Goblins vs Gnomes is Live


Goblins vs Gnomes, the expansion for Hearthstone has gone live today. It was announced on Twitter that as part of the opening day festivities that all users could log in to claim three free packs to get you started.

Of course, this was also met with server overload, which I thought was only an issue with MMOs. Apparently not.

I had something snarky to say as well:

Snark aside, it really is sad that all of these developers can’t seem to anticipate the amount of people who play their games anymore. I remember when games launched and things were smooth (particularly when they weren’t MMOs). Even some MMO launches were smoother than the expansions and games we’ve seen have issues this year. DDoS attacks aside, it seems like devs aren’t using their money to properly set these network systems up. But what do I know?

Of course, this also means that the packs are on sale in the in-game store as well as being live in the Arena, where you can use all of the cards. This was part of the promotion leading up to the release, along with a free Arena ticket to check them out. When I did so, I didn’t do well, going 1-3 with a Hunter. I did see some of the new cards, but didn’t get many that were much good. Plus, not knowing all that you will go up against is a major disadvantage. I’d wait for more Arena runs til you knew more about the whole of the card set. But that’s me.

I had no trouble logging in, but that was a while after the above stuff was mentioned on Twitter. Of course, I was met with the 3 free packs, as promised:


Opening my packs, I saw some that I can use, and some I probably won’t touch. Here’s what I got out of the freebie packs:

Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.15.59.40 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.16.00.10 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.16.00.53

With these initial offerings, I instantly saw use with the Healbot, and that found a place in my Zoo deck. Having that large of a heal is indispensable. I can see it fitting in other decks that lack heals as well. Otherwise, I’m seeing the weapons for hunter I might use, along with some pirate themed cards that make me want to re-make my Rogue Pirate deck. The big 7/4 pirate and the cannons look to fit in well with the other pirate cards from previous sets, and the Rogue class card is also decent. Don’t really car about the other class cards as I don’t really play those classes.

I had some gold on my account already, and a few dailies racked up, so I cleared those out and had enough to buy 5 more packs. Here’s the result of that:

Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.17.07.05 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.17.07.19 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.17.07.48 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.17.08.04 Hearthstone_Screenshot_12.8.2014.17.08.28

A couple of better offerings in these packs, namely the Paladin epic weapon that isn’t half bad, a couple of decent Paladin cards, another healbot and Pirate, and a couple of Warlock class cards. I don’t see enough here to really modify my Hunter much or my Warlock, but the Paladin and Rogue decks I have might be more viable with some of the extra cards from these packs. Basically, it’s pretty meh for right now, but over time I may come to build up enough of the new cards to find some new deck comps. I do have quite a bit of dust on my account too, so I might use that to get others I might want.

Overall I can see where this set will add some new dynamics to the game, but I agree with some of the naysayers like SynCaine that the random effects on these cards makes for less skill and more luck in matches. We’ll see how bad that gets as time goes on.

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Goblins vs Gnomes Part 4

Here’s the links to the other parts in this series: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

This is going to be the final post. In the first three, I went over the initial reveal of the Goblins vs. Gnomes cards that were revealed at Blizzcon last month. The cards represented in this post are those that were revealed since then. We’ve got a few more class-specific cards, along with a few more neutrals. I’m not going to split these up, so this post might be a little on the long side, but I’m committed to getting this done. For further information, follow this post over on PCGamer for further additions if they are to pop up. I have a feeling a little will be left to mystery for the actual release happening this month. So let’s get to it, shall we?


That’s a hell of a heal! A 3/3 for 5 mana isn’t that great, but restoring 8 health is on par with the Druid, and this being a neutral card means those classes without inherent heals can keep up. Nice.


This is an interesting mechanic, apparently this guy gains strength while your other minions die. Good for the Paladin class since their disposable minions are readily cast. However, this also means you have to hold onto this guy til he gains some strength. Not bad if you can get a few deaths before turn 5, or hold onto him for the killing blows late game. This does mean you need him in your hand early though, which could put you at a disadvantage.


Nice counter for spell heavy decks (like Mage/Priest/Shaman). A 3/5 for 4 mana isn’t bad either.


