Down and Dirty in Season 5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps don’t give two shits about MOBAs, you’d know that Season 5 of League of Legend’s competitive season has started. I spoke about it a little bit in my last post, where I had done some of my provisional ranked games to see where I’d end up. Well, I managed to finish those off since then, and have even played a couple more games beyond that.

When I finished up my 10 games, I had one 4 and lost 6. That sounds pretty horrible — and it is — but I managed to still start off in Bronze I, which is actually better than where I started when I first played ranked back in Season 3. That year I ended up in Bronze III and had to work my way up to Bronze I, then promote into Silver V, where I stopped as the season ended. It had been my goal to get to Silver that year, and I accomplished that goal. I had planned on shooting for Gold last year, and I don’t remember why I never played. I just didn’t. So I resolved to try for that goal this year. Starting off in Bronze I means I have to promote into Silver and then run up the ranks there to get to Gold. I don’t think it will be too difficult, but we’ll see.

Since finishing my provisional games, I have played two more, one loss and one win. So currently I’m 5/7 on the season, which isn’t great by any stretch, but I don’t care as long as I meet my goals. So far I have had the best luck running Braum support, but I have won a game with Sona and Corki as well. I haven’t had any luck playing top so far, despite feeling pretty good at the role — I’ve had bad teams or bad games that didn’t result in wins. I have 27 league points currently, so a few more wins and I’ll be ready to promote into Silver. That will be pretty quick, and there’s still nearly the whole year ahead of me. I did get a game in with a fellow blogger and ranked player — Nitocris that resulted in a win, and that was cool to have a duo queue partner. So yeah, you can view my match history here if you’re interested.

In other League related news, Patch 5.2 is coming down the pipeline already. Here’s a video primer:

The biggest points are the removal of Deathfire Grasp (which I never really used, even when I play mid), and a new featured game mode in the works called “Nemesis Draft.” Interested to see what that’s going to be about, which should roll around when the Lunar Revel starts up soon. There are other tweaks and fixes, the Tristana rework and more, but you can check the full notes for more info.

Riot put out another one of those creative “artsy” videos that they are famous for. This time they decided to make a music video, and it’s focusing on Amumu, The Sad Mummy. I’m sure he’s sad because he doesn’t get played too much anymore. The whole thing is rather depressing, but you can see for yourself:

Lastly on the League front, there has been a new chunk of music released. Like the Pentakill album before it, this is a full CD’s worth of music, downloadable for free. This time around it’s more of the music of League itself, and I haven’t listened to it yet so I can’t comment on how good it is/isn’t. But free stuff is always nice right? You can go download your free copy of the album over here. It’s listed as “Volume 1” so I assume that means more of this will be coming out eventually. If you’re a video game music lover, this is for you.

That’s about all the news that’s come out recently. If you are playing League of Legends this season and want to duo, drop me a line. I’m Izlain on the Rift as well, so just do a search. Otherwise, happy gaming, where ever you find yourself!!

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