Week 4, 2014

It seems like a poor start for a Packers unit that came into the season with higher expectations. Fans (including me) wanted to see more of the stellar run game that Lacy and Starks produced last season, and an improved defense after picking up LB Peppers and drafting defensive players like Saftey Clinton-Dix. So far, the defense started slow but has turned it on during the last half of the Jets game and for most of the Lions game. Only one of those games was a win though, and last week the offense couldn’t do shit. The running game has been stifled completely, but that is in part due to injury, just like every other damn year. The Bears are typically the team to worry about in the NFC North, so this game isn’t going to be a walk in the park. They were responsible for our almost lost season last year, injuring Rodgers and putting him out for 7 (or was it 8?) weeks.

Stepping back and thinking about it, this is the 3rd season in a row that the Packers had a 1-2 start, and the last three seasons saw them take the division crown (thought that was extremely luck last year). We need to return to form, and get the offense clicking again. When it’s firing on all cylinders, good things happen. But that doesn’t mean the defense can relax. The Pack is always a contender for the NFC crown, and this year is no exception. Let’s just avoid digging a deeper hole. Packers.com has put up another infographic that I’ve stolen for your pleasure. Enjoy.


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2014 Week 2 Preview

It’s no secret that the Packers got creamed by the Seahawks last week, in the season opener. I had my doubts about winning, but at the same time I had faith that the game would be closer than it ended up being. Thankfully that was only the first game of the season, and not the playoffs. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Seahawks (or 49ers) won’t be there to ruin our party this year. I think that was the biggest challenge of the season until playoff time, so hopefully we start wrecking face from here on out. The Jets are a tough opponent, they have had their way with us in the past, though our last meeting was a shut out in their house. I know the Pack doesn’t want to start out 0-2, especially in a home game, so I’m thinking this is a Win situation. The official site is doing these infographics again this year, so here’s one with some interesting stats about home field openers:


I’m ready for some football. Are you?

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The Comeback

I watched the first half of last Sunday’s game. The Packers were losing in horrific fashion, and I thought a repeat of the Detroit Thanksgiving game was going down. I had to go to work at halftime, when the score was 26-3, and didn’t get to watch the rest of the game. Thanks to my trusty Packers app, I was able to keep up with the play-by-plays though, and my imagination didn’t do justice to what really happened. Because I love these damn infographics, here’s the taglines from one of the greatest comebacks in Packers history:


It was a great thing, and probably one of the best games to attend in person. Then, yesterday on Monday Night Football, the Detroit Lions buckled to the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens, who kicked 6 field goals for a 18-16 victory. That dropped the Lions from first place in the division to third,  leaving the Packers only 1/2 game behind the Bears. This means the week 17 matchup will decide who takes the division crown, as the Packers square off against Chicago at Solider Field in the final regular season game. But first, we have to beat Pittsburgh, who is probably still pissed off that the Packers ruined their Super Bowl a few years ago. Two more wins, we’re in. Here’s hoping that Rodgers is cleared to play next Sunday. Just win, Baby.


Week 15 Preview

An injury riddled season has had my Green Bay Packers “in the hunt” for playoff seeding pretty much since Aaron Rodgers was injured back in what, October? Had we won just a couple of those games, or had that pesky tie in the win column, this game probably wouldn’t matter all that much. Aside from Rodgers, pretty much every starter has been injured at some point in the season, and it has come down to winning out, and getting some help to see the playoffs. A Wildcard isn’t going to happen, too many teams are ahead of us now. We have to take our division, and being only a 1/2 game behind both Chicago and Detroit makes it doable still. The Lions do have to lose one more game though, and we have to win this Sunday, and the next two weeks after that. If Detroit was to lose just one more game, it could come down to the Week 17 matchup against Chicago that determines which of the two teams goes into the playoffs. This week we were all hoping that A-Rod would make it back into the game, but it has been announced that he is going to be out again. Flynn got things done in two of the 3 games he’s played in. The amazing comeback tie against Minnesota (that would have definitely been better as a win) and last week against the Falcons, though that was most definitely a team effort, and this isn’t the same Falcons team from years prior (though the same could be said about the Packers). That Lions game wasn’t pretty, but life goes on. Can’t win them all. But he needs to perform this week to keep us rolling. The Cowboys have the worst defense in the league (literally) and though our offense has dropped a few ranks we still have potential to exploit their weakness. I have faith we can make it to the playoffs, but we gotta go at least one more week without Rodgers.

I haven’t been avoiding football posts, but I have been waiting for a new infographic to be posted, and this is the first since week 3 or something like that. People have been lazy, I guess. Here’s the matchup.

I like our odds. The numbers look good. Let’s get it done boys!

Week 6 Preview

Last week the Green Bay Packers faced a division rival, and though the final score doesn’t attest to how ugly of a game it was, it was trying. We still managed to pull ahead and secure a 2-2 record, but this week presents another challenge: The Baltimore Ravens. As in, the defending Super Bowl champions. We have been in that position before, and there is a lot of scrutiny that goes with it. This year the Ravens are a little bit different than last year. They have most of the same players, but the lack of Ray Lewis on defense surely makes a difference, and according to the following image, that still hasn’t made much of a difference in terms of the series. Before I comment more, here’s the infographic:

Click for a larger version


As long as these infographics keep popping up, I’m going to keep posting them. Not only do they give you stats about the two opponents, but they’re just cool. So as I was saying the Ravens are a little different this year, but they have been successfully going to the playoffs for years now, and won it all last year, so they are definitely not to be taken lightly. Topping it off Matthews is supposed to be out because of a broken thumb, so our backup pass rushers will need to perform. I think that we can take this game, and I will be happy to be at 3-2 and finally over .500 on the year.