Announcing TGEN


What is TGEN? Well, as the image above defines it, it is The Gaming and Entertainment Network. That is, a group of like-minded podcasters that cover a variety of topics relating to gaming and other forms of entertainment, coming together to form a single network.

If you are a fan of the Couch Podtatoes podcast, I encourage you to visit the site and check out some of the other shows there. I’m a regular listener of them all and I can attest to their quality and diversity. Those are some of the major tenants of our group after all! To quote the “about” page from the site:

The Gaming and Entertainment Network was formed by a group of blogger/podcasters who believe that great content can come from anywhere, and that it should be readily available. We produce content for the joy of our listeners, and for ourselves. We hope that bringing these shows together makes consumption and discovery quicker and easier so that we can all continue doing the things we enjoy the most: creating, consuming, or both!

What can you expect from TGEN?

  • Honesty – If we like something, we’ll say so. If we don’t like something, we’ll say so. It’s a pretty simple policy, really.
  • Creativity – We value the diverse, unique talents of our creators. As such, we offer a wide range of shows. At TGEN you’ll find topical discussions as well as news, opinions, interviews, and even music! All of which relate back to our main foci of gaming and entertainment.
  • Diversity – We hail from all around the globe and represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences. As such, you can expect a variety of input and opinions!
  • Collaboration – Even as diverse individuals, we understand that we can accomplish more by working together, not only as creators within TGEN, but also with outside shows, personalities and networks.
  • Consistency – While our creators all lead busy lives and release schedules may differ, we want to make sure that we have a steady flow of new content available. All shows on TGEN are “active” shows that release on as regular a basis as life allows. No waiting months between releases for our shows.
  • Fun – This may be the most important, yet easily overlooked. The purpose of gaming and entertainment is to have fun. And if we’re not having fun, neither will our listeners. Let’s build something fun together!

What do we expect from our listeners? It’s simple. If you like what you hear, tell someone!

One of the major benefits of the site is that there is a single RSS feed that will bring all of our shows together in one place, so you can subscribe and get all the goodness TGEN has to offer. I have added a permanent logo to the sidebar along with a list of links to the individual shows as well. A big thanks goes out to Braxwolf for kicking us in the pants and helping get this project off the ground. Good job sir!