The Gamer To-Do List: Update #5


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve touched on my Gamer To-Do List. In all honesty, this column along with my State of the Game column are fairly interchangeable, but where this post is more goal oriented, the other is more progress oriented. Either way, I decided to roll with an update to my to-do list rather than do a SotG this week.

My list has changed to the point where it’s basically time to start a new one. When I look at my last update, I see a clear pattern: I’m not really playing any of the games on that list. I also found the “free agents” and “on hold” sections redundant, as I don’t really need to update what isn’t being actively played (or at least actively thought about). As such, I feel it necessary to deliberate on what happened with what was on that list, so for the sake of continuity here’s an update on that old list:

  1. ESO – I like the game, I really do. I just got sucked back into playing EQ2 for a time and it’s hard to concentrate on more that one MMO with any seriousness. The same can be said of GW2, Rift, and even SWTOR, all three are MMOs that I’ve played a bit and would like to hit level cap in at least, but I just don’t see it happening til I’ve done that with EQ2 first.
  2. LoL – Despite being a game I will always come back to, I haven’t been playing much aside from an ARAM here or there. The new champ got delayed and there are other champs I’d like to buy so I try to earn at least a little IP when I have a little time. I’m basically waiting for the next season to start before bothering with ranked again. So basically I have no immediate goals.
  3. EQ2 – more on this later
  4. Borderlands TPS – I enjoy the game, but like MMOs, this is one of those games that requires a concentrated effort. It’s not happening right now. Still on the eventual to-do list though.
  5. Valkyria Chronicles – Same as above.
  6. Diablo III – I ended up dying when I was nearing the cap on my first (or second) season 4 character. I have a couple of sub 20’s right now but haven’t played in a couple of weeks. Will be back.
  7. The Forest – I haven’t played it. Despite reported improvements I just haven’t been in the mood for this type of game in a while. This is why ARK and H1Z1 are also collecting dust. Plus they aren’t done, so I don’t really worry too much about it. Heavier play once these are nearer or at full release.
  8. Nuclear Throne – I haven’t played for a week or so. I still love this one and it’s coming out of early access soon (finally). I’m re-evaluating what I’m doing with my YouTube channel and/or Streaming activities. I have a feeling it will stay in the rotation, but there is no goal attached to this.

Again, I’m dropping the last two segments of the list there altogether, so there isn’t much to say about those games, save for I’m not playing them. I can also notate that I’ve added some games to the list that I didn’t own prior to my last update, along with some that I actually would have put on the list but have already completed (Original Shining Force for one).  With that said, here’s my current list:

  • EQ2 – Finish Tears of Veeshan expansion. I finished the Chains of Eternity expansion and have just entered into ToV. 
  • Wildstar – Test the game further and play with my guild Obsidian. Wildstar went F2P and I haven’t touched it since writing it off in beta. Still doesn’t seem worth a sub, but a bit of fun and feels better now than when I originally played it. My guild is also getting together for PvP action, so I wanted in on that.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics – Next retro play through. I was on a retro gaming kick for a large part of September. I beat Shining Force (again) during that time, and recently purchased the PSOne Classic FFT. I intend to play through this soon.
  • Humble Bundle 15* – Play these games more. Picked this up recently, and haven’t put enough time into the titles. I’ve enjoyed them all a fair bit to this point.
  • Warhammer End Times: Vermintide – Play the shit out of this. This is a little ways off  as I pre-ordered and release is late this month. I’m supposed to get Beta access prior to release and plan to stream it. 

That’s really all there is to it this time. It’s a shorter and more concise list, which will keep me more focused. There are still a number of games on my to-do list, though many of them require time management that is better than mine when it comes to gaming. I love the hobby, but it’s hard to keep up on everything I want to do in any given amount of free time. That’s where the free agents come into play though, and although I’m not listing them here, rest assured I have a nice, big backlog that I constantly struggle with trying to empty, particularly when I don’t stop buying new titles. What can I say, it’s the collector in me. It has been becoming easier to write games off that I’m not currently enjoying though, and in some cases the game feels better than the first time I tried it (like Wildstar). More in-depth posts on these titles will be coming along shortly.

