during any given week is always changing. If I pick up a new game (even if it’s just new to me) I’m usually trying that out or perhaps trying to complete it. If I haven’t picked up anything new, I’m working through the backlog or just settling on playing session-based games that can still eat up plenty of time. Sometimes I’ll be playing MMOs, sometimes I can’t be bothered. As such, I have definitely avoided pigeonholing this blog into one niche because my finicky nature doesn’t allow for one topic to be discussed at any given time. Some weeks there is plenty of news or new things to talk about as far as what I’ve been occupying my time with, other weeks I’m reaching for things to write about. Either way, this is a favorite hobby of mine, so even when I have to reach a little, I still enjoy writing and sharing my experiences, finding bits of information or free game leads to share, or rattling off my opinions on whatever topic comes to mind.

You’ll know by now that my steady rotation of games usually includes one or more MOBAs, Hearthstone, an MMO or two, and whatever single player games I’m working on. I’m here to tell you today about one of the games that I’ve been playing religiously all year getting put on the back burner, and another that I’ve played here and there that has come to the forefront of the rotation. The games in question are Awesomenauts and Diablo III. I avoided talking about the former in my State of the Game post yesterday, because it is the one that is getting put on the shelf, and I mentioned what I’ve been doing in D3 briefly. Let’s get into the particulars as to why these changes are occurring, shall we?

My history with Awesomenauts starts way back in 2012 when it released. It was actually free with a Plus membership on Playstation on release day, and I picked it up not even realizing it was a MOBA. I was hooked almost instantly, but I didn’t really get heavily involved in playing it until I took it to my friend’s house and hooked him as well. After he bought a copy, we played together nearly every day. I played through all of the prestige levels and worked my way up the leaderboards into the top 1000 of all players on the console. I was proud of the accomplishment and all, but found out about how the Steam version of the game was getting further support, while the console version was left behind. Many new characters were added, balance tweaks and fixes were implemented, even new maps and game modes were supported on the PC. It was this fact that pushed me to buy a copy on Steam, and though the console version got love on the newest generation of consoles, I don’t own a new gen console so it made sense to just get the game on Steam.

I was happy with that for nearly this entire year. I purchased the game + the Starstorm expansion and have enjoyed all of the new features plus the regular patches that change/add new things. I’ve even enjoyed doing the prestige levels again despite the fact that they take far longer to do on the PC, and I’ve adjusted to the leaderboard that gets wiped every couple of months. Everything was fine until recently, where I became disillusioned with the game. There is a major problem with the game’s network mechanics that causes an undue amount of stress for me. See, I’m a very competitive person, particularly when it comes to PvP oriented games, and having a leaderboard gives incentive to get better at the game. I didn’t have a problem in past seasons where I seemed to fall on the appropriate place on the leaderboard and would slowly work my way up. This season that started at the beginning of the month changed my perspective ever so slightly. At the end of the last season, I was ranked in the 3000 range out of 150k people who had played games during the duration. I felt pretty good with that, as it was the best I had done on the PC version of the game. I figured with the amount of time I have been playing lately, that this season would start and I’d just continue to work my way up. That was exactly the case for the first few days, I ended up placing within the top 1000 players (901 specifically) after having played a dozen or so games. I attributed this to the fact that there have only been 30k players who have placed on the board so far, and figured I might drop a bit when more people played, but was happy with my placement. That was the highest I would place though, as the real issues were about to rear their ugly head.

Awesomenauts uses a peer to peer matchmaking system. This means that the games aren’t hosted on servers provided by the developer, but rather the games are hosted on individual’s computers. This wouldn’t be an issue if the game didn’t have a leaderboard, but because it does there are windows for error that can affect your rating. Basically, if the person who is hosting the game leaves for some reason (voluntary leave, system crash, network error, etc) and for some reason the migration doesn’t complete, you are dropped from the game. This can affect your rating, if the system decides that you “left” the game. Also, if the person hosting the game is far away from you, ping becomes an issue. If the game kept you playing people within a certain radius of you, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I have had games where I was playing with people in different parts of the world, and the different pings affect gameplay. Warping is common, and this creates a disadvantage for players when you need to aim skill shots or dodge attacks. Both of these factors can contribute to losses (or frustration to the point of quitting the game) which causes your rating to go down. Couple that with the fact that though the matchmaking system is supposed to put you in games with people of a similar skill level, but rarely does, your rating can take hits left and right. Simply put, in one day I dropped from that 901 rank on the leaderboard to the 3000 range again, after only losing a handful of matches, all of which had the above issues. How that could ever be considered fair I won’t know. I understand that creating a perfect system is hard, but I rarely have the same issues in a game like LoL. I don’t see warping, I do see disconnects, but there isn’t a leaderboard when you aren’t playing ranked matches, so it’s not as imperative. Basically when you are depending on a network to work and for people to understand the game and know how to play it, having a leaderboard ends up being a de-motivator. Without that factor (or perhaps if I didn’t care) I wouldn’t be upset. I would just play the game and leave whenever it was a laggy mess. I wouldn’t care. But when I’m trying to be one of the better players of the game, I don’t want to play when these issues drag me down. So Awesomenauts is going to collect some dust for a while, until I can get over being pissed off about it.