I like this, as with flare and track the hunter has some viable card draw options again. I’ll forever miss starving buzzard + call the hounds but it is what it is.


A rechargeable divine shield? Nice! Sucks that the health on this guy is so low, and that it’s a Paladin card. Still, a good addition to a pally-mech deck.


Nice battlecry on a decent weapon. Yeah, it’s a good card.


As if Shamans don’t already have enough direct damage spells. The random factor can be screwy, but up to 6 damage for 2 mana? I don’t care about the overload this is OP.


A nice sized buff for the warlock class, also a nice sized damage spell. Need to make a demon deck methinks.


Well that’s just ridiculous. 7/7 for 5 provided you have a beast out. Not hard to do.


This one seems a little backwards. 50% chance to attack something besides what you want? Not that great. Unless that means you can side step something with taunt. Then that would be kind of good.


This is a little unclear. Do you get to keep all of  your minions + trigger their death rattles, or does it kill them in the process. Will have to find out. The former option would be nice. The latter, situational at best.


A 6/9 for 7 isn’t bad, and is a nice big beast option for the Hunter. Being able to damage it is a little harder to do, but being able to double that attack to 12 is phenomenal. This plus a King Krush on the next turn will most definitely end a game.


Good for a mech deck, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of synergy between mechs and the Rogue class.. Guess we’ll have to wait for the full card list to see.


A counter for deathrattle decks. I’m not sure that meta completely took off, at least I didn’t see a lot of deathrattle themed decks while I was playing more regularly. Still, there might be more of those in the coming months, and this could be a nice way to stave off some of them.


Another card with the Spare Parts. Still don’t know what that does, but a 7/6 for 6 isn’t bad anyhow.


A nice little bolster your forces card, complete with a weapon. I’d use this in my Pally deck, for sure.


This card also suffers from stupid, like the Shaman card mentioned earlier. I like a 6/6 with stealth, but not when I can’t control who it attacks. Unless there’s no minions on the board, or you can bypass taunt like I said earlier.


This card is nice for the destroy as it costs 1 less than execute, though you can’t control the target (unless you clear out the lesser threats). The bonus of destroying a weapon is also nice, but only useful for a couple classes. I think it will still see some use.


Another deathrattle deck counter. Again, not sure on the meta after this set releases, but it’s good to know that there will be some counters. However, you might end up benefiting your enemy a bit too much.


2/3 for 2 with a freeze bonus. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.


This is pretty cool. Rarely do we see cards that affect hero powers. I can see where the Hunter power would be nice to use elsewhere, but only occasionally.


More spare parts. Sigh. Wish I knew what the hell that did. It’s probably useful if they devoted this many cards to it. Either way, 5/7 for 6 is good.


3/2 for 2 with windfury, no overload. Pretty good Shammy card. Too bad I hate Shammies.

And there you have it. All of the cards we know about to this point. Like I said, I’m not going to bother talking about any more, my job here is done. Follow the PCGamer link at the top of this post for any further info that might come out between now and release. Looking forward to actually playing with some of these.

EDIT: the release date of Dec. 8th has been announced here.

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Goblins vs Gnomes Part 3

Here’s the links to the other parts in this series: Part One, Part Two.

So here we are again, and this time we’re finishing up the initial reveal of the cards announced during Blizzcon. I have one more post’s worth of cards that were revealed after the fact, and will get that covered in the next write up — by then we should know when the set will actually release. This is more of the odds and ends from the cards from the Blizzcon reveal, featuring Goblins and Gnomes (go figure) along with some gadgetry.


armorplating emergencycoolant finickycloakfield reversingswitch rustyhorn timerewinder whirlingblades

These cards all follow the theme of being 1 mana utilities that give a boon to an individual minion or perform an ability that’s already been present in the game for a long time. You should already know and understand all of the mechanics presented on these cards. Useful if you’re running a deck that would have use of any of the utility, and I can see where any and all of these could benefit by going into a deck where you are already focusing on what is presented themeatically. They also provide abilities that aren’t usually present outside of class specific cards, or are only on minions that otherwise aren’t very useful. Nothing too fancy, but what do you want from 1 drops?

