Izlain the Hun Part 3


My time as Izlain the Hun has come to an end, but what a tale it was! My recounting of the details might be a little fuzzy because I played several sessions to finish up the game, and am going to just wrap it up in this last post. As such, the older details are what’s mostly fuzzy. I know after the last time I wrote about my play through, I had destroyed the Mongols, part of the Byzantine Empire and had moved on to attacking Siam. At this point many of the world’s leaders were guarded towards me, and it was basically me and the Shoshone against the world.


I pushed further south, essentially taking over the rest of the eastern coastline, which included finishing off Siam, and capturing various city-states. Despite my desire to leave the city-states near my territory in tact, it ended up where one by one they made friends with an enemy civilization, and I ended up having to wipe some of them off of the map. The two nearest me were first to go, and later I had to take Ragusa as they were blocking my push southward.


It was nice to have an additional port city, as my navy was becoming quite formidable at this point. It should also be noted that at this point some of the other civs decided to wage their own wars, and soon a few of the other factions were killed off by the AI. After conquering most of Siam’s territory for instance, Egypt attacked from the other side and took their final city. The Byzantines were conquered similarly, as was Brazil, whom I never saw except for on the political screen. I had to conquer another port-holding city-state myself, and decided to test out my new found nuclear technology on them.


Nukes were devastating, but you also need ground troops nearby to actually capture cities, so I had sent that particular nuke a little prematurely. Soon I had the entire east coast of the main continent under my control, and had my sights set inland. The Iroquois had begun fighting with the Shoshone who had helped me in conquering the Mongols, but for some reason the Shoshone decided to denounce me after I refused to give them any more charity (I had donated money and furs to them previously, with nothing in return). So I moved in and took down their last remaining cities. That will show them.


By now I had Giant Death Robots and the best military tech in the game. The Shoshone were no match.


During the course of my conquest, both the International Games and the International Space Station projects were started, and yours truly provided the most production for each, granting me a bunch of benefits that helped the war effort, and soon my empire was super happy with me despite my warmonger status. Adopting the Autocracy Ideology helped immensely.

After conquering the Shoshone, I pushed into Egyptian territory, and soon met the opposing red front of Austria, who had done most of the conquering for the western end of the continent. At this point there was only Austria, Egypt, The Iroquois and Japan left, and soon Egypt would fall as well.


While I finished beating up on Egypt, Austria would go on to conquer Japan, who only had a measly four cities left. They had also started a push into Iroquois territory, bordering me to the north at this point. Seeing Austria and my next big target, I let the Iroquois stick around for a little longer. I knew Austria would be the biggest target from here, so I pulled a multi-faceted strike. First, I built up a large navy and sent them around the southern tip of the main continent to attack all of their harbor cities. I sent my air and ground forces inland and attacked from the east and norther sides, culminating in my having them surrounded. From there it was easy pickings to knock out the Iroquois.

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From there, the game was won. Here’s the final stats:

2015-10-28_00005 2015-10-28_00006

Izlain the Hun Part 2

I felt pretty stupid.

After my last post about this particular Civilization V playthrough, I continued on for three or four hours just to have my game crash and I believed all that progress to be lost. I had completely mowed over Mongolia, repelled the attacks from two other civs, along with quelling my own unhappy people who were rebelling against me. After the crash, I lost the will to do anything further that day.

It turns out, Civilization V has an autosave feature, and I didn’t notice until way later on. It saves once every ten turns, so I would have only lost a few minutes worth of actions, rather than the hours I had originally thought. Either way, I didn’t realize this until after I had decided to do everything over again about a week later. So basically, I picked up right where the last post left off, once again. Let’s start from there.


I utilized my budding navy to take out this island city of the Mongols, which seemed like a pretty pointless spot to put a city in the first place, considering the lack of nearby resources. It fell to my ships easily, though I had to bring in an embarked Knight to capture it. As I said, it was a poor location for a city (I later scouted around and found that there was nothing of value to the north either) so it was razed to the ground. From there, I pushed in further with my forces to take down the Mongols, and the Shoshone were pushing in from the opposite side (we had jointly declared war).