That brings me to the next part of the discussion. I’ve basically already replaced Awesomenauts with another game I’ve had for a long time but haven’t devoted much time to in recent months: Diablo III. I picked up the game early this year around the time the 2.0 loot patch came in and played through the original game. I had pre-ordered Reaper of Souls and played through that once it released as well. At that point I didn’t really do much else. A few months back I played it for a while with Doone and Eri, and Eri turned me on to the hardcore mode, which adds the challenge of not being able to die, as death is permanent. A couple of months ago they added in the Seasons, and I also have a character created in that mode, but I hadn’t played since then. Talking about it recently on the podcast got me thinking about it, and I decided it was time to give it a go again, as I’m not really playing an MMO or RPG otherwise, and I always like to have one of those on hand for when I get in the mood. Apologies if this is all repetitive but I’m just going over it all in my mind as I write.

The funny part is that when I originally beat the game and even after I beat Act V of RoS, I had told myself that I was basically done with the game. Just like with the MMOs I have played recently, I just get bored of that repetitive content that many developers call the end game. I’ve had discussions about this in many formats, and I find that if I have to grind the same dungeon/raid/faction/whatever over and over again to get better gear or to further develop my character I’m not usually down for it. I have been in the past, but we grow and change over the years, and having done that sort of thing in more MMOs/RPGs than I can count, I find myself getting bored with it faster and faster. Basically I haven’t reached the end game in an MMO in years, because I usually get bored with the journey, or knowing that the end will be the same as every game before it. I usually have more patience with single player games though, but most are designed to end once you’ve completed the main story, so that’s probably why the repetition grind doesn’t kick in. D3 isn’t traditional in that sense though. Yes, the game does end when you complete the story, but it is designed to be able to play the story over and over again, and still improve your character that way. In that sense, it feels very much like an MMO, having to grind the same content over and over. RoS changed the formula though, and now that I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it, I find that it’s one of the better end game experiences that I’ve had in a long time. I actually can see where this form of end game could be transferred over to MMOs, and would help combat that repetitive nature while still providing progression. Before you say something about how D3 is a Blizzard product and how WoW might have something similar, stop. They aren’t the same. At all. Let me tell you why.

WoW, like all other themepark MMOs, has the standard MMO endgame. Reach the level cap, do dungeons or raids or PvP to get gear, wait for a new expansion and do it all over again. WoW actually lacks in having skill trees or an alternate way to advance your character outside of gear, so once you hit the level cap, you are purely grinding for better gear. Other games that follow the formula but have alternate advancement are the Everquests and Rift, and probably others that I don’t know enough about. This is why I could play EQ for so long, because even after hitting the level cap I had alternate advancement points to earn to place in trees to further customize my character, on top of the gear grind. Only having the gear grind is somewhat limiting in my opinion. Anyway, back to D3. In Diablo, they’ve created the adventure mode, where you are still going to the same locations that you saw in the original story line, but you can instantly warp to various areas without having to follow the normal linear progression, along with giving different quests that stray from the original story. These are all randomly generated and each time you go out to complete some bounties, they will be different, and in different areas of the game. Complete these, get gear. It’s not always what you need/want, but you will be rewarded randomly and it all has some sort of use. Later, doing the Nephalim Rifts, you get full on dungeons that are completely randomly generated, with random enemies, random bosses, and differing loot tables. When things get too easy you can up the difficulty on the fly, and each difficulty provides better rewards. This would compare to normal/heroic/challenge dungeons in WoW, minus the random factors. I think the key element here is randomness, and that’s something that keeps a repetitive grind from feeling repetitive. I think this could translate to MMOs in many interesting ways, they’d just have to be careful in how they do it. Do you agree/disagree? Let me know in the comments.

