Couch Podtatoes Episode 97: Relegation


Hey guys and gals! Sorry I’m late pushing this episode out, real life (and No Man’s Sky) have been kicking my ass lately when it comes to having any free time! Eri and I have super conflicting schedules lately so I apologize for that. We’re getting together in a couple days to put together another episode though, so no harm no foul right?

So this week I go it alone, and I’m talking about a recent esports scandal, the way League of Legends’ relegation system works, and how that could be applied to other professional sports. So yeah, if you aren’t into those types of things, you probably won’t be really interested in this discussion, but it’s only 20 minutes, so maybe you’ll be surprised. I don’t know. Either way, I thought it was a thought provoking topic and would love some feedback on it!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 97: Relegation (runtime: 19:37)

Discussion: Relegation (starts at 00:00)

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By The Numbers: Championship Edition 2016


A heartbreaking loss for the second year in a row, in overtime befell my beloved Packers last weekend. In all honesty, we were the better team, we showed that throughout the game, but the Cardinals did get a legitimate win once the game went to overtime. However, the game shouldn’t have went to over time anyway. There were several 4th downs where they were given favorable spots and ended up getting a first down when they shouldn’t have. There were several pass interference calls that were blatantly ignored, and there were two penalties that were also ignored that would have prevented their final touchdown, which would have meant the final seconds hail-mary heroics wouldn’t have been necessary. It was still good to see that we weren’t out even when everyone had counted us out, but it was frustrating to see a couple of plays and a touchdown go their way in OT. Had the coin just flipped right in the first place (it had to be flipped twice because the first time it didn’t flip at all), perhaps we would have gotten the ball first and won the game. Either way, it’s over now, the Packers are out and honestly they need the time to rebuild in the off-season. Next year we’ll have Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery back; the former is our #1 receiver and the latter was an up and coming rookie who’s first campaign was cut short. Add in the fact that Abbrederis and Janis both stepped up in the playoffs, and perhaps we’ll have the receiving core we’re used to see from the Packers’ typically potent offense. At this point I don’t really give a shit who wins or loses from now on, because I dislike Cam Newton and his classlessness, and I don’t think the Cardinals deserve to be there either. On the AFC side of things I don’t like the Broncos or the Patriots, nor do I want to see the Patriots get to 5 rings before the Packers do.


Given my biases, I still think that the Patriots win, and I still think the Panthers do as well. The former is just too used to winning in the playoffs because of a week ass AFC. The latter has proven that they are nearly impossible to beat. Given this information, I call a Panthers/Patriots Super Bowl, and it’s likely that the Patriots get another ring. I’m going to sign off on this column for the year because honestly I don’t have anything else to say and I don’t really care about the outcomes. I’ll be back when the 2016 season kicks off. Until then.

By The Numbers: Week 17, 2015


Ugly… I mean UGLY loss to Arizona last weekend, but it’s okay, the Packers were already into the playoffs by that point. This week’s matchup against Minnesota is for the division title, which will only determine seeding for both teams, as they’ve both clinched their playoff berths. In fact, the NFC playoffs are already locked up, as no other team can get in. So it’s going to be Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay, Seattle, Washington and Minnesota playing sudden death games, but the seeds can go a number of different ways depending on what happens. I’m mostly concerned with Green Bay of course, so it’s either win this week and be the #3 (meaning a home game the following week) or lose and drop to #5 (meaning a road trip to Washington). Depending on what happens with Seattle, they’ll either be coming to Lambeau (if GB is #3) or the Vikings will be coming back to town (if the Seahawks lose). We beat Minnesota and Seattle both this season, so I’m not too worried about either though Seattle is much hotter than they were back in week 2. Minnesota looks better now too, but we beat them a few weeks ago and I think we will win this week. I’d rather have the home playoff game, but Seattle and San Fran proved that it’s not a huge advantage over the last few years. Either way, a 5th division title and a 7th playoff appearance in a row is coming up. Here’s the rest of my picks:

Saints 24, Falcons 20
Jets 20, Bills 17
Lions 27, Bears 24
Bengals 28, Ravens 17
Steelers 32, Browns 7
Redskins 23, Cowboys 16
Texans 20, Jags 14
Colts 19, Titans 10
Patriots 31, Dolphins 13
Giants 27, Eagles 20
Cards 30, Seachickens 20
Panthers 31, Buccs 17
Broncos 24, Chargers 14
Chiefs 28, Raiders 20
Rams 21, 49ers 3
Packers 30, Vikings 20

By The Numbers: Week 11, 2015


151119-infographic-min-920-useUgh. That’s all I can say after two weeks in a row where the Packers had the opportunity to come from behind and win the game despite playing like shit for three quarters. I won’t make excuses for injuries, because we always have injuries to key players, yet have won the NFC North four years in a row and been to the playoffs for six in a row. We’ll still make the playoffs, of that I am confident. Whether we manage to take the North again or end up as a wildcard is unclear. We’re facing the Vikings who are now in the division lead at 7-2 this weekend, and if we manage a victory there we’ll end up being tied at 7-3 each, so we’re still very much in control of our own destiny. Thankfully most of the NFC that are slated for playoff spots at this point in time are teams that don’t really worry me all that much. It could be our year, but we need to get hot while finishing out the season, and get the hell out of this slump. I don’t think we’ve lost 3 in a row since maybe Rodgers’ first year as a starter, so that’s going back to 2008. I have confidence and faith in the team, but this stretch of losing has been tough. Anyway, on with the picks:

Jags 21, Titans 17
Falcons 24, Colts 16
Rams 27, Ravens 20
Panthers 31, Skins 21
Bears 27, Broncos 24
Raiders 20, Lions 10
Jets 17, Texans 13
Dolphins 19, Cowboys 14
Eagles 28, Buccs 13
Chiefs 24, Chargers 10
Packers 24, Vikings 14
Seachickens 30, 49ers 13
Bengals 21, Cards 20
Patriots 37, Bills 16

By The Numbers: Week 10, 2015


151113-infographic-det-webAnother disappointing week ending in loss. This time the Packers started with an early lead, sat dormant for 3 quarters, and then decided to almost make it a game in the final minutes. That missed TD to Cobb on 4th down hurts. A 2 point conversion would have taken the game to overtime, and the Panthers seemed winded by that point. It surely could have gone the other way. Should the season end with Green Bay and Carolina as the #1 and #2 seeds, I feel like the game ends differently, regardless of location, especially if we right the ship by then. An important stretch of four division games is coming up, where the only challenge I see being the road game at Minnesota. They’re 6-2 as well, so the Packers need to stay ahead of them to guarantee that 5th-in-a-row division title and a playoff berth. This week they’re playing the 1-7 Lions at home, who just booted their President and GM, so it’s likely they will be playing like a whole different team. I think the Packers have a good shot at righting the ship this weekend, and they need this win for morale. Lacy has been demoted to the #2 back, with Starks taking the #1 slot, but with their tandem chemistry it’s likely he still sees some playing time. I just hope that Starks can start producing more steadily, because the run game this year looks like a few years back when it wasn’t strong. Questions will be answered this weekend. On to the picks:

Bills 21, Jets 17
Ravens 27, Jags 20
Packers 31, Lions 20
Eagles 24, Dolphins 14
Steelers 27, Browns 10
Rams 33, Bears 24
Cowboys 20, Buccs 16
Panthers 30, Titans 21
Saints 23, Skins 10
Raiders 24, Vikings 20
Chiefs 23, Broncos 20
Giants 41, Patriots 37
Cardinals 28, Seachickens 24
Bengals 27, Texans 13