State of the Game: Diversification


This week I spread my gaming time around more than I have in the past few. I played some PC games, and also dove into some of the Playstation Plus offerings for the month, along with finishing off one game, and playing another that a friend of mine let me borrow. It’s been pretty sweet, having multiple titles keeping my attention, but I have also been out and about socializing so that takes up time as well. So where to begin?

We’ll start with the Playstation side of things. I ended up finally going back and beating the Duck Tales Remastered game. I had been on the last level as it was, but for whatever reason didn’t get back to finishing that up until yesterday. I had been on my PS3 playing various games anyhow, saw it, and remembered that it was almost completed. So the last level was kind of a bitch, only because you have to make it through the level, beat a boss, and then race to the finish in a platforming spree, all on 2 lives. Not super difficult, but annoying when you don’t complete the whole thing and have to do it over again. With the game finally complete, I removed it from my hard drive.

I played some Rogue Legacy, as it was one of the freebies, and I already knew I enjoyed it. The trophies/achievements will definitely take some time though. I knew I already had a few on the PC side of things, but having to start over from scratch means doing some of the same things again. I managed to earn one, just for playing a character that had no traits, but that’s after having played through 20+ lives. No other trophies came my way. I did manage to get some recipes and gear/runes equipped, along with opening up a couple of classes and the ability to lock the castle. I found the first boss again, and though I beat him on the PC version, haven’t managed to down him yet on this version. I’ll get back around to it eventually. I think it actually plays slightly better on the PS3 than it did on the PC, and it seems like the perfect Vita game.

I was pleasantly surprised by the new Thief reboot that was another Plus freebie. I had read reviews of the game, including things some of my fellow bloggers had said about it, and the overall gist was that it fell short of what made the original such a great game. From what I remember of the original game, this one is similar, though a little more linear. The missions tend to be pretty straight forward, though there is some room for you to choose how to go about what you do to complete the level. I only made it a few missions in, so I assume it opens up more as the game goes on, as the first couple of levels were pretty constricted. I do like the fact that there is an emphasis on stealing stuff (not something I remember doing much of in the original) and the different gadgetry is still very much a part of the game. It does feel a little more cinematic, having more cutscenes and dialogue, but we’re talking about remake of a game from almost 20 years ago, these differences are bound to be apparent. Overall, I enjoyed the time spent with it, and will definitely try to get it finished in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe.

A long time ago, my best friend lived in a beach town down south. He had many friends out there, but eventually moved to the shitty little town that I lived in. He stayed in contact with some of those friends, and one of them used to come and visit us while we were still roommates. I have had him as a friend on PSN and have had his number for years, but we rarely saw each other. Well, it turns out that since I’ve moved to LA, he also moved within 15 minutes of me. I just found out about this a couple of months back, and we have been seeing each other here and there. The other day I went to his house and ended up checking out the PS4, PSVita, and XBOne. I had never played any of these systems before, and I have to say I really want to get my hands on a PS4/Vita really soon now. The Vita is an impressive system, the only downfall being its size. I was playing  Street Fighter X Tekken against him, and after a few matches my hands started to hurt. I suppose this is something that could be rectified by more use, or perhaps some sort of peripheral. Still, I loved the system. I also loved seeing next gen consoles in action. Later, he told me that he had a PS3 copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth and was really talking it up. He said that he wasn’t playing it anymore, and that I should borrow it, which I did.


Not only is it a spot on recreation of South Park, with the signature characters, humor, cursing, and ridiculousness, but it’s a surprisingly solid RPG experience as well. It reminds me of a cross between JRPGs and Costume Quest. In the picture above, I’m the character with the blue hoodie, and the guy below me is Butters. The other guys are Elves whom my group is at war with, trying to regain control of the Stick of Truth. It’s basically the Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter South Park episode, but stretched out into a whole game. So the battles play out in turn based fashion, like FF games, but it has timing integrated into it, where you have to hit certain keys when flashes appear on the screen to do more damage, or hit a button when being attacked to block part of the damage (this is the part reminiscent of Costume Quest). There’s much more to the combat system (including throwing poop at someone, which earns you a trophy), but that’s all I’m going into for now. Just know that if you can stomach South Park and enjoy JRPG systems, you’ll enjoy this game. For being a title I wrote off thinking it would be retarded, I’m now glad that I’ve given it a chance.