I took the city to the east here, and there were still a couple to go to the southeast. With the help of the Shoshone, we were able to wipe the Mongols from the map. Funny enough, the first time I went through this, I must have either rushed too quickly, or the random seed just made the difference. The first time all the other civs (besides my ally) decided to declare war on me and sent units to attack. This time I didn’t have that happen, and I managed my happiness just right to the point where I didn’t have any rebel uprisings either. Oh well, it was much smoother this way.


With the great Khan down, it was time to aim my sights at the rest of the world. First though, it was time to do some more researching, get improvements down on all of the tiles I now owned, and build up an even better army. My cannons, knights and musketmen were doing the trick to that point, but I wanted more modern tech, and wanted to build a navy to rival any other civ. Around this time one of the Vienna conferences came around, and I voted to start the World’s Fair. Doing so, and allotting quite a bit of production towards it netted me some groovy rewards:


As you can see, I completely destroyed everyone in terms of production. It only took utilizing three or four of my cities as well, though they didn’t really have much to produce building-wise anyway. A worthy trade off, considering the huge boost of culture, points towards a golden age and a free social policy. Most of that was put towards increasing my empire’s happiness, which tends to be the hardest stat to maintain.


Constantinople is the capital of the Byzantine empire, and though they had been a close neighbor for some time, they had only expanded to two cities from what I could tell. At some point, a rival civ took out one of those cities, and I assumed that the capital was all that remained. I looked forward to easily wiping them from the map, but it turned out that they had actually expanded elsewhere. Still, I had captured two civ’s capitals at this point. I did decide to annex this capital, as I needed a forward base of operations as I moved south to conquer Siam. The reason I chose to go south instead of to the east is because of the friendship that I had maintained with the Shoshone, who were bordering my empire there. As long as they stay friendly, I’ll let them be. For now.


Soon, I was entering the Modern Age, which meant getting “Great War” tech (and beyond), including new foot soldiers, better siege weaponry, and some improvements to my navy. Oh yeah, I also got access to flight, which means bombers and furthermore, aircraft carriers. I soon had a new target to destroy. Siam was in my sights. It didn’t take long to destroy their cities with a combination of artilery fire, bombing runs, and support from my battleships.


I captured two of their cities, but it appeared that there was still much work to do, as they seemed to be an empire that had expanded quite readily. I owned nearly the entire western coastline at this point though, so it wouldn’t be long before I was an unstoppable force, particularly with Atomic Theory research almost being completed. Before long I’ll have future tech and will be crowned king of the world, or something to that effect.

More to come as I progress.

State of the Game: The Usual Suspects

It’s half-time of the Packers game, so I thought I’d take the time to write up this column. This week I played many of the usual games, and one new title. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Solo Adventures:

I’ve been plugging away on my Tauren Paladin. Thalimoos is now level 28, and has had to actually skip over some of the solo content. After blowing through the Tauren starting areas, I moved through to Ogrimmar and chose to play through Azshara rather than the Barrens. This lead me around the zone and into Ashenvale. I had some interesting adventures in the zone, but it was cut short, as I was already level 25 when I entered the zone, and it’s supposed to top out at that level. Apparently doing ALL of the quests in a zone and not even bothering with dungeons or PvP causes you to outlevel everything. Here’s some shots of my time in the zone, and then we’ll move on:

WoWScrnShot_091014_224140 WoWScrnShot_091014_230117 WoWScrnShot_091014_231745 WoWScrnShot_091014_234035 WoWScrnShot_091214_022934 WoWScrnShot_091214_030204 WoWScrnShot_091214_030223 WoWScrnShot_091214_032131 WoWScrnShot_091214_172757

Since everything was getting outleveled, I figured out that the next stop on my trip should be in the Stonetalon Mountains. I picked up the starter from Ogrimmar, and then ran through the zones grabbing all the flight paths along the way. I did take some time out to try a battleground (Warsong Gulch), my first time with WoW PvP:

WoWScrnShot_091214_023627 WoWScrnShot_091214_024749

I think I did alright, nothing spectacular, but my team did end up winning. Most of my deaths came from being last man standing and getting ganged up on.

Instance Group:

On Friday, the weekly Undead instance group reconvened, and we managed to run 7 dungeons in one sitting. It was a blast. We ended up having to do some of the dungeons more than once, and the random gear coming out of the bonus satchels was garbage, but I did end up with a nice staff upgrade along with finally getting a piece of head gear. It’s rather silly looking, but whatever, I has headgear.