*This includes: Sir, You are Being Hunted – Goodbye Deponia – Skullgirls – Planetary Annihilation – Xenonauts – and more coming Tuesday. 

The Gamer To-Do List: Update #4


It’s been about a week since I last made an update to my ongoing Gamer To-Do List project, so I thought I’d come back to it for another Blaugust post. There haven’t been a huge amount of updates here, but I’ll try to touch on the major stuff and add some notes to the list so it reflects the current goings-on.

My Gamer To-Do List:

  • ESO – level my templar to 15 and try out pvp again –  (haven’t played for a couple weeks, but it’s staying on my list anyway)
  • League of Legends –  Made Silver, work towards Gold. Try to get some champions to tier 5 mastery (Have only been playing a little here and there)
  • EQ2 – work through expansion Chains of Eternity –  Nearly done with EJ zone. (Eidolon Jungle completed, moving forward)
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – still in rotation
  • Valkyria Chronicles – still in the rotation
  • Diablo III – (level Demon Hunter to 70 before patch) – level a crusader in season 4 (Demon Hunter is currently 51 and climbing)
  • The Forest – check out patch 0.22 multiplayer fixesgame was nearly unplayable in co-op before (have yet to try this)
  • Nuclear Throne –  Record daily runs and share them on the blog during Blaugust (maybe beyond)

Free Agents:

  • Project Gorgon
  • L.A. Noire
  • Alan Wake
  • Divinity Original Sin

On Hold:

  • Crusader Kings II — learn the game.
  • Magic Duels – Check back to see if bugs are fixed
  • GW2 – determine main, then level to 80. 
  • Rift – Level Cleric to cap (currently level 40).

The biggest bits of news I have from the past week is that I’ve made some forward progress playing through the Chains of Eternity expansion in Everquest II, along with making some headway in Diablo III on my Demon Hunter, who is a leftover from a past season but hadn’t been leveled to 70. I did however spend quite a bit of time playing other things that aren’t really on this list (nor would I include them) and being busy with real life stuff, so that factors into why I’ve had little effect on my list.

For starters, I spent a few hours playing Grand Theft Auto V at my friend’s house the other day, and I have to say I really want to pick up a PC copy because it’s honestly the best GTA experience I’ve had, especially after having basically written off the series for a very long time. I also got to try out the Call of Duty Black Ops III multiplayer beta, as he got into it on his PS4. Unfortunately this didn’t include access to Zombies or the campaign co-op, only the regular multiplayer. It was hard to get matched into anything decent, there was a bit of lag most of the time, and so it wasn’t the best experience but I can report that multiplayer in that game is pretty much the same thing you’ve already experienced, with a couple of differences. First, there’s the parkour elements that Titanfall was known for, being able to rocket jump and wall run/hang. Second, there’s a new mechanic called “specialists” which equate to different classes that have special abilities. You can only use one specialist at a time, and they are gender locked pre-made characters. This is a step towards making CoD have a class system like games such as Battleborn and Overwatch are trying to do. I like it, and I think it holds up pretty well. The multiplayer isn’t optimized yet though, so it wasn’t all that much fun. I look forward to playing more of this when it comes out though, as the 4 player co-op campaign and zombies should be a blast.