On the PC side of things, I jumped back into H1Z1 after having taken about a week off from it. There had been issues with the loot for a while and after they fixed it, I had a really stocked up character, but then the Devs decided to do server wipes, so that character disappeared along with all of his gear. I had intended to get on and do an air drop beforehand, because it was said on Reddit that air drop tickets would be topped off at 3 again (so I’d basically get to test it out without losing anything in the process), but I didn’t end up getting on that day. Bummer. So the other day I decided that I would get on with my freshly rolled character and go do an air drop. When I tried calling it in, I was met with this message:


I knew I had read about this somewhere, but apparently that means I’m either on too small of a server, or I ended up on too late at night. Either way, that was frustrating. I’m going to try again soon, because I want to see just how much that really changes things. I was watching some videos on YouTube earlier, and I’m now very interested in trying out the Battle Royale, because it sounds like a pretty awesome game mode. Basically, you don’t have to worry about hunger or hydration, and the loot is limited to weapons and storage space (backpacks and stuff like that). A huge amount of players start in the world, and then the world shrinks. As it gets down to the wire, a toxic gas cloud creeps in and kills more off. Eventually the last person standing wins. They also remove Zombies so you just have to worry about players. A nice change of pace. Here’s another screen shot, just because. I think the game is pretty.


Lastly, I’ve still been playing League of Legends, and I have focused all of my energy into playing ranked games. As I wrote before, I had dropped to Bronze III, and was working my way back up. I managed to get promoted back into Bronze II, and I have gone up and down a little at this point. I think I should be able to get back to Bronze I (where I started the season) by this time next week, if I still get in about the same amount of game time. I really want to get to Silver and get away from the terrible idiots in Bronze! But, just to share, here’s a snapshot of my terrible stats:


You can also check out all of my ranked games over here on the official site. Those games can then be clicked on and you can see stats for everyone from the game. It seems like most of my losses come from either someone feeding or leaving, the team wanting to surrender and basically giving up, or when I have a terrible game and do any of the above. In most cases I have done pretty well, but there have been some games where the loss was my fault, I have to admit. Anyway, no where to go but up. Overall I have had the most success while playing support, with Morgana being the best (I’m 5-1 with her) and then Braum (4-2). Surprisingly I haven’t had as much success with Sona this year, but I have won a couple of games. I’m also surprised after having won so many normal games with Maokai, Wukong, Cait, Corki and Pantheon that I only have a couple wins between all of them. Circumstances I guess. That’s all for this week.

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Playstation Plus Freebies Feb ’15

It’s that time of the month again! Wait, where are you going? No. You can come back now. You don’t need to stock up on tampons. Bad joke is bad.

Seriously though, the freebies for Playstation Plus members for the month of February have been revealed. We getting some good stuff, and some ok, stuff, and some stuff I have no idea about. So let’s start things off with the video.

For those of you still with me, here’s my commentary on the offerings.

On PS4, Transistor is the first game up. From the company that brought us Bastion, it is a spiritual successor to the game that changes things up visually, and thematically, yet should still be familiar to fans of the first game. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it since it released on the PC, but I have yet to try it and now I know I don’t have to buy it. I just need to get a PS4. Hey, tax season is coming, perhaps then? The second offering is a PS4 exclusive called Apotheon, which is a greek mythology themed sidescroller that looks to be more of what you’ve seen in the past from indie developers. It looks pretty, but it’s probably rather simplistic. Still, no one can complain about free, can they?

On PS3, we’re getting Yakuza 4 and The newest Thief reboot. The former game is another of those open world titles like Sleeping Dogs, GTA, inFamous, or Saint’s Row. Personally I’m sick of these types of games and they rarely keep me entertained for long, but you might like it! I am interested in the Thief reboot, as a fan of the series, though I haven’t played any save for the original that came out in the late 90’s. I loved the game then, but it was something new. These days stealth games have been overdone, and the last one that I bought and played through was Dishonored, and though I loved the lore of that game, the gameplay itself was boring and uninspired. There has also been backlash against this reboot, calling it boring and uninspired and a disappointment to fans of the IP. Despite all of that, I’m glad I never purchased it, and now will be able to try it for free. I think I might actually enjoy it, but we’ll see. My love for stealth games pretty much lived and died with the original.