More shots of the dungeon crawling night:

WoWScrnShot_091214_183329 WoWScrnShot_091214_183342 WoWScrnShot_091214_183457 WoWScrnShot_091214_195823 WoWScrnShot_091214_201224 WoWScrnShot_091214_213024

Other Games:

Me and Doone picked up where we left off on our game of Civilization V. It took us a few turns to remember what we were doing, but it came back easily enough. I had decided it was time to muscle Arabia off of our island, and in the process we razed two of their towns. We also destroyed on of the city-states allied with them, who wouldn’t stop with harrassment. After we pushed Arabia back, I started expanding to take over resources, when Genghis Khan decided he wanted a taste too. He and Dido allied, and they both set up cities on our banks. I had just heavily invested in an air force, so I quickly bombed and depleted Khan’s city. Dido still had a foothold in the north near Arabia’s remaining cities, but we are fortified and apparently nearing the turn limit for the game. Our score is way ahead of the competition, so I believe that we’ll just play things out and win it all based on score. I don’t like winning that way, but I’m also not the one who set up the game (next time, no turn limit Doone! :P). Later on I was browsing the Steam Workshop for the game, and decided to try out some mods, because why not? I ended up getting a package of Middle-Earth mods that changed the game quite a bit, but it ended up feeling a little hollow. I know there are other mods on there, so I might try out some others, or just stick with the regular game. Mods are cool when they do it right, but sometimes they seem kind of pointless.

Lastly, I got started with a game series that I hadn’t ever played. I remember hearing about it, but just never got around to playing it. The game in question? F.E.A.R. I’m not going to go into much detail here because I’m going to save it for a new playthrough series, as I played for a bit and got a lot of great screen shots. Here’s a teaser, but be on the lookout for more regarding this game in the future:


It’s a lot of fun for being almost ten years old already. Spooky too. Anyway, that’s all for this week. Til next time.

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State of the Game: Shadowgate and More

This Blaugust thing is still trudging along, but judging by the amount of people that started it at the beginning of the month (somewhere around 50 people) it seems that the numbers are dropping. Many predicted they wouldn’t make it the whole time. I figured I wouldn’t have a problem with it, and though sometimes I really have to dig deep to come up with something to write, most of the time I haven’t had much of a problem. I guess I just always have something to say, whether  you want to listen or not 😉

So what have I been up to this week? Having a regular podcast where I have to talk about what I’ve been playing and/or what’s been going on in the gaming world, sometimes it feels like I’m becoming repetitive. I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to split up what I do early in the week and put that on the podcast, and leave the latter portion of the week for this weekly post. It seems many people in my circle of friends have picked up the weekly round-up habit, so I’m not alone in doing so, and it’s become something I enjoy writing (along with reading their posts).

Alright, so this week I bought/received a few new titles. I bought Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for my PS3 which I mentioned previously. I haven’t been back to it since, but that’s partly due to the other pick-ups. Steam had a sale, and the expansions for Civilization V were included. As a result, I picked up Gods & Kings and Brave New World. It’s amazing the amount of depth that those two expansions add to the game. Right after I picked them up, I told Doone about it, and he wanted to play. We had already started a multiplayer match a while ago, but that was just the base game, and he was full of complaints about the “shitty AI.” I didn’t know any better at that point, and now having played against the new and improved AI, he was absolutely right. The new puts the old to shame. So we started up a new game, and not really knowing the new Civs I had to choose from, I just picked the Celts, because heritage. He rolled with the Shoshone who actually have some great starting benefits. We progressed a bit and then he had to go. We’ll pick it back up soon.

I also started my own single player game last night and marathoned it for a number of hours. I liked what I saw from the Shoshone, so I picked them. I unfortunately didn’t think to take any screenshots, so I’ll just say that things are going good. With the starting options I picked a world with a huge lake in the center, and I spawned near the southern-most part of the map. I slowly expanded and now stretch from the edge to the bottom of the lake. Trade routes are set up, and I’m spreading my religion pretty swiftly. I’m not sure what sort of victory I’m going for at this point, but I will get there. I’m just loving all of the new options.