On the Everquest II front, I finally completed the Eidolon Jungle zone. The beginning of the zone was kind of a drag, because it was just a rip in the time continuum, and a mirrored version of the Feerrott, a zone I was never fond of from the original Shattered Lands. However, as the zone progressed it was cool to see atmospheric events that made parts of the main landmass feel like whole different zones.  Towards the end you’re in an area that has been fully engulfed by creatures from the plane of fear, and you are doing quests for the weird Amygdalan race. It’s still more kill some of this and gather some of that, until finally a couple of quests point you in the direction of an instanced zone: Temple of the Faceless. I was worried I would be stuck at this point, assuming that the dungeon would be heroic and I’d be unable to complete it, but I had forgotten that at the end of the last zone I had completed (Skyshrine), Daybreak has started creating solo zones so people could get through these situations on their own. Thankfully the mobs in the advanced solo were easy to kill, and counted for what I needed. One of those quests’ completion relied on clearing the zone, and I was able to do so without any missteps. The next set of quests sent me to another advanced solo, called the Throne of Fear, and it too was easy to complete. Soon I had finished the instances and the zone altogether, and am now sitting on the quest Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces which is supposed to lead me around Norrath to newly (at the time) added solo instances in older zones. This is part of the quest chain that will lead me to the other overland zone for the expansion, Obol Plains. So I think at this point I’m about half way done with the expansion, but not counting heroic dungeons or raids, which I might not get a chance to do until later, or with help from others. For now I’m content to solo up through the content til I can’t anymore and have to buy the new expansion + sub time. Here’s a gallery of various shots from my recent adventures:

In Diablo III, I mentioned previously that I want to check out the new content in patch 2.3, but also that I wanted to start up a new character when season 4 started. As I already have a hardcore Monk and Witch Doctor at 70, I want to start either a new Wizard, Crusader or Barbarian, though the latter is fairly uninteresting to me. I didn’t mention Demon Hunter there, as I already have a hardcore DH from a previous season that was sitting at level 40 for the past while and so I thought I’d play him for a while til the patch releases, or maybe even getting him capped before hand. Since making that decision, I’ve only had a couple of playing sessions but have managed to level him to 51 at the time of this writing. I’m still playing on Expert for now, and have twinked him a bit when it comes to gems that a character his level wouldn’t normally have access to. Creatures in the Nephalim rifts are dying pretty easily, so it may be time for me to start thinking about heading into Master difficulty. I won’t bother moving into Torment I before hitting 70 and having mostly legendaries or set gear though, as I have learned that lesson the hard way. Bumping up the difficulty too far just results in dead characters in Hardcore mode. The Demon Hunter is starting to become more interesting now that I’m nearing the level cap, as some of the runes drastically change his abilities and make them more fun. I have to say at the early levels he’s less interesting than the other ranged characters, the Wizard and the Witch Doctor. I really miss playing my Wizard, but as he isn’t a Hardcore character, and I’ve basically said “to hell with normal,” he just collects dust. This is why I’m thinking of rolling another new Wizard come season 4. But I digress. Here’s what the Demon Hunter looks like after doing up some dyes and transmogs:


That’s really all I have to report this time around.

By far my best daily run so far, partly due to the fact that Chicken is so hard to kill (also this means the video is considerably longer than usual). Made it to world 7, just shy of the throne this time. Progress! Don’t mind the tutorial bit, that was just something added in the latest patch and had to be played through.

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The Gamer To-Do List: Update #3


It’s been a while since I touched back on my Gamer To-Do List, and there have been some modifications and updates to said list, so I figured today was as good a day as any to go over the changes. Here’s what my list looked like previously, with edits done to bring it in line with the current version:

My Gamer To-Do List:

  • ESO – level my templar to 15 and try out pvp again  (currently level 12)
  • League of Legends – get Silver in ranked (in promo series now) Made Silver, work towards Gold. Try to get some champions to tier 5 mastery.
  • EQ2 – work through expansion Chains of Eternity  (about half way through Eidolon Jungle) Nearly done with EJ zone.
  • Dirty Bomb/Counter Strike GO – continue to level accounts (played a bit of each recently) It’s not that I’m not gonna ever play these again, just not focused on them.
  • Crusader Kings II – learn the game (haven’t touched this yet) I want to play this, but I need to be able to focus on it solely. Back burner for now.
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – (finally started playing this one and love it) still in rotation
  • Card Hunter – (played through the tutorial and a couple extra levels. It’s fun. More on this later) I saw what I needed to see. 
  • Valkyria Chronicles – this one is still in the rotation
  • Magic Duels Origins – (want to look into this as possible Hearthstone replacement) Played til I hit a bug. Will go back to check it out eventually. 
  • Diablo III – check out new content when patch drops – (level Demon Hunter to 70 in meantime) – level a crusader in season 4
  • The Forest – check out patch 0.22 multiplayer fixes – game was nearly unplayable in co-op before