On Vita, there’s Rogue Legacy, and Kick & Fennick. The former is a fantastic rogue-like platformer that I bought on the PC a couple of years ago. I will definitely play it some more on the console, just like I did a couple months back with Luftrausers (which I also already had on PC). It’s a cross buy game for all 3 consoles, so this one is another great addition to the library. The latter, Kick & Fennick is another platformer, and since I don’t have a Vita I don’t really care. Has anyone seen any PS4/Vita bundles in the US yet? I remember seeing a couple of ads outside of the US but that was months ago. I really need to get both, but then I’d have even more of a backlog I wouldn’t know what to do with.

So that’s it for this month. More free stuff is always good. Until next time.

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7 Awesome Rogue-likes

With the Steam Summer Sale going strong, I thought I’d take a look at one of the lesser played, less popular genres, and I’d like to point out that most of the titles I’m about to talk about have been on sale during this event. I narrowed my list to seven, and I’m probably missing some really good rogue-likes, but I didn’t want to bring up games I don’t own and haven’t played. There would be some honorable mentions here for games that fall within the category and that I’d like to own eventually, but I can’t comment much on games I haven’t played. So with that said, here’s 7 of my favorite rogue-likes (in no particular order):

1. Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition


FTL released a couple of years ago, but within the last few months has had an expansion of sorts. The game still plays the same and the end goals are the same, but new alien species and spacecraft have been added, giving the game that much more replay-ability. I for one always envisioned each jump being like an individual episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Similar in plot, if nothing else, seemingly helping the entirety of the universe to survive. Other tidbits like stores, random encounters and distress calls keep things fresh, as these are randomized each time you start a new game. The beginner ship isn’t the greatest, but eventually you’ll open up new ones and that will aid in your struggle to get to the end of the game. Sometimes you’ll die long before you get there, but the reward is experience, and learning how the game’s systems work, which will in turn help you in further playthroughs. This game is phenomenal. It has popped up on the Steam Summer Sale more than once already, so go get it while it’s discounted!

2. Rogue Legacy


Rogue Legacy is basically the Rogue-like variant of Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins. You have a very basic kit to work with, and it’s action-platformer meets fantasy. However, it has some subsystems that give it depth, along with the typical permadeath and random generation of the levels. I find it very enjoyable just from the platformer perspective, the difficulty is just right, mini-games are fun, and the bosses are epic. The subsystems of upgrading your “castle” (basically a skill-tree) and being succeeded by an heir after your death are entertaining. Eventually you will earn enough gold to upgrade your items and classes and passive abilities, and getting further into the dungeon will be a bit easier. Just don’t forget to lock your instance! Getting through everything in one sitting would be way too tough. This one has also popped up on sale multiple times, so get it while it’s hot!

3. Risk of Rain

This is one that I picked up specifically because it was on sale a couple of times recently (for only $2.50! selling steam cards has its advantages!). This is another action-platformer with rogue-like and RPG elements, but set in space rather than having the typical fantasy tropes. You start off with one class available, and like League of Legends or other ARPGs, you have a set of abilities on cooldowns that you’ll use while running around blasting enemies. It seems that the levels are actually set up in a particular way, but what mobs spawn and other factors are randomized. There’s also permadeath, but you can unlock new items and characters to play as even if you die early — it just depends on what you do with your time. There’s also an overall timer that adjusts the difficulty of the game as you go, so finding the teleporter quickly and moving on to the next level is a pretty good idea. Bosses are huge, and difficult. Eventually though you’ll get the hang of things and start unlocking goodies (you’ll see I opened a couple things during the video playthrough above, which is just a single level). One place where this game rises above the others is in the fact that it has 4 player co-op. I have yet to try it, but it sounds like it would be a blast!

4. Quest of Dungeons


Quest of Dungeons is truly indie in that it’s been made by one guy. It’s more along the lines of a traditional rogue-like, like Angband, but with better graphics. It also released more recently than most of these titles, but it’s still been on sale. I find that it’s not overly complex, but there’s all the elements of rogue-likes that I enjoy, and that’s enough for me. I enjoy the graphical style, the game controls solidly, and the difficulty is just about too easy most of the time, and then BAM you die anyway. There are four classes to choose from, and though they don’t affect the game play too much, they do all come with their own abilities and I’ve found that the ranged classes are easier to deal with. Another game I’d recommend picking up if you’re a fan of the genre.

5. Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold Edition

I’ve talked about SotS before, and it’s still a great game. Both the original version and the Gold edition are on Steam, but don’t bother unless you get the gold, as it comes with all of the expansion content. The game plays much like QoD, in that it’s more traditional rogue-like, but it does have some differing systems, and is set in a sci-fi setting as well. There are a multitude of classes, skills, weapons, recipes and bad guys, more so than I’m going to go into now. Still, if you are a fan of the genre, this game is a must-have. It’s by far the hardest in my collection, and starving to death is a common occurrence.

6. Nuclear Throne

This one is a mis-mash of all kinds of genres. It’s a shooter. It’s a rogue-like. It’s sci-fi meets post-apocalyptic. It’s a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of nothing. Yet it’s a diamond in the rough. Don’t let the cheesy graphics fool you, this game is brutal. I have yet to beat it, despite my best efforts. The levels and mobs are procedurally generated, along with drops (guns) so no play through will ever be the same. It’s also twitchy (like Risk of Rain) because you need to be able to aim and coordinate dodging and timing. I personally love it, and though it’s in Early Access it already feels like a completed game. It’s $13 though, so the most expensive on this list, considering I haven’t seen it on sale at all.

7. The Binding of Issac

binding of isaac 2

This game takes the genre in new directions. The dungeons are laid out in a Legend of Zelda style, and you are stuck in rooms til you kill the enemies. Keys and bombs are the items you’re using the majority of the time, but eventually you get some pretty off the wall power-ups. Later you’ll even open up other characters who have demonic special powers. The game is creepy, wacky, gross, and funny all at the same time. It’s really hard to explain, but you need to play it. I haven’t seen this one on sale for a while either, but at only $5 it’s worth its full asking price.


So there you have it. A short list of Rogue-likes that I think you need to buy/play. It’s the Summer Sale so there’s no better time than the present! Happy Gaming!

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My Top Ten Games of 2013

I played too many games to mention this year. The ones that made the best impression were the ones I’ve already spoken of. There were many games that I played that didn’t release this year, so despite loving some of them, they won’t be on this list as they aren’t “current.” I also wasn’t playing any MMOs this year (at least not seriously) so there aren’t any of those on this list. Finally, these are mostly niche games, because I haven’t been buying mainstream games as they release, as much of the AAA titles on offer this year weren’t ones I was interested in, or couldn’t afford when they released. When I say “couldn’t afford” I really mean I’m a cheap ass gamer these days. So with all that said, on to the list (in no particular order):

The Last of Us:
This is one of the only two AAA titles I played this year, though it still wasn’t upon release. I picked up my copy of The Last of Us a few months later on sale. This was a game I couldn’t pass up, not only because I have loved nearly everything Naughty Dog has ever done, but also because it’s a survival horror game which is right up my alley. I only played through the game once, but the story was amazing and the game play equally fun. Multiplayer was more of the same, but was still enjoyable at times. I will probably go back and play this one again some day, as it really was a great experience.

Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch:
I spent less time with this game than I would have liked, but still have strong feelings about it. I can’t say that I beat it or even got all of that far through the game, but what I did play was amazing and I will be revisiting it soon. Another AAA title that I got on sale, it was most definitely worth the $20 I paid. There are so many different systems from different JRPGs present here, that it feels like a mix of most of the RPGs I loved playing as a kid, on through my adulthood. I love all RPGs, but there is something to be said about the addictive nature of ones from Japan.

Dragon’s Crown:
This is the only game I couldn’t wait to have this year. I bought it shortly after release for full price. Granted, it was less money than a boxed $60 game, but still, this needs to be notated. I have recently posted about this game so I won’t go into reasons why it’s on my top ten again, but if you are a fan of side-scrolling beat-em-ups with RPG elements, this game will suit you.

Path of Exile:
PoE is the true successor to Diablo II. I say this without having played Diablo III, but I know enough about it to make that statement. Everything about it screams “Diablo II with slightly different systems and holy fuck look at that skill tree!” This game has been playable for more than just this year, but was officially released in 2013, so it makes my list. One of the best 3/4 view action RPGs of the year.