So anyway, I’ve been plugging away with my Wizard and Hardcore Monk. My Monk is nearing level 40, and I upped the difficulty already because it was simply too easy on normal. I won’t go into his gear or any of that because it’s not end game stuff so it’s not that interesting. However, I am at the end game with my Wizard and have earned a few more paragon levels, which give you that feeling of upping your power without depending solely on gear. I like that, and I like the fact that they aren’t limited, so you can theoretically always increase your passive powers. I’ve also been doing bounties and rifts, and have been researching gear sets and other things to do in the end game. Apparently there’s a place called Whimsyvale (kind of like the cow level from D2) that requires a recipe and other stuff to get access to, but it’s something unique to do. Gear sets are also something that can be worked towards, along with legendary gems and other things that come from Greater Rifts. I have yet to get that far along, but feel that I have some goals to work towards. I moved my difficulty up to Master and seem to be handling it well enough so I think I might actually be ready to try Torment. I also messed around with dyes and transmog stuff, so I have a gear that looks like a full set even if it isn’t. Having tons of achievements to do also gives me more motivation to do things I might not normally care about. I know many of these factors are already in current MMOs, and/or could be added in easily, but for some reason they just feel better in D3 to me. Maybe I’m just weird. I know I’m not getting involved in any MMOs until I can get my hands on H1Z1 though, so this is going to be my MMO-lite for the time being. Anyway, I’ll finish up this word wall with a couple new shots of my main characters, and call it a day. Thanks for reading!

Wizard with winter dye and ascended transmog


My mid-game hardcore Monk (no dyes or transmogs)


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State of the Game: 901

It’s Sunday, so you know what time it is! Yep, it’s round-up time. You may have noticed that the sub-title of this post is simply a number, and there’s a reason for that. It turns out that the post I put up yesterday was my 900th post, and this is of course, number 901. I have had a huge jump in the amount of posts I’ve written in the past year and a half or so, where all of the other years that I’ve run this blog were much more sporadic. It’s an achievement in my mind, though I know I would have a hell of a lot more written had I not gone stagnant at times. At this rate, I’ll hit 1000 blog posts within the first quarter of next year. Speaking of next year, in just over a month this blog will be celebrating 10 years of continuity. I’ve said it before, but I did have blogs before then, all the way back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but this iteration has been around since 2005, and on WordPress since 2007. My how the time flies. You can read more about the history of things up there on the about page.

Moving on. I have spent this week with a few of my usual games, those being League of Legends and Awesomenauts. In League I’ve just been plugging away, having some good games with a few friends and earning 6300 IP that I used to pick up Gnar, whom I’m not sure I really like. I only played one game with him but I failed hard. I’ll have to play some more to determine if that buy was a bad choice or not, but my ultimate goal is to own them all, so no harm no foul. In Awesomenauts, a new ranked season started, and I’ve already worked my way back into league 2, but this time my rating is much higher than it was when I ended last season. Last season I was in the 3000’s, and I’ve actually broke into the 900 range recently, but a loss pushed me back up over 1000. Still, a big jump between then and now, in only about a week’s time. This will probably change though, as last season there were 150k people on the leaderboard, and we’re at about 25k right now. As the league 1 people start playing my rank will probably fall a bit, but as long as I stay in league 2 I’ll be alright.

2014-12-06_00002 2014-12-06_00003

I also played a little bit of Dark Souls, but haven’t really felt like diving into it whole-heartedly. The reason being, is that I just marathoned Demon’s Souls. This is one of the major disadvantages of being a budget gamer — you don’t buy games when they come out and then have the 2-3 year gap between sequels to take a break. Moving from one game to its sequel almost immediately is tough to do, at least for me. I like a little break between games that are so similar, because then I can play something else that’s maybe from a different genre or at least has different mechanics. I had fully intended on moving straight into Dark Souls and then taking that break between DS and DS2, but after creating a couple of characters and completing the tutorial section on both, I found that I didn’t have the motivation to move on. I’m craving something else right now. I will come back to Dark Souls soonish, but I think I might complete another game first, or just putz around.

Speaking of putzing, I downloaded the 14-day trial for FFXIV last night on a whim. Despite enjoying GW2 and Rift on some levels, I wasn’t really hooked enough to dedicate myself to one of them. FFXIV has been on my “to-try” list for a while now, so I just said fuck it and rolled with it. Downloading the client wasn’t an issue, but the sign up process was a little annoying, as they send you a code in your email that you need to enter before you can fully download the game, and it took a long ass time for me to receive said email. It did come through eventually and I got the download started. That took quite a while as well because the install happens as you download portions of the game, but once it was all said and done I got into the game. FFXIV is definitely and Eastern MMO, with stylings that remind of anime and older JRPGs, but I loved the sound effects and music right off the back, as they were reminiscent of every FF game I’ve ever played (thought it’s been a while).