Goblins and Gnomes


This guy has a nice effect, where a 3/3 for 5 mana would be considered way too expensive. 4 damage to an enemy minion is nice, however the random effect means you need to be careful with its use. If there’s a bunch of 1/1’s on the board you probably shouldn’t play this. If there aren’t any enemy minions on the board, you probably shouldn’t play this. You get the idea.


This guy isn’t a bad 1 drop if you have a mech themed deck. Otherwise he’s pretty weak. I can see mech themed decks being popular though, so expect to see this guy.


Boom bots were covered in part 2 of this series, head over there for explanation. This guy is a nice 7/7 for 7 with two minions that spawn right way. Will discourage the use of AoE to clear him, as the bots will do more damage back. Overall a good legendary card.


I assume the chicken will be a 1/1. It could be the Angry Chicken, which would be slightly better, but still not worth it. This is only really useful for the draw effect, and only if you get something other than a minion. Imagine drawing Dr. Boom there and having him turned into a chicken. Fuck that. I’d use this in a spell heavy deck, that’s about it.


Another great Miracle Rogue counter. A 2/4 for 3 still isn’t bad though. A 6/4 for 3 is even better though.


Nice for the secret wielding classes. Not so nice for anyone else. A great way to get some healing into your Mage/Hunter decks, as they don’t inherently have that.


I don’t like the mad bomber, so I’d avoid this class too. If they have more minions than you, it might work in your favor, but I see the OG mad bomber screw people more often than it helps.


I guess this could be good under certain circumstances, but the random effect doesn’t give you enough control. You might end up with something completely useless.


Another card that deals with the Spare Part. I still don’t know what that card does, but if nothing else, this is a 4/4 for 3 if you have a mech. Understanding what the Spare Part is would go a long way in knowing this card’s value.

That’s it for the initial drop. I’ll have one more post coming your way with the remaining cards that we know about to this point. As I said before, the likelihood that we’ll know a release date soon is high, so that will probably be the last post til I actually get my hands on some of the new cards and check them out.

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Goblins vs Gnomes Part 2

For the first part of this series, click here.

It’s been a while, but no I didn’t forget my commitment to going over all of the revealed cards for the newest Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes. Since I started the series with the known class-specific cards, I split up the remainder into Mechs and the other neutral cards. There has been another big reveal since I started writing about these cards, with new ones released almost daily, so we might just know about all of the cards by the time the expansion releases later this month. For now, we’re going to focus on the mechs that were part of the initial reveal that occurred during Blizzcon.

All About Those Mechs


This is basically the equivalent to the Goldshire Footman, but with the added benefit of divine shield for one extra 1 mana. I’m not sure that you’d want to remove your 1 drop Argent Squires (1/1, divine shield), but you might find a different 1 drop and use this in lieu of a different 2 drop. Overall though, a 1/2 taunter isn’t stopping much, but the divine shield does usually equal 2 cards needed to take care of this one. It does seem to be annoying as it’s name infers.


A 3/4 for 5 mana isn’t a good cost ratio. Getting a random weapon is cool, but giving one to your opponent as well isn’t. Particularly if your weapon is worse than the one they get. I’d skip this card altogether, unless you’re running a Rogue, Warrior or Paladin that is weapon heavy. Even then, it’s rather “meh.”


This would be a great 1 drop addition to a deathrattle deck. The potential to do 4 damage and still getting a minion for 1 mana is really nice. Plus the last expansion gave a lot of good deathrattle cards this would synergize with.


A new giant, sweet! Also great to counter Miracle Rogue or Zoo (if they happen to be keeping a handful of cards). I like the Giants, they’re just annoying because of the dependence on other factors which you can’t control. If the circumstances aren’t met, you’re holding a card you can’t use (unless you’re a Druid with innervate).


I’m unsure what a Spare Part does. Either the card hasn’t been revealed, or it’s one of those cards that doesn’t exist in the set, but is only tied to this card (such as the Hunter’s Animal Companion). With that said, a 2/1 for 1 is ok, but unless that spare part does something worthwhile, I’d skip this one.