Rogue Legacy:
One of the two Rogue-likes that made this list (FTL would have too if it would have been released this year), Rogue Legacy is an awesome 2-D platformer that redefines death. Death means you will get new powers and possibly new disabilities, all of which are random along with the levels. I have progress pretty far into the game, and I would recommend it to anyone that owns a PC, and a controller. Controls are weak without one, and that’s my only disappointment.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit:
This is my other Rogue-like pick, and it is vastly different from the aforementioned title, but still good in almost every way. Permadeath is definitely a pro and a con, in that it is great to have to take responsibility for your actions, but it really sucks to get further into the dungeon than ever, just to die and have to start over. Still, I have had much fun with the game and have written about it multiple times. Grinding recipes is about the only part of the game that is overly frustrating, because some characters simply cannot hack machines for the messages needed. All in all a must-play.

Terraria released this year on PS3 (though I believe other versions were last year?). I haven’t made much headway with the game, and it is disappointing that there isn’t a way to connect with people that aren’t on your friend’s list. Aside from that, I have had fun exploring and taking part in gameplay that is far from traditional. I have explained my lack of experience with sandbox games, and this was the game that opened the door for me. If you like Minecraft, I’m sure you’ll like Terraria. Just make sure you have friends with the game, as multiplayer makes it more fun.

Dragon Fantasy Book 2:
Dragon Fantasy Book 2 is the sequel to (you guessed it) Book 1. Where Book 1 was an 8-bit adventure reminiscent of Dragon Warrior, Book 2 mixes elements from the 16-bit era, with combat like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, a Pokemon-like pet collection system, and other goodies that remind me of being a kid. In the “good ol days.” I haven’t finished it, but it is on my to-do list and it recommended for old school JRPG nuts. Looking forward to seeing the next iteration, that is supposed to support an engine using 32-bit graphics. FF7 clone here we come 🙂

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1:
This was a recent release, so this goes without commentary. If you scroll down, the dedicated post should still be on the main page. Must-have for those of you who were fans of the first season. I just wish it wasn’t so short, and hope that future episodes make up for this lack of length.

League of Legends: All Random All Mid:
In the MMO world, people will select expansions in their “best of” posts, and as League is the closest thing to a Massive game that I’m playing, I’m going to consider this an “expansion” for all intents and purposes. ARAM was released this year, and became a dedicated game mode, like Dominion and Twisted Treeline before it. ARAM most likely consumed more of my game time than any other game this year. I played my share of other modes in LoL, but I think ARAM took the cake for hours played. The game mode is my favorite way to just unwind, without the pressure of having to win, as there is no leaderboard. I love League, and will most likely keep it in my rotation for a long time to come.

I read a post over on The Cynic Dialogues about 2013 being the worst year in (PC) gaming, and I was about to argue against that fact (except the author has comments disabled), but after delving through my posts, trophy lists and memories, it was difficult for me to put together this list of ten. I am now more inclined to agree with them, despite knowing that if I had a slightly better computer I would have been playing some games that I can’t run now. Also, being rich would help to buy some of the games that I didn’t touch this year, so my list might be a little skewed from where it could be. Still, here’s hoping that 2014 blows us away. I hope to get a PS4 and a new computer next year, so maybe I’ll have more options available to me and next year’s list will be easier to pull off.

Lastly, if you are anal like me, you can verify release dates for any of the above listed games here. Just so you know I didn’t cheat ;P

The State of the Game: Open Worlds

This week I spent time in a variety of games, not all of which were open worlds, but there are two games on the list that were, and I spent most of my play time there. The play list this week consisted of: Terraria, Defiance, God Mode, Grid 2, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, and Rogue Legacy.

I’ve already expressed my opinions on Terraria. Having played the game quite a bit more, I have still been enjoying it, although I wouldn’t say that I’ve made a whole lot of progress. I did some odd things just to earn a few of the trophies (and in turn, explore) like building a “ladder” straight up to the top of the world. Gravity actually starts to lessen as you get higher up and dunking on that professional size basketball hoop seems doable. Falling to your death from such a height is pretty humorous as well. Later, I built another ladder looking for a floating island that the trophy speaks of, and found one. On it was a building made of gold bricks. That’s right, gold effing bricks! Inside was a gold chest that I couldn’t open… so while I consulted the wiki (and found out you need a golden key that I didn’t posess) the building was surrounded by Harpies. Lots of them. I thought to myself, what the hell, it’s just a couple harpies NBD, and was promptly flattened by them. I’ll tackle that island again later. Deciding that I needed to upgrade my crappy wood armor to something more, well, metal, I headed off to mine some ores and metals. I am still in the process of doing so, so that I can take on harder monsters, dig deeper and try to hunt down some of the prerequisites to summon the bosses.