Races have weird names, but are pretty much the standard Humans, Elves, Ogre?, weird small race and cat people. Each race is split up into two groups but that doesn’t seem to make a difference except with appearance. Perhaps there’s more to that later on. I picked the Cat people, and the moon subset cause it sounded better. Classes are split in to Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic, which as you can guess are the martial classes vs the magic wielders. There’s only one healer, a couple of DPS mages, a couple of tanks and a couple of melee DPS classes. I rolled with the Thurmaturge, which is basically a fire/ice mage, but I’m unsure if that’s the class I would stick with, were I to buy the box and subscribe to the game. I may just use the 14 days to level one character and see as much of the game and systems as I can, or maybe just try as many classes as possible. It was a little strange that there are 3 starting cities and yours is determined by your class and not your race. Unique. Here’s the character I ended up with:


Graphically the game is beautiful. Considering it released last year, it’s one of the better looking MMOs I’ve played. I figure ESO is probably the only one out that’s prettier, but I haven’t actually played that so I can’t comment. Despite having the Asian influence, the world still looks somewhat western, but I recall the older FF games being able to blend the two styles well.


My first complaint with the game came within the first ten minutes of character generation. You get a cut scene, and you get to do some dialogue choices, but for some reason they opted to have fully animated cutscenes with lips moving and all that, but no voice over. That seemed like a bad idea to me. The beginning cut scene and all the shit you have to read through before you can actually take control of your character and wander around to explore took far too long as well. I just wanted to play the game and I have to read all of this tutorial shit, or watch cut scenes I can’t skip. A minor complaint, but a complaint nonetheless. That seems to die down after the first 15 mins or so and then you get back to the more expected random quest grind and skippable quest text. Exploring the town didn’t take too long, and before long I had done a bunch of quests and leveled up a bit, and soon I was outside of the town fighting newbie mobs.


The combat system is less whack a mole and more of a focus on combos, or spellweaving in the case of this magic wielder. There aren’t a huge amount of abilities as you level to 50 from what research I’ve done, but it appears that the Job system is tied to the weapon you have equipped and you can switch jobs on the fly. I haven’t tested this but it does look that to get certain jobs towards the end game you have to have multiple classes built up to certain levels to do so. It’s an interesting concept and something that should be familiar to FF game veterans. So far I rather like the game, but it hasn’t been long enough yet for me to determine if I’ll drop the money for the box and sub to the game in the future. I should be able to tell once the trial period is over. I’ve made these types of choices on beta weekends with other games, so I have extra time going this route. I wish ESO would do a free trial period too so I could tick that one off the list.

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State of the Game: Thanksgaming Again

Another week down, and it’s time for the round-up of my gaming endeavors once again. This week I spent my time in the same games I’ve been playing for a while, as I have yet to complete Demon’s Souls, I’m still waiting on the Steam Autumn sale which is rumored to start on Wednesday, and the other titles are on-going affairs. When that Steam sale gets under way, I’m hoping to either snag a copy of Dark Souls on the cheap, or something else from my wishlist that I haven’t picked up yet. Perhaps I’ll get luck and both Dark Souls games will go on sale and I can get both of them. That would probably take care of my gaming regimen for the remainder of the year, if not longer.

If you missed my post from yesterday, you’ll wonder if I’m still planning to play any MMOs or if I’m done with the genre again. Honestly I can’t answer that question. I’m on a day-to-day basis with it. I really do want to dive headfirst into an MMO and have it hook me, compelling me to play day in and day out, but there hasn’t been one to do that in nearly a decade. I am still interested in playing more Guild Wars 2, or even more Rift, and am still interested in playing a couple of titles I haven’t tried yet (Secret World and ESO). I’m just not willing to shell out the cash for them in the mood I have been in. Nor am I really feeling playing more than an hour or two here or there in the games I already have access to. I would be more likely to dive into the new Everquest title even if it was just a cut and paste of EQ or EQ2 with updated graphics, if that meant there was a playerbase there that made the world feel alive. The ghost towns of those games that I once loved are just a sad reminder that they are beyond their prime. I think I will still dip into GW2 and perhaps Rift here and there, but I’m uncertain if I will ever play to cap or get thoroughly invested in either. I played GW2 a little this week, leveling my Thief from 12-15 before being taken on a little tour by Jeromai, where she showed me a “jumping puzzle” where I earned a couple of chests worth of semi decent stuff.

The first chest, a larger one was presented a few moments later.