Another game I was gifted was a copy of the new Shadowgate remake (it’s on sale on Steam right now). I’ve been watching this one for a while, as I remember the game from my childhood. I know that when my Dad used to play it on his computer it scared the shit out of me, but I know I ended up getting over that enough to try it. It also was ported to the NES and a few other systems, so I saw it pop up a time or two over the years. This remake is supposed to add more stuff and also change around some of the puzzles throughout, although so far it seems much like what I remember, just graphically superior.


The game is rather unforgiving. Most puzzles involve clicking on various items to find keys and spells and use the items you find elsewhere. There are bits where you need particular items equipped, like a shield to block an incoming arrow from a creature waiting to ambush you. In the above picture, I thought a shield might protect me from the drake’s flames, but I was wrong. Death finds you at every turn. I’ve died more times than I’d like to count, and some of the puzzles are rather difficult to figure out. Being the age of the Internet, I know that guides will pop up eventually, but at this point they don’t exist. Not remembering enough from the original has proven to be my downfall, cause I have basically become stuck.


There’s the map that I’ve explored. There are several places where I know progression is possible, I just haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to do. I found a spell that enabled me to open a sealed grate, which contained a lever puzzle. After messing with that, I was told I could hear a rush of water elsewhere. Returning to a previously flooded room saw the water level lowered, but that didn’t seem to do much else. It’s rather frustrating after a while, so I’ve left it at that for now. More on this later when I get it figured out.


Hearthstone saw the last wing of the Naxxramas expansion release this week as well. I think it was last weekend that I went back and cleared up what I hadn’t finished to that point, and then I finished the last wing the other day. Kel’Thuzad, the final boss was a cheating bastard! There’s a point where he straight steals your turn from you, no matter how much time you actually had left. Overall, the bosses ramped up their difficulty as time went on, but normal mode was fairly easy to finish. Having all of the cards also meant that there was some deck tweaking to do. Kel’Thuzad the Legendary card was a nice addition to my Zoo deck, as his ability brings all of your minions that died that turn back to life. I’m sure people will find ways to counter that, but it worked wonders the couple times I got to use it. But now it’s back to the normal play, and I’ll probably slow down now, because outside of finishing the original card set, I don’t have a lot to do. It has already been said that the next expansion will be pack based, so there will be plenty of grinding in the future.

Last on my list was the ArcheAge CB4 event that’s still going right now. I picked up where I left off and kept on the traditional quest grind. At one point I came across an Elite quest, which seems to be meant for a group, and is a timed event. At 2 am and 2 pm this group of mobs spawns, along with a boss of sorts at this fortress. One problem with the sheer volume of people playing is that when you have these types of quests where you have to kill a particular named mob you often have to stand where it spawns and hope you’re the first person that hits it. You always manage to get the quest done eventually, but it’s kind of annoying. This quest was no different. However, a huge group of people started forming waiting for this quest’s target to spawn, and we formed a raid. Raids in ArcheAge are huge, and before you knew it we were full up at 50.


While we were waiting people were talking about the game and endlessly answering “what are you guys waiting for?” I inadvertently started a dance party. ArcheAge has a number of different dance moves you can use, and I was toying around with those, and before you knew it people started joining in.


I thought it was pretty funny. We also get a good look at a sampling of the different mounts in this picture. Later I found myself doing a quest to get my very own glider, and though they don’t look as cool as gliding in Firefall does, it is still a neat mode of transportation.


I still haven’t made it to 30 yet, and I’m not sure how many more of these closed beta things there’s going to be. Given enough of them, I’ll get to 30 and finally see what the other bits of the game are like. If not, open beta should be the time where I get there. Then I can decide if I’ll actually put the time in to do it all over again when the game goes live.

That’s about all for this week. Catch ya later.