Wait what? I thought you didn’t play MMOs anymore?! Yeah that’s what I thought too. And then this game went on sale for $2.50 and how could I say no? Be that as it may, Defiance is classified as an MMO, but really it plays like Borderlands with more people populating the world. Instead of 4 player co-op, there are many players. But that hasn’t stopped me from treating it as a single player game, and playing by myself. More on this later. So I started up the game not really knowing what to expect, as I had read many mixed reviews on the interwebs. After getting through the tutorial and figuring out the buttons and various menus, it really isn’t any harder to understand than Borderlands. A good entry-level MMO, and there isn’t an unattainable cap, though it seems that there really isn’t an end game outside of playing PVP. But I really don’t know, I’m not there yet. I rolled up an Irathien Male Survivalist, but this game doesn’t have any sort of classes, nor racial advantages. So this just boils down to appearance and starting weaponry. My choice boiled down to the Survivalist coming with a Sniper rifle, which I felt would be advantageous. After playing through the story to a point where I have a vehicle and can really go exploring, being a sniper can be a good and bad thing. It really sucks only having a pistol as a side arm, so once I picked up a SMG I felt better about things. Playing solo is dangerous, and if there isn’t anyone playing in the immediate area you can get swarmed quick. If you have ample cover it’s cool to snipe, but when cleavers are running up to your face it’s sidearm time, and the SMG handles things nicely. So far I’m enjoying the solo aspect, but it requires certain EGO levels before you are allowed to participate in the co-op missions and the PVP. Those come complete with matchmaking though, so knowing people to play with isn’t required, which is a plus. I have yet to participate in an Arkfall yet, which is an open world event, or the open world PVP Shadow War. So there will be more on this game as I get into it further.

The Others:
God Mode – I’m level 10. I fully upgraded the SMG (starting weapon), and upgraded to the plasma pistol as my sidearm. Also picked up the healing special power, which is far superior to the shield and works when you’re running some oaths (thing negative boosters like in Uncharted, or a negative attribute. I have beaten all  of the levels solo on Bronze difficulty,  and have since moved up to Silver and did one level solo. Might try out gold, as one of the trophies requires beating all levels on the hardest difficulty. There still isn’t much of a player base online, so I guess the sale I took part in wasn’t very popular.

Grid 2 – I only played a couple of races thus far, and the game seems cool, but the controls are kind of wonky. But I remember feeling that way when I first played Gran Turismo 5, and I think I had to make adjustments. I’m not sure, I don’t play racing games all that much but they are usually fun. The game plays somewhere in between Gran Turismo (simulation) and Need for Speed (arcade-y).

SotS: The Pit – I started another play through, for the 2nd time I chose a Ranger. Currently on Level 9. I’m on floor 10. I started this game on normal difficulty, and used the option to skip to level 5 and utilize banked experience from my previous Ranger play through. Picked up a fair bit of gear, though haven’t made much recipe progress.

Rogue Legacy – I’ve played sporadically. Had many more deaths, many more heirs. I have started locking the castle as I have now explored all of the castle, and have moved onto clearing out the forest. I will probably continue to lock it now as I progress through the game. Currently level 30 or so (though I’m too lazy to look right now).

On the Horizon:
This week’s Playstation Plus offering was Borderlands 2. Knowing that the player base will get a kick in the pants is getting me really itching to go back and play through the DLC that I have owned since release and haven’t played (bought the season pass, but only played through the first DLC). I had friends playing the game when it first came out, but I don’t see them playing anymore, and convincing someone who has quit a game to come back isn’t all that easy. So I’m thinking of playing and letting anyone join my game, which I have never done before. I have a headset now, so maybe this is the thing to do. I’ve been missing having the multiplayer element and it seems like everyone I used to play games with is off doing their own thing. Maybe I’ll get some new online buddies this way.