Resident Evil 3 Remake Complete

Last night, and after only two play sessions (though the 2nd was admittedly longer) I have completed the main campaign for Resident Evil 3. I didn’t really read reviews or look into anything about the game before purchase, mainly because it looked like it was the same sort of remake treatment that its predecessor got. I didn’t really pay too much attention to the news cycle around it, but I guess it did turn out that people were complaining about a “large” chunk of the game being removed from this version. Something about a segment in a clock tower, but I’m not entirely sure what that entails because I didn’t play the original version. There are references to the clock tower and I captured it in one of the screenshots I took while playing, but you definitely don’t visit it. I’m not sure how much that takes away from my overall enjoyment because I don’t really know what I’m missing. Things I liked about this title were the same things I liked about the last remake. It’s over the shoulder shooting fun and it’s so far above and beyond what the older games could do that I enjoyed the ride. My only real complaint is that it was a relatively short experience, but if you want to be a completionist to unlock all of the achievements and/or in-game unlocks there’s more time to be spent.

The missing link?

It was more difficult in some parts than its predecessor, but I still managed to get through most of it without frustration. I also enjoyed the way that you swapped between controlling Jill and Carlos throughout the story rather than playing through the game another time to see other parts, though that decision also cut down it’s length. There’s also the packed in Resistance that is an asymmetrical co-op thing I still haven’t tried and really am not all that interested in. I’ve gotten what I want out of the game and though it is a little disappointing to have a title this short cost full price, I still think it was worth it for me. Whatever the case, I enjoyed it, but if you have played the original perhaps you should skip it. If you’re simply a fan of the series like I am, you’ll likely have a good time, but I’d advise maybe waiting for it to drop in price. My playtime ran just under 7 hours.

I will say that Nemesis was the star of the show, and some of the fights were not overly difficult but still interesting and cool. Just like in my Resident Evil 2 playthroughs, I was presented with an end result screen which details some stats. I didn’t do all that well, and could probably manage a better score but again, I’ve had my fun with it for now.

One good thing about the Resident Evil series is that it has been evergreen for me. I have played some of these titles multiple times, through various difficulties and earned various achievements and honors throughout. I can always come back to visit Raccoon City at a later juncture and still get enjoyment out of it, simply by turning up the difficulty or aiming for particular in-game challenges. Someone other than myself has probably already worked through most. Your mileage may vary.

Resident Evil 3 Remake: First Playthrough

Despite being a huge fan of the Resident Evil series, I somehow never played through the 3rd installment. For this reason I was very happy to learn the game would get the same remake treatment that Resident Evil 2 did last year. It came about faster than I had anticipated though, and released this past Friday. I just so happened to get paid that same day so I decided it would be my gaming purchase for the month. Quarantine has kept me locked in doors giving me more time to play through these games so I gladly invested in my entertainment future. I should note that back when Resident Evil 6 released I picked up the Anthology edition that contained codes for downloading all of the games on my Playstation 3. However, these were just the PSOne Classic versions, and though I had intended to try and play through it back then, I just never got around to it, and going back to PSOne graphics is tricky. Honestly I think this is the best way for me to experience this part of the series that I originally missed. I can already say that it has bridged some of the gaps in story that I lacked when playing some of the newer iterations.

The introductory sequence starts out in first person perspective, and I thought that was pretty cool. I really loved Resident Evil VII in which the game was pushed into the first person space, and so this was a nice touch. However the game switches to the traditional over the shoulder viewpoint rather quickly. You’ll start out playing as Jill Valentine, who was a member of STARS and introduced in the first game. She was absent from Resident Evil 2 though you can imagine that these events were happening around the same timeline, as she is in her own apartment and the conspiracy board in the background shows that she has started to put together Umbrella’s involvement in the events of the first game. Obviously by the time the events of RE2 transpire, the virus would have spread from the manor/lab to Raccoon City. This also means that the events of RE3 have to be happening around the same time, though Leon and Claire are dealing with things in and around the police station while Jill is out in the larger portion of the city. From here there will be some spoilers, only because I want to share some cool parts of the game along with screenshots, and if you haven’t played this 20 year old game yet, then welcome to the club. Come back after you’ve finished it. Otherwise, enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t take long to be introduced to the main villain, Nemesis. He’s a hulking brute that uses tendrils to grab you and pull you towards him, but later comes in additional flavors. He pops in and out of your playthrough, is impossible to actually kill, and makes life difficult for our protagonist. Soon he’ll pop up with a flamethrower, and later he’ll sport a rocket launcher. He’s a bastard, and every time a cutscene makes you believe that he’s dead, there he is again. Eventually you’ll run into a guy named Carlos who later becomes a playable character, and his organization works for Umbrella, but seems to be ignorant to the fact that his company is responsible for this mess. His commanding officers are dicks, but one does give his own life to save yours, so there’s that. I reached a point where I escaped the city and took over playing as Carlos, who was heading into the RPD building, so perhaps more of the story gaps will be closed between games.

The gameplay loop in generally the same as other Resident Evil games. You’ll find a multitude of herbs, ammunition, and craftable items, along with books, notes and scribbles that give more insight to the lore of the game. Eventually you’ll have a plethora of guns, but never enough ammo. I’ve found this game to be more challenging than its predecessor, but also more challenging than the newer games as well. You really don’t get enough ammo to deal with the amount of enemies, as each take way too many shots to dispose of. Then as you progress through levels some will respawn, so it really is beneficial to simply run past those enemies that you can. You’ll also do a ton of running away from Nemesis, so I suppose that’s the intended loop. Overall the game looks and feels just as good as the last remake, but because the story is something I knew nothing about, it has pulled me in even more. Honestly these past two remakes and RE7 are my favorites of the series to this point. I enjoyed 4 solo, and really liked the co-op features of 5 & 6, but these remakes just feel so much better. Modern conveniences and all. Regardless, I love the series, I’ve loved these remakes and I look forward to where the series goes next with the next proper sequel.