Free Agents:

  • Project Gorgon
  • L.A. Noire
  • Alan Wake
  • Divinity Original Sin

On Hold:

  • Crusader Kings II — learn the game.
  • Magic Duels – Check back to see if bugs are fixed
  • GW2 – determine main, then level to 80. 
  • Rift – Level Cleric to cap.

I wrote posts about making it to Silver in League, and trying out Magic Duels. I even talked about things I’d like to do in Diablo III and how it’s an Evergreen game. I haven’t talked about how I’ve been dipping my toes into ESO, EQ2, GW2 and Rift mainly to get screen shots for my other blog, but also just to test the waters because I’m constantly fighting with myself over which one to devote the most time to. I really enjoy portions of all four of these games, and since none require a subscription to enjoy, I theoretically can play them all at the same time. However, I don’t make much progress in any of them when I play them all. GW2 and Rift are mostly on the backburner, but even in just logging in to get cool landscape shots I feel the urge to put serious time into them. I haven’t touched ESO in a week, but yesterday I managed to play EQ2 for a couple of hours, putting me near the end of the zone I’ve been working on.


The tail end of this zone has been pretty cool, because you start doing quests for the Cthulhu-like creatures from the plane of Fear, and have to slay all manner of beasts from that realm. The tone of the zone has changed to this red hue and though a bit unsettling, it’s better looking than the first part of the zone was. I will say I enjoy the atmospheric effects the team learned to implement over the years, as it wasn’t until systems were able to handle such large zones that sub-zones started to emerge. I’m going to keep plugging away at all of these games, but just like my to-do list changes, so do my goals. Real life is about to kick my ass as well, so I might be having to pull articles out of my ass towards the end of Blaugust. I still think I’ll be able to complete the challenge, but I know my play time is going to go out the window and that’s okay. I need to get back to reality in many senses of the word.

So really that’s all I have to say for now. I will come back to this list once it has changed some more.

So I totally forgot to tag my Nuclear Throne daily run onto the post yesterday, so today you’re getting two for the price of one. First, yesterday’s shitty run with Chicken:

And another shitty run from today, this time with Y.V.:

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The Gamer To-Do List: Update #2


Here we are on Blaugust day five, and I have already made further progress with my own personal Gamer To-Do List, so I thought I’d share the updates with you guys! In case you don’t know what The Gamer To-Do List is by now, you can click “Ongoing Series” up at the top of this blog to catch up on prior entries. I also thought I should mention that quite a few Blaugustians have taken up the call and created their own lists. You can find those at the Blaugust Anook that I linked at the beginning of this paragraph.

First up, let’s take a look at how my list has been updated:

My Gamer To-Do List:

  • ESO – level my templar to 15 and try out pvp again  (currently level 12)
  • League of Legends – get Silver in ranked (in promo series now) 
  • EQ2 – work through expansion Chains of Eternity  (about half way through Eidolon Jungle)
  • Dirty Bomb/Counter Strike GO – continue to level accounts (played a bit of each recently)
  • Crusader Kings II – learn the game (haven’t touched this yet)
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – (finally started playing this one and love it)
  • Card Hunter – (played through the tutorial and a couple extra levels. It’s fun. More on this later)
  • Valkyria Chronicles – (attempted to pick up where I left off but lost my save [probably after I got my 2 TB HD], played nearly back to the point I was at)
  • Magic Duels Origins – (want to look into this as possible Hearthstone replacement)

Free Agents:

  • Project Gorgon – check it out
  • L.A. Noire
  • Alan Wake
  • Divinity Original Sin

On Hold:

  • Diablo III – check out new content when patch drops
  • GW2 – determine main, then level to 80. (sort of on the backburner again, as ESO and EQ2 have been enjoyable)