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State of the Game: Blaugust Edition #2

This week gaming patterns were weird. Today was the big move, so I knew I only had limited time beforehand to get some gaming on, but also to tie up some loose ends. Namely, maxing my rank in Black Ops 2 multiplayer as I had borrowed the copy, and finishing up Dexter on Netflix because I won’t have the service for a little while (will have to subscribe). Then there was the good old packing and actually moving, and now I’m in the middle of unpacking. Of course my computer is up and running and I’m here dutifully doing my #blaugust post because screw unpacking right now, I’m tired. Despite having less time on my hands than usual, I still ended up with a laundry list of games that I played, mainly because I picked up a Humble Bundle and also touched on some PS3 titles from the recent Plus update. I’m not going to go into too much detail with the Plus titles, because I didn’t really play them much. I tried Proteus, and it surely is a walking simulator. Despite trying to be clever by using dated graphics, the game just comes across as cheap and it’s really fucking boring. I absolutely know people who would enjoy it, but not for me, uninstalled. I also tried Fez, and yeah I have made my digs towards Phil Fish, so why not do so again? He’s a douche. Fez really isn’t all that special or inventive, and I wasn’t that impressed, considering the guy makes himself sound like some sort of God. Maybe it’s the second coming of Jesus. If Jesus was a douchy hipster, that is.

Enough about that. I made some posts this week about games I played, being The Forest and my multiplayer match with Doone in Civilization V. A day or so after the latter post, I ended up jumping back into my single player game where I was dominating the world with Japan. I had recently defeated America, and was encroaching on the Ottoman’s land, but I instead decided to take out a neighboring city-state who was in the way. As soon as I did, all of the city-states left in the world declared war on me, along with nearly every other civ. Soon enough I was being attacked in my newly conquered lands by the Ottomans, and though I destroyed unit after unit, they eventually took one of my American towns. On the other side of my territory, the Iroquois attacked my capital, and I knew the end was near. I probably could have backed out diplomatically, and perhaps pushed for peace, but a warmonger knows when it’s time to scrap a conquest and start anew. So that game was retired. I also find multiplayer quite fun and would prefer doing that. I just need to get the damn expansions, as the base game is a little flat at this point.

As I mentioned, I picked up a Humble Bundle, this time around being the Sci-Fi weekly bundle. It’s no longer available sadly, but there are some great games in this one. I purchased the bundle for a few of the games, and haven’t been disappointed by any of them that I tried, and the ones I have yet to try are the ones I wasn’t really interested in. Make sense? I saw that Strike Vector was included, and it’s a game I heavily considered during the Steam Summer Sale, but I had checked it out on Steam Charts and it seemed to have a rather small community. As a result, I passed on it, but I was thrilled that I could get it with some other games and roughly the same price as it was on sale for then. It also appears that the community has picked up a bit, or at least it’s bigger on the weekends (duh). It’s basically a MOBA in mech vehicles. You have a small arena, sometimes it’s straight up deathmatch, other times there are objectives, but you basically fly around and blow shit up, then switch to jet mode and haul ass and try not to crash. It’s great fun, especially once you start to get the hang of it. Think a modern day descent, without the story (or single player). Here’s some shots:



That’s jet mode. It can get pretty hairy when trying to maneuver in close quarters. Sorry it’s really hard to play and get action shots, so I’ll try to talk about this game again in the future. So the other game in the bundle that intrigued me was a very similar kind of game. It’s called Strike Suit Infinity, and it’s essentially single player version of SV, but you have really different abilities when in mech mode. It’s round based, you fight infinite procedurally generated enemies, and as you progress you get AI controlled buddies that help you out. They are seriously very similar, so I have little else to say. Here’s some shots for comparison:

“Jet” mode
“Mech” mode, with cluster missiles

Lastly I’m going to talk about The Fall. There are a couple of other titles I will be covering in some other post, because I’m running out of gas here. So The Fall is a recently released indie platformer. It has puzzle elements, combat, a great atmosphere, and an interested story in that it’s not traditional. Basically the game opens as your character is falling down to the surface of a planet. You, aren’t the person in the suit. You are the suit. Or the AI of the suit. One way or the other you are a suit and your human pilot is critically wounded. Mission parameters are to find him/her medical attention pronto! There are a number of on board computer systems that you don’t have access to without your human, but put your human in danger, and I, Robot stuff starts happening. I.E. you get to over ride the “rules” to save human life, gaining access to new abilities. This eventually leads to an operating weapon, and a nifty little cover battle system. And stealth kills. It’s a pretty cool title thus far. Shots:





Anyway, that’s it for me. Til next week, Happy Gaming!

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