Batman: Episode 5

Despite finishing up my playthrough of this title last week, it’s been fun spending some time going back over the events in my mind this week. I love being able to share gaming experiences whether they are bad or good, and in the case of this game, they were pretty good! Let’s run through my choices for the final episode, shall we?

As the episode opens, it seems that Penguin has set a trap for Batman, but I end up going as Bruce Wayne. At Cobblepot Park, we meet the masked menace again, but this time he’s got a trap set and Gotham police are taking the brunt of it. Gordon can’t seem to get close enough to make an arrest, so I offer to go in. Unarmed, I approach Penguin and start up a conversation trying to make a distraction for Gordon, apparently I failed at this, but it didn’t seem all that detrimental to the plot.

Later, there is some exposition between Bruce and Alfred, and he is expressing his regret for not pushing Bruce’s father into a better life, and not telling Bruce the truth earlier, etc. I reassured Alfred, and said that none of that matters, that we have to save Gotham. A very Batman like thing to do I suppose.

Selina is leaving town, but not before stealing some Wayne Tech from me. I confront her, she gives it back, we have a little moment where I tell her she’s more than just a thief, and she rides off into the sunset. Not much of a happy ending there.

During the final confrontation with the leader of the Children of Arkham, down below the building itself in some hidden chapel, Alfred has been captured and is being tortured. In order to set him free I reveal my true identity and remove my mask. The villain would have left with this information but ends up being smashed by falling debris before my secret could get out.

Gordon is now the interim Commissioner, and at the end of the day he is giving an address to the city and I have a choice to go as Bruce or Batman. Given the fact that Bruce’s reputation was shit on this whole series, I went unmasked to try and raise that reputation again.

I’m curious to see how these choices might tie into the new season. I will likely pick that up at some time, but I’m not in any rush. It’ll probably go on sale sooner or later (maybe by Summer?). If I do, you know I’ll have more to share and will do so here. Stay tuned.

Batman: Episode 4

The fourth episode of Telltale’s Batman series really started to heat up. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the screenshot from my flash drive and then had already uninstalled the game, so going back to take another one seemed silly. I managed to remember what the choices were that I made, so I can at least discuss them before moving on to the last episode. As the episode opens, you’re in Arkham Asylum, presumably because the last thing you remember is attacking Oswald during his acceptance speech taking your job as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. To top things off, sleeping with Selina pissed off Harvey Dent, so he’s the one who has you committed. This all comes to light as the episode plays out.

*I owe Joker a favor once he’s “on the outside”* – The first choice that I had to make was with the Joker. He was clearly not the same guy that we’ve known through the years, but still obviously the Joker, so there’s something he’s plotting nonetheless. He basically said that he could make a distraction so I could use the phone, but that I would have to promise him a favor once he’s on the outside of Arkham. I said sure. Why not, what harm could come from that?

*I used the phone* – He ended up making the distraction as promised, but then there was a choice between using the phone or helping out the guards of the Asylum. I chose the former, called Gordon and he pulls me out of Arkham.

*I paid off Harvey’s Security at a Blockade* – After leaving the Asylum, it’s clear that Harvey has “upped security” in that he’s now go Children of Arkham goons barricading areas of the city. They stop me and Alfred and go about harrassing us, but at the same time people on the street are recognizing me and start throwing things (Bruce isn’t doing so hot in the public eye at present). I end up paying them off rather than ramming the barricade.

*I went as Batman to confront Harvey Dent* – Clearly Harvey needs to be stopped, but I had the choice to go and talk to him as either Bruce or Batman. I know he still likes Batman, and he’s clearly upset with Bruce so I chose to go as Batman. That didn’t go so hot either, as he bombs a supply of drugs that the Children of Arkham were planning on using, but kills a bunch of innocents along the way.

*I chose to stop Two-Face at Wayne Manor (saving Alfred) rather than picking Wayne Industries to stop Penguin from hacking into all of my Wayne Tech* – This was a tough choice. I didn’t want to lose my gadgets, but I also didn’t want anything happening the Alfred or the Manor. No one needs to discover Batman’s secret identity! This culminates in a fight with Harvey and his goods, and at one point he ends up getting burnt up pretty bad. Apparently in one of the earlier episodes if I would have chosen to save Selina, he would have had his trademark Two-face look, but because I saved him he only gets burnt on one side of his body but his face looks normal. Clearly he’s Two-face either way, but I thought that was interesting. I’m not up to speed on his original origin story, but I also know that the Penguin looked nothing like the Danny Devito or Cartoon versions of the character either. It’s safe to say that this is its own thing and I shouldn’t put too much thought into it.

So that was that. Episode 5 is where everything comes to a head. I’ll be back with that post soon!

Batman: Episode 3

We’re back today with another look at one of the episodes of the Batman Telltale series. Spoilers, I beat the game already but I’m still going to break it up into posts because that’s how I’ve always done it and it’s blog fodder if nothing else. I have been steadily increasing my output here on the blog over the last few months and posts like these help, even if they aren’t the longest (or most entertaining?). I have to say that I actually ended up enjoying the series — enough so that I’m contemplating picking up the latest chapter Batman: The Enemy Within. I suppose this one just took longer to get going, but being able to binge the whole season without waiting a couple months between episodes is akin to binging a Netflix show over a weekend — things stay fresh in your mind and it keeps you hooked because you know there’s more to play through. Here are my choices for Episode 3:

Montoya was suspended due to some things that happened that I won’t spoil, but went after a lead on her own (going rogue) but Harvey was being attacked by the Children of Arkham and I had to choose where to go first — I stuck with Harvey.