This is what the list looks like currently. I have either determined some games were out of my rotation, on hold for various reasons, or I completed the task I was working on. Again, some of these items won’t be leaving the list, they’ll just get updated with new goals. Many of the people who went along with this idea on their own blogs have make their own various tweaks on the format, and that’s totally okay. This isn’t meant to be a rigid set of rules, but more guidelines to keep you focused on immediate goals. So let’s get down to the specifics:


I have reached level 12 on my Khajiit Templar in ESO, and I also purchased the first mount, for 10k. That wouldn’t have been possible with just that character, but a couple of the alts I had that I didn’t care for ended up selling all their stuff and throwing the gold in the bank, which my Templar then withdrew and combined with his earnings. So yeah, I guess I “twinked” him a bit. Overall I have enjoyed the class, and am aiming for a sword and board Paladin-like build. I have a couple of heals, some damaging spells, and have put a bunch of points into passives to make him even tankier (along with picking up Persuasion and Intimidation). Apparently at level 15 you gain access to another skill bar and the ability to weapon swap, so that’s my aim before heading back into Cyrodil.


In Norrath, I’ve been plugging away at clearing the Eidolon Jungle zone, which is the first bit of the Chains of Eternity expansion. Apparently there are points later that take you all across the world and a bunch of solo dungeon instances. I’m looking forward to this, as it means I won’t miss a big chunk of content due to lack of a steady group. Server merges are incoming though, so perhaps that will change things in that department a bit. Either way, most of the zones I’ve been in have been ghost towns. Good for making sure I get every named in the zone, but bad for feeling like part of a living world.


I played Card Hunter back when it was in beta, but didn’t write much about it, though I did have a post where I was giving away beta keys. It started off as a browser game, and you can still play it that way if you so choose, but it is now part of the Steam free to play section, and I recently downloaded it again to see what was new. Honestly it had been long enough since I played it that I didn’t remember much aside from the fact that it’s a turn based tactical combat game that utilizes cards for your character’s actions. There’s heavy D&D influence as well, in that you have a DM that tells the story as you go along. Overall it’s pretty fun and I was glad that I went back to check it out. I’ll be devoting more time to this one in the future.


I picked up Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a few months back during a sale on Steam. I had purposely waited on playing it because I was going to get in on PS3 as I have the first two games on that platform, but the sale price for the game and the season pass made it too hard to pass up. Despite that, when I purchased it I was in the midst of other playthroughs so I ended up letting it collect virtual dust. I finally got around to playing it a bit last night, and I can assure you that it is more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing. Borderlands has found a great mix of FPS action, RPG progression, humor, and lore. This game takes place between the first and second Borderlands titles, so there are things that you’ll recognize, and things that are new. For instance, remember in Borderlands 2 when you looked up at the Hyperion station orbiting Pandora, it looked damaged? That attack takes place during the opening sequence of the game, before you get transported to Pandora’s moon, Elpis. You’ll also recognize some of the characters as villains you kill during the other two games. Athena was a villain in the first game during the General Knoxx DLC, is a playable character here, and also makes an appearance in Tales From the Borderlands. Even though a playable version of Jack was a DLC for this game, they did a fine job of making him sound just like the original Jack, and he will call you his “body-double” while also complimenting you profusely. I love the sense of humor this series has. I also must say that despite playing the others with a controller, the controls are very slick when using a mouse and keyboard. It’s also nice to be able to play it with max settings.

Otherwise I’ve done some piddling around with the other titles on the list, but nothing really worth going into at the moment. I have some other more lengthy posts planned for when I make more progress in some of these games, so stay tuned!

