Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 4


week4standingsAnother week down, and another week where both the Immortals go undefeated, and as a result of owning four of the team’s players, Derpy is also undefeated. Which means he took me out last week. It was a closer match, but he still beat me convincingly. To top things off, due to the fact that I now have the 3rd highest point total, the 2-2 record I share with Judentus means I’m now in 3rd place in the league. I do face Judentus this weekend though, and as of the time of this writing I’m down by a lot, but that’s because he has quite a few EULCS players on his team. I have zero this week, so I won’t know how it’ll shake up until Sunday. I’m confident that I will win, the projections said as much. At least he doesn’t have any members of IMT.

So let’s take a look at last week’s matchup. I was facing Derpy and as I’ve mentioned he basically owns IMT so of course they had huge games again and I lost, whereas my score was actually the lowest of all, so I would have lost no matter what. Either of the other teams would have actually won this week if they would have faced Derpy, so I guess it’s bad timing that I was the one playing him that week. Perhaps he will drop a game. I am almost positive that Immortals will, and it will likely be to one of the weaker teams in the league. These types of things happen all the time in sports, and I think that will correlate to pro LoL play.


Anyway, I was pleased with my European last minute pickups’ scores but then they still don’t see very high. As a result I made some changes going into next week. I’ve been giving Rush chances to give me the big points time and again, but I’m watching Dardoch’s stocks rise, and his week-to-week scoreline has been impressive. I’m giving the rookie a go this week and hoping for good things. The rest of my lineup is pretty much the same. I like CLG’s matchups this week so I threw them into the mix, and Derpy actually made some small changes to his lineup, resulting in the aquistion of GBM. I know he’s probably hit or miss, but I’m taking a risk. The final two slots have seemed to be the thing I either need to change each week (team) or I haven’t found a good permanent solution yet (flex). Perhaps GBM will over perform this week like he did when NRG played TSM.


Moving along, let’s see what’s changed on the pro player leader boards:

week4top springtop

This week I had absolutely no one in the top 5. That was a streak that I knew would come to an end, but it was sad nonetheless. However, I do still have Piglet and Pobelter putting in work for me overall, scoring 2nd and 3rd place for the spring. Wildturtle leap frogged over them though, but I’ll take two top players over just one anytime. That’s about it for this week. We’ll see what happens in the games and I’ll be back next week with more.

Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 1


I started playing Fantasy LCS during season 5’s summer split with members from my guild Obsidian. It was good fun, as I already watch the LCS regularly, and it gave added incentive to root for teams/players I might not normally root for. I ended up coming in second place in my league, only because of a three way tie for first and because one of my players got suspended during the last week and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I had slightly less points overall so the tiebreaker went to another player. This year we decided to play again, and got started during the spring split, which began last week (Thursday/Friday EU, Saturday/Sunday NA). Previously I was calling this column “Fantasy LCS Thursdays” because that just happened to be the day I started it up, and posted on each thursday. I decided to rename it to the “Fantasy LCS Review” because I don’t want to have to stick to that Thursday schedule. The Ongoing Series page has been updated to reflect this change, though I’m not going to go back and rename the old posts from last year.

So we saw some wild things over the course of the weekend. The NALCS looks absolutely stacked with talent this year, having a bunch of imports from various regions joining new and existing teams. Surprisingly, TSM looked rather unorganized despite having an all-star team. Cloud 9 was shaky in their first game, but gelled very well in the second. Immortals and NRG both look to be hot teams, and are the only two that finished the weekend 2-0, not to mention that Immortals set a new record for the fastest LCS win with their sub-18 minute victory over TiP. As I mentioned in a recent post, I was rooting heavily for TiP last split, but with their decimated roster I don’t feel like I can do it this year. I’m staying team-less for now, but rooting for Immortals and NRG both to go the distance during this split.