We also ran through the Black Citadel to Lion’s Arch, and then jumped into some sPvP and I was sorely disappointed with that experience. I suppose with a group of people I know it would probably be pretty fun, as we’d be a little more coordinated, but we just ended up getting matched up against people who live in that mode, and decimated over and over. It is also just like any battleground PvP mode I’ve ever played, despite everyone being on a similar level because of there not being gear discrepancies and shit like that. I think if I put in quite a bit of time to practice and learn I’d probably perform better, but at that point it was not a fun learning experience. I think WvW would be more appealing, but I still haven’t done much with that. I’m hesitant to join Jeromai’s guild just because there’s the likelihood that I won’t play much. As much as I want to enjoy myself in the current crop of MMOs, I just don’t. It makes me angry, but I can’t help not being able to recapture those feelings. I’m weird like that though, because it’s likely that I’ll have the urge to play more soon enough. Can I just have a new MMO that appeals to me please?

In League of Legends, the preseason started, and with it came a slew of changes in the new patch. More are to come I’m sure, but I gave a run down of the patch notes in these posts:

Preseason 2015 part one
Preseason 2015 part two

I’ve been playing Summoner’s Rift almost exclusively, which is odd considering I avoided it for most of the 2014 season. Still, I have been having a blast playing different roles and checking out the new items and features added in. I saw Kalista in action last night, and she does look like she’d be fun, though the person controlling her wasn’t very good. We also had someone feed and then rage quit so that match was a wash a few minutes in. I have fallen in love with Maokai and can see why he was such a popular pick in Worlds. Not only is he ridiculously tanky, but has good sustain and does some decent damage with very little ability power. He’s one tank that doesn’t get nothing but assists.

In Awesomenauts I’ve been sticking with Scoop for the most part. I find that the ability to take more hits but still put out decent damage and make plays that benefit the team is better than just being the DPS. I guess you could say that Scoop is the equivalent of Maokai, as he has decent sustain with life steal and his self-heal, does good damage with his abilities, and the snare on his hammer can allow you to make plays for the team. It’s odd because when I started my MOBA career (for lack of a better term), I was drawn more to the carry and brawler types, whereas now I’m more into the support classes (including tanks). They are under appreciated because they don’t usually have a high amount of kills, but the assists that they earn and plays they can make that benefit the whole team are more appealing than just being the guy with 20 kills. Half the time those 20 kills came off the backs of the tanks and supports anyway. So anyway, I have managed to get into a higher league than ever before. If you take a look at my history with the PC version of Awesomenauts, I have been in league 3 the entire time. I managed to break through into league 2 just a couple of days ago, and actually placed higher than this screenshot, though still within the same league.


My rank is still lower than I’d like, after having been in the top 900 range on the PS3 version of the game, but I’m still pleased with the progress. I have noticed that the games have come down to being a lot closer affairs now, where it looks like I’m going to lose early on, but then we manage to turn things around. Sometimes that goes the other way too, but it’s been more challenging that’s for sure. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it to league 1, but I don’t think it will be happening this season, as there are only a few days left to go. Perhaps next season I can push it up a bit.

Lastly, I’ve been plugging away at Demon’s Souls. When I left off, I had just beaten the Flamelurker, and had moved on to the Dragon God but hadn’t defeated him. It turns out that I am retarded. The entire time I’ve been playing the game I didn’t realize there was a sprint function. Press and hold circle, and viola. Previously I had though it only functioned as the roll button, which is the case if you just press the button quickly. Sprinting made getting to the second spear very easy, and from there the Dragon God was forced to the ground, where I could go give him a few pokes with my spear, defeating him and earning a silver trophy in the process.


That meant the 2nd world was completely cleared, but I still had work to do in the first world. I ported back in at the Tower Knight archstone, and started the process of clearing the level and gathering all of the treasure. I managed to do that in a couple of tries, and made it to the next boss, the Penetrator.


He seemed super difficult on my first try, but I knew there were a lot of souls to be earned on the level, so I farmed a bit and am sitting around soul level 40 now (EDIT: I’m actually over soul level 50, upon looking). My 2nd and third tries to down him were still unsuccessful but by then I had figured out his pattern. Beating him was actually really easy after that. Just have to be light on your feet is all. After him, there stood a new challenge, 3 black phantoms barring my path. I managed to kill one quite readily, but the 2nd one with a tower shield and spear has done nothing but destroy my equipment over and over. He also doesn’t seem to want to let me get behind him, so I don’t seem to be able to land many attacks without him blocking. A couple of hits even while blocking and he destroys my equipment. Repairing it is super expensive, so I’m not sure how I’m going to advance. Perhaps just kill him with the broken stuff and then go repair? I’ll figure it out. I think I’m nearing the midway point or perhaps I’m just over that now. The game does take a while to get through but I’m determined to see it to its end. Can’t wait to dive into Dark Souls. But yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to this week. Until next time.

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