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The Gamer To-Do List: Update #1


Blaugust is finally here, and that means it’s time to start working on my personal Gamer To-Do list. I outlined the concept in my introductory post, but I will reiterate the guidelines I’m following:

Some Guidelines:

  • Don’t add new items to the list until a previous item is removed.
  • Try to write about something that gets checked off the list as soon as you complete it so details are fresh in your mind.
  • Make your to-do list a reasonable size. I found a list around ten items in length is a nice round number. It also keeps you focused on core games.
  • Keep your entries semi-specific. “Leveling to 80″ is a long term goal (unless you’re close). “Clearing this zone” is more reasonable, and completable within the month (though this concept can carry on beyond Blaugust).

Next, let’s see how the list has changed in the few days since I brought the idea up (emphasis on changes made):

  • Diablo III – check out new content when patch drops (on hold)
  • ESO – level my templar to 15 and try out pvp again (overall goal, determine main) (currently level 12. Enjoy Templar enough to take to cap, still need to play more PvP)
  • Hearthstone – maybe play again to open adventures and other cards to prepare for next expack UPDATE – Disenchated with the game. Removal from list
  • League of Legends – get Silver in ranked. MAYBE Finish Bilgewater activities (I find the mode unsatisfying)
  • EQ2 – work through expansion Chains of Eternity (immediate goal, long term is to see level cap + all current content) (nearly halfway through Eidolon Jungle)
  • GW2 – determine main, then level to 80. (sort of on the backburner again, as ESO and EQ2 have been enjoyable)
  • Skyforge – determine status (do I want to play it or not?) -UPDATE not interested enough to keep it around. Uninstalled.
  • Early Access – continue to watch and expriment with titles like H1Z1, Darkest Dungeon, Ark, Nuclear Throne, Basement, The Forest (work in progress)
  • Dirty Bomb/Counter Strike GO – continue to level accounts (with the caveat that I’m also playing CSGO on PS3 with Chris, trying to earn Platinum Trophy)
  • Zombies Monsters Robots – check out new content (checked out the new content, not overly impressed, lower population than when I used to play, removal from list)
  • Crusader Kings II – learn the game
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – play this game already

When I wrote down my initial pre-Blaugust list it included some items that aren’t available to play just yet, or were games I just randomly decided to add. There is no reason a To-Do list needs to be set in stone though, as truth be told, if I put my entire backlog on my list, I’d never accomplish anything. The purpose here was to only pick a few short term goals so that you can make some headway into that MMO or beating those games or achieving your desired rank. With that said, I’m introducing the “Free Agents” section, which are some other short term goals that aren’t a part of your main list, but can be used in place of another item. Let me give you an example of how this would be used.

Here are some of my Free Agent listings:

Free Agents:
Project Gorgon – check it out
Give Card Hunter a go again

Play these games already!
Valkyria Chronicles
L.A. Noire
Alan Wake
Divinity Original Sin

So looking at how my list could change, I decided Diablo III doesn’t need to be there. I also cleared up my thoughts about whether or not I really wanted to invest time into games like Hearthstone and Skyforge. Given my options, and my current state of enjoyment, it is easier to remove games from the list especially if you know you aren’t going to enjoy yourself doing it! The rest of the changes to the list were more tweaks or updates to that current goal. Of course, some games may not come off of the list at all, and some items are going to be harder to check off of the list, which is why I want to stress the fact that this system is meant to be flexible. Don’t be too strict on yourself. Since I was able to do a process of elimination and removed some items from the list, I can now pick up a few of the free agents and make a new version. Sometimes you won’t get blog inspiration from some games, and that’s okay too. I know I’m not going to bother posting about any of the games I just mentioned removing from the list, but I have some material saved up to write about concerning some of the other titles.

I’m looking at adding a trial run of Project Gorgon (it’s installed as of last night) and Card Hunter (I played it when it was just a browser game, but it’s on Steam now). Aside from Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, the other four games above have been calling my name to finish them, so I’m probably going to bounce between them to see which one grabs me first. It’s been a little while since I completed a game, so I’d like to say I did over the course of August.

That’s it for my first update. Look forward to more in-depth posts of what I’ve been doing later in the week. Don’t forget, if you want to get signed up with this whole Blaugust thing, it’s not too late to get started. Click the image below for more information:


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