Wow. This card fits so well into a Zoo deck I can’t wait to get my hands on it. If you have a slew of minions on the board and they all get Windfury, Taunt or Divine Shield, even if you only get those benefits for a turn or two this card has already paid for itself. At 3/2 it’s easy to deal with individually, but it’s benefits for other minions is too good to pass up.


This could be good as a board clear, though a silence makes it useless. However, you don’t want it going off at the wrong time. Use caution.


This guy is a nice big creature with some AoE damage. 6/9 for 8 mana is about average, but he’d be easy to get rid of. Right place right time sort of card, whom could get rid of a couple of larger threats.


I like the effect, particularly if you’re up against someone who holds onto many cards (like Miracle Rogue) and you blow through them. I like it for a zoo deck, where you continuously get more cards in hand. However, you might burn through your deck too fast if they don’t deal with it.


This is definitely only worthwhile if you’re building a mech-central deck. Otherwise, there are better 2/3’s for 2 mana.


I like the effect, particularly because Leper Gnomes are a nice card that have a nice effect, but a 9/7 for 9 is expensive. Either way, you probably aren’t getting many Leper Gnomes before this guy is dealt with.


This guy is pretty cool, being a 1/2 for 2, that has the potential to get leveled up, but most people will kill him before he gets too built up. In combination with some of the other buffs in the game, he could be a beast. Probably best saved for a mech-themed deck.


This card can only really be analyzed when you take its effect into account. As it stands, a 4/5 for 5 is less efficient than the same 4/5 for 4 in the OG Yeti. So let’s look at V-07-TR-0N.


Ok, so Voltron here is a beast. 16 damage a turn? Ridiculous. Of course, it’s also ridiculous to think you’ll get both of these legendaries at the same time any time soon. Ok, so you have to put out 3 mechs — counting Mimiron’s Head that’s 2 others, so you’d need to have 2 out the turn you played the head. Then you’d have to not lose any of them, and at the start of your turn they’re all destoryed and you get this badboy. With the head being 5 mana, and say the other two mechs were 1 a piece, you only save 1 mana to get this guy out. Seems to me, it’d be better to just pay the 8 mana outright and avoid the headache. Avoid the gimmicks!


Cool I guess, but I dislike the random minion bit, especially random 2 cost minions. There aren’t too many that are that great. Skip this one.


This one is a little better, but is essentially the same thing, and I’d skip it as well.


Same mechanic again, but summoning another legendary is pretty cool. This is the best of the bunch, however you’d have to own multiple legendaries and put them all in the same deck. Many people do this, but usually I find 1 or 2 is the best number in a deck. Some simply don’t synergize well enough.


This is on par with the yeti as it’s a 3/4 for 3, rather than a 4/5 for 4. I’d throw it in my Zoo deck.

So that’s it for the Mechs. Next up, the rest of the initial reveal group, featuring Goblins, Gnomes and gadgets.

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Goblins vs Gnomes Part 1

Recently at Blizzcon, aside from announcing a new IP (Overwatch), the Protoss expansion for Starcraft II, a bunch of nothing for Diablo III, and nothing I paid attention to for WoW, Blizzard announced the next expansion for Hearthstone. Called Gnomes and Goblins, it will feature 120 new cards, and those will be available for purchase sometime in December. This means farming gold again to buy new packs, although you can also go through the Arena mode to earn cards from the new set. I still haven’t completed the original set, so I guess that means I have a lot of work to do, but I had found myself rather bored with the game after finishing Naxxramas. I mean I still play here and there, but after a few games I’ve usually had my fill. I have most of the cards from the original set that I want, though a few of the Epics and Legendaries would be nice, but it takes forever to earn the dust for them. Having a new set to work towards makes the expenditures feel better, because there are more to earn, so the first 20-30 packs net you some sweet loot. From there it’s back to disenchanting piles of cards and/or hoping for the best. But I digress.