standingsWe drafted our fantasy teams a few days before the split started. We ended up with another four-team league: ELO Hell (my team), Dankest of Memez (run by Derpydoges which was Nertle last split), Judentus (same as last split) and Black Speech (run by Tacktix, who also runs Tough Love Critic that I’ve mentioned here a time or two before). Judentus is the team I lost to last split, but managed to get some revenge this week. It came down to the wire, but I managed to win, by exactly .01 points. That’s a single CS. I was laughing my ass off. Despite getting the win, I had about 40 less points overall than Derpy, so I’m currently in 2nd place in the league. However, I play him next week, so all I need is a win to take sole possession of first. I managed to stay in first place most of the summer split last year, so there’s a good chance I manage to stay there if I get a win this week. It appears that I’m the only one really micro managing my team, and I’m hoping that means results. Anyway, here’s the matchups from week 1:


European teams this year are not very impressive. I drafted everyone here outside of Froggen and KFO, and despite Origen looking like the most stacked EULCS team they flopped horribly for me. I swapped out one of my players for Froggen because he is a very good player, but he didn’t put up very good numbers this week. Neither did Rush, but only because Cloud 9 was trounced in their first game. He will definitely perform, he was the NALCS MVP last year after all. I drafted Impact from NRG as my top laner but the projections were updated and he was only going to play one game over the weekend. KFO was definitely an unknown but he’s from the Korean solo queue, so I assumed he might get me some decent points. It turns out that Impact actually made more points in just one game so I should have left him in. I have since made some quality of life changes to my line up for next week:


Impact is back in. I trashed that crappy Origen team and decided to stick with all NA players. I also swapped in NRG for my team slot, and picked up Apollo who did well for me last year when it came to fantasy points. He actually had a good 1st week, even after Dignitas went 1-1. Even if they aren’t a dominant squad, I foresee good points coming out of him. If not, I can always fall back on Froggen, or perhaps pick up someone else that has been overlooked. One advantage of having a four man league is that there are plenty of free agents floating around. That’s really I have right now, but let’s take a look at the top players of the split so far:


Coming in at number one is Shiphtur, and that’s rather surprising considering the performance of his team compared to the performance of others. Also surprising to see a member of Renegades coming in at number three. Either way, I managed to own the #2, while Derpy owns the bottom 2, both of which will likely see more time on the top list. We’ll see how it changes next week.

My Ten Favorite Moments From All-Star Weekend 2015 #Listmas2015


The League of Legends 2015 Season officially wrapped up today, with no further professional play happening for the rest of the year. To round out the year after Worlds, fan-voted teams from around the world form super teams and compete in various events culminating in a win for either Team Fire, or Team Ice. Team fire was comprised of the NALCS, LCK and LMS regions, with Team Ice represented by the EULCS, LPL and IWC leagues. A four day event, there were plenty of great moments, not only from the pros playing the game, but also from the casters, analyst desk and even the crowd. Just like all LoL streams, the production quality was high and the ideas fueling the event were solid. Watching more standard format games where one region from each team would face off were fun, but the 1v1 tournament and special game modes were the real treat. It’s one thing to play Snowdown Showdown or All-For-One for yourself — it’s a completely different spectacle when the pros do it. It’s that time of year again when #Listmas posts start popping up and I have yet to participate, but this event gave me something to make a list about. So here it is. Ten of my favorite moments from All-Star Weekend 2015, in no particular order:

This one was during the Best of 3 final of the event, which ended in Team Fire’s Victory, whom I was rooting for over the weekend.

Bjergsen evens up the best of three against Doublelift during the 1v1 tournament final, because ADC’s can’t play Assassins! Good Guy Doublelift then played another mid lane champion in the last match and it ended up costing him. Bjergsen still gave DL credit after the win.

This was the craziest thing I saw all weekend. Not only did this happen in the above clip, but Doublelift agreed to another rematch (though he had already won the best of three at that point) and it happened again afterwards. A third rematch went down and Froggen finally avoided using the snowball, so DL managed the legit win.

Simply an amazing 1v3 outplay by Westdoor during one of the regional best of ones.

I forgot to mention, he got a quadra earlier in the same game.

Yeah, Westdoor was a beast at times… here’s a pentakill on Kassadin.

This All-For-One Mirror match game was amazing start to finish. So. Many. Hooks.

Amazing was pretty damn amazing on Lee Sin during this match.

Rekkles looked done in this 1v1, but managed the takedown himself.

This was voted as Big Play of the Year by the fans (myself included). Fenix with an amazing outplay in this clip. I managed to make the correct choices during this event in supporting #TeamFire and voting for #FenixBigPlay!