I can’t really discuss some of these other points without spoilers, but I guess since the game is pretty old it shouldn’t matter. Basically, Bruce gets voted off the board and his position as CEO of Wayne Enterprises and somehow Oswald is put in his place. He provokes you in the process but I was able to keep my cool.

Lucius was impacted as well, wanted to leave and work for me at the manor, but I convinced him to be my inside guy at the Tower. This ended up being a boon later.

Finally some action came my way via Catwoman, and I was unable to refuse her charms. I spent the night which included some extra curriculars.

Lastly, we got busted by Harvey. I tried to hide out in Selina’s room, but the damn cat wouldn’t leave me be so Harvey saw me and flips out. His “two-faced” nature starts to show, but I still didn’t attack him. He ended up leaving a shattered man.

Things were starting to heat up in this episode, but it really starts to get crazy as we head towards the climax. I’ll have these posts finished up by the end of the week so we can share the conclusion!

Batman: Episode 2

I’ve been on a bit of a binge with this series this week. Honestly, working six days in a row means I’ve had less time and energy to devote to gaming (not to mention this month has been extremely busy) so I’ve been enjoying playing an episode a night and not having to put much thought into it. I really need to get back to finishing up Bioshock Infinite (I’ve got to be getting close by now) and making marked progress in Everquest II. No I haven’t quit these titles, I just haven’t had the presence of mind nor the inclination to utilize twitch skills or delve deeply into my current MMO. The time is coming though, and I’ll have more of those sorts of posts coming soon. I’m also attending a Magic event coming up in a couple of weeks so there will be more of the same discussion around here, don’t you worry. With that said, let’s get back to talking about Batman!

Episode two of the Telltale series improves upon the first in a number of ways. I was pretty bored with the initial entry. The choices simply weren’t up to par with other series and I felt like they impacted the story very little. I did note that there was the possibility that some of these choices might come to light in further episodes, and it appears that is the case. I won’t completely spoil things, but I would expect most people finished this series a long time ago… let’s just run through my choices, shall we?

After Falcone’s arrest in the first episode, he ends up in the hospital because he’s an old guy and it was a hell of a fight in the club. I visit him as Bruce, and there’s a point where he asks me to add some morphine to his IV. He mentions how I could just kill him right then and there by giving him an overdose, but I decided Batman doesn’t roll that way and have stuck with that through this playthrough.

Selina (Catwoman) and I have had a chemistry since day one. I tried to kiss her at a certain point in the episode. They sort of allude to Harvey dating her, but you’re not entirely sure at this point. I rolled with the “heat of the moment” decision. No regrets.

There’s a point where it’s revealed that Mayor Hill knows more about the death of your parents, so you get to go visit him as either Bruce or Batman, and I went with Batman. The Batman portions of the game are the most fun (and why people would want to play this game in the first place).

I didn’t stick it to Harvey when he wanted me to stay away from his campaign. I kept on with the funding. Must have some guilt about trying to kiss his girl.

In a confusing turn of events, I picked Harvey over Selina when it came to saving them. It was a difficult choice, but I figured I’d help him because she isn’t the typical damsel in distress and can handle herself. Unfortunately she seemed a little pissed, but perhaps she’ll get over it? Guilt level 2 engage!

The story gets more complicated in episode two, and things are revealed that I’ve never known about Batman or other characters in the game. This could be an alternate story, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that I never really read many Batman comics, and this is clearly different from any of the movies. It’s intriguing though, the way characters you (and Bruce) hold in high regard are painted in a different light. It’s also been interesting to see the development of the back story, things like the Bat Signal making a first appearance are pretty cool. Otherwise it’s more of the same, but I have to say that I’ve been enjoying it more as the series has progressed. More later!

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1

Clearly I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to TellTale games, as this particular entry released back in 2016. I’m sort of over the whole style of game, though I’m still into their storytelling… and that probably doesn’t make sense. These adventure titles are great when you care about a particular IP, and are a nice diversion from more attention demanding genres, but game play that consists of QTEs and dialogue choices isn’t really game play. Again, when you care about an IP these things don’t tend to matter much. Tales From The Borderlands was a blast, and it was the same sort of game. I’m in love with The Walking Dead series. Batman is sort of hit or miss with me. So that’s why I’m just now playing this title, mainly because it was free with Playstation Plus for January.

That said, it’s not bad. It’s not entirely an origin story, and familiar characters are abound, but it’s definitely more early on in Batman’s career, as he’s only just meeting some of these folks, and people like Gordon aren’t Commissioner yet. If you have some familiarity with the Batman ethos you’ll know these characters and know more details about them than even Batman does at this point, and that’s fine — this is it’s own thing and we can accept that.

Graphically it’s on par with the other Telltale games I have played. It runs fine on the PS4, which is a marked improvement over their titles’ functionality on PS3, but these things are to be expected. The choices don’t seem to be all that difficult to make in this game though. Here’s mine from the first episode:

Literally none of the choices were gut-wrenching. I expect that there will be those sorts of choices to make before the season is over, but nothing here made me stop and think… nor did I necessarily do what I would do were I the person in the situation — I feel like I went along with my preconceived notions of what Batman would do. There’s a terrible bumper sticker idea — WWBMD? What would your bowel movement do?

I chose to have a private meeting with Falcone, who is the villain for this episode. That meeting was filled with veiled threats, but nothing too interesting. Later, the Wayne manor was being raided and a reporter named Vicki Vale took a quote from me. Dunno if that will make a difference later on. I chose not to break a thug’s arm. I chose to give sensitive data about Falcone to Gordon rather than Vale, which seemed the obvious route to go. Finally, I arrested Falcone instead of pounding him to a pulp. Overall boring stuff here. It appears that most of my choices were on par with other players, which isn’t surprising as they mostly seemed obvious.

I’ll report back with my results from the next episode soon!