There have been approximately 45 of the 120 cards revealed at this point, and I can see the uses for many, the synergy between this deck, the Naxx cards, and the originals. A few of the cards from the original set have been nerfed into oblivion too, so adding to the mix makes for more strategy, as there are far more combinations of cards to work with. This doesn’t mean you can’t still run a zoo deck, but it might be modified after the new cards release. I know my zoo deck saw many changes before new cards came out, and since Naxx it’s been solidified, but I can already see boons coming in the new set. Because it would be a long ass post if I was to cover all of the cards that have been revealed so far, I decided to break this up into however many posts it takes to cover them all. I decided this time around that I would start with the class-specific cards, and we’ll move onto a chunk of the neutrals next time. So shall we get started?

Class Specific Cards (so far)



Most of the cards that have been revealed are either tinkered items or mech-related. Time will tell how effective this card will be, because if people are stacking a lot of mechs, this card becomes rather useless, particularly if you aren’t using many mechs. It looks to be part of a mech-deck, where you could counter someone without mechs, but until the meta shift settles, it will be hard to say. I like the potential, and if nothing else a 3/5 for 4 isn’t a bad cost.



This card is very much a double edged sword. It’s a sure bet if you have a beastly card in your hand, and they don’t have much in their hand, but if they have something better than you, it’s going to suck. How much of a gambler are you?



This keeps with the thematic design of Druids. The ability to choose extra health or attack based on the situation is nice, as are most Druid cards that give you choice. A 3/2 or a 2/3 with taunt for 2 mana is a great addition to any Druid deck, seeing as how much of the time you’re stuck with high mana cost cards.



This Rogue card is much more effective than the last one from the Naxx set. I was super disappointed with that one, needing a combo and having such a high price just to return a minion to hand. This one is cost effective, and gives your weapon more bang for the buck, perfect for Rogues.



Another double edged sword card. Very effective if your side of the board is empty and they have plenty of high health minions, it’s a bit of an equalizer in that sense. Also more effective if you have a high health minion and they have low health, but eventually the blade has to stop, and hopefully it works in your favor. Randomized cards can be nice but can screw you over. Be careful with this one.


This card isn’t bad on its own, being a 2/5 for 4, but it really would only work out given another mech on the board. I wouldn’t put it in a deck unless I was going mech heavy. That seems to be the focus of this set though, so perhaps going mech heavy will be beneficial. The Naxx set focused on Deathrattle, but that felt gimmicky too, and I avoided most of it.


This card is going to be standard for Warriors, I can see that coming already. 5/5 plus 5 armor for 6 mana? Yeah, Warriors everywhere rejoice.



This card feels like a nice buff for the Priest. I’ve always wanted to like Priest in Hearthstone, but I just couldn’t find a deck that would work well enough. I’ve played some good Priests though, and this card will add to their arsenal of annoyance. Synergy with their other damage spells, plus a direct buff for 3 mana? Sounds over powered.


Another card that isn’t that great unless you get that mech synergy going. I’m hoping there are plenty of neutral mechs that are worthwhile to get that type of synergy, otherwise cards like this will be wasted. However, a 5/5 for 5 isn’t bad, and the bonus health can really beef up a taunter.


The opposite of what we’re used to seeing from Priest, this minion actually removes health. I’m curious if this will cause death or will cap at 1 health. Nice to shrink an enemy taunter or big creature without having to throw cannon fodder at it. Looks like Priest is getting some love.



This one is good and bad. 4 damage for 2 mana is almost as good as a soulfire, but it being random kind of sucks. Have to plan that out just right. Mage is definitely still the queen of direct damage.


Another Mech oriented card. Definitely a nice AoE blast, plus you get a 5/4 for 4, so it’s cost effective. Again, have to wait to see what the mech ratio is in the game before I can really judge.


I’m assuming this means that the minion will come from your deck, but some specifics would have been nice. I mean that could mean from anywhere really. I don’t like the random nature of the card, but it you get the right minion for the right price it could be very cost effective.

That’s all of the class specific cards that have been revealed so far. So we’re still waiting on Hunter, Paladin, and a few more from the first few classes. There are a lot of neutral cards I have yet to go over, so expect another post or two on that in the coming days. Until then, happy gaming.

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