Blizzard and Me

Blizzard and I have a strange relationship. I was about the biggest fanboy you could be when it came to their early years in the 1990’s. I remember playing Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness back when you still had to run them through DOS. The games were easy to learn but more difficult to master. The original Diablo was also a staple back then, but it wasn’t until Starcraft was installed on my machine that I became a fan for life. Hailed as one of if not the best RTS game of all time, Starcraft was truly a perfect storm. Competitors such as Command & Conquer held their own, but Starcraft set the bar for all RTS games to come. I fell in love with the game, eschewing nearly all other games I was playing to devote my life to it. I beat the campaigns, I beat the expansion, I played regularly on, though I never got involved in the ladder. I used the map editor to create new maps, attempted to create a Starcraft RPG within it, and even had a webpage dedicated to it, that won an award back in the days when GeoCities were a thing. Clearly, I was obsessed.

That obsession came back when Diablo II released in 2000. I was in my senior year of high school, and thankfully was at a point where I could pretty much ignore school so my grades didn’t suffer, despite the fact that I was constantly playing it. I lamented when the computer I was using fried and I was unable to play the game after the Lord of Destruction expansion hit. I was able to play it periodically at friend’s houses, but I lost out on part of the game’s evolution for the most part.

When Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos hit stores a couple of years later, I was still computer-less, though I had a good friend who would allow me to play it when I was visiting. Eventually, I had a new computer and I purchased the Battle Chest for the game, that was packed with The Frozen Throne expansion, and ended up playing through both, along with playing the game itself and multiple mods created by the community. Never DotA though, and for that I am sad. Nevertheless, my obsession with Blizzard’s fantastic games continued.

Upon hearing of the upcoming MMO World of Warcraft, I was very excited and wanted to be one of the first to play it. At the time though, I was unemployed and was unable to afford a copy of the game let alone a subscription fee. There were also stories of huge queues and Blizzard pulling the game from store shelves, so I made a decision to stick with the original Everquest, which I had been playing off and on for years (though never very seriously).

A couple of years later, I had basically forgotten about Blizzard altogether. I was busy playing single player games, shooters like Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat, Call of Duty, or whatever was in my Playstation 2 library. Sure, WoW was a success and hard to ignore, but I wasn’t at that point of being obsessed with MMOs like I would be in the future. Eventually my Dad (who had introduced me to EQ) was telling me that he had picked up Everquest 2, and I followed suit. I convinced my roommate at the time to join us, and soon I had a mixture of friends and family that were all playing the game together. It could have just as easily been WoW, because honestly they are very similar games when it comes down to it, but we had found our home in Norrath and my obsession with MMOs had nothing to do with Blizzard. It even came to a point that from what I had read, what I had seen and what I had talked about with friends, that WoW felt like the inferior game in many ways, despite being vastly more popular with most of the world. We felt like we had made the right choice regardless, and since Blizzard hadn’t done anything with any of their IPs outside of WoW for years, I basically wrote them off altogether.

From circa 2003 to circa 2010, I didn’t play any Blizzard games. There were times I would dabble with Starcraft or Diablo II, but I didn’t feel the love for the company that I once had. It was a sad state of affairs, but it was what it was. It wasn’t until I had a falling out with the MMO genre altogether that I opened up the possibility of playing and enjoying World of Warcraft. I had spent very little time in these virtual worlds for a couple of years and had a new job where my direct co-worker wouldn’t stop yammering about the game. I finally succumbed to his pandering and bought the Battle Chest that included Vanilla and The Burning Crusade. I also picked up Wrath of Lich King shortly thereafter.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I could enjoy the game I had spent so much time trashing. So much time arguing over with friends who loved it and I was still wondering why. None of them would even give my games of choice the time of day because they felt like they already had so much invested in WoW. I don’t blame them, looking back. They were right. I was wrong. However, it seems that somewhere along the line Blizzard put all of their eggs in one basket, and forgot about people like me. People who helped them become the behemoth. Who paid their way towards making WoW which would then in turn make them the king of the gaming world.

Sure, I played WoW for about six months and enjoyed myself well enough, but the time investment I had put into Everquest 2 continuously pulled me back to that game instead. Had I started with WoW, I probably would be like most of you who are reading this post. WoW would be my game, and I’d either play it steadily or leave for a couple of months only to return when the next expansion hit. Either way, I had that relationship with EQ2, so it was easy to leave WoW to go back to that game. WoW never hooked me the way other Blizzard games did, and I don’t think it ever will.

It wasn’t until 2013-14 that I really got back into Blizzard games, and this wasn’t due to World of Warcraft. I managed to get into the Beta for Hearthstone and was rather impressed with it, and played it for quite a while. I purchased Diablo III and its expansion, and as it sits now that is currently my favorite Blizzard game, though Starcraft II has been fun as well (though no where near as addictive as its predecessor was for me). I also picked WoW up again, pre-Warlords of Draenor, but only played for a month and wasn’t hooked this time either.

Hearthstone was unique in that it was a free to play title, which Blizzard hadn’t released before. I loved the fact that it was a CCG because of my history with Magic: The Gathering, and though it was simple and still based on Warcraft lore, I was hooked for a time. I played through beta into full release, earned enough gold to buy all of the Naxxramas adventures and even continued playing after Goblins and Gnomes released. It was around this time though that I started to feel disenchanted with the game. The random effects began to get to ridiculous levels where it felt like you had very little control over what happened in a given match, and if I wanted to play a dice game I’d just go play craps. Still, it has become a steady revenue stream for Blizz, and they’ve added more solo adventures and are teasing a new set of cards coming out sometime soon in The Grand Tournament. Good on them, but it’s no longer a game that gets my regular attention.

Diablo III launched and had its issues (namely the Auction House) and I avoided playing it until after they fixed the problem with the patch 2.0. Shortly thereafter Reaper of Souls released, and along with it one of the best ideas the company had in a while: Adventure Mode. The level of replayability and the fact that patches are still released fairly regularly leads me to believe that Blizzard learned their lesson from the past. Diablo II didn’t have much added to it after LoD. Diablo III looks to have new content added regularly, and that’s good for the franchise overall. Even now, patch 2.3 is in testing and they’re adding a whole new zone, a powerful artifact, and changes to Adventure Mode.

Starcraft II was different from its predecessor in that it released only one single player campaign at a time, but has made changes through to the multiplayer portion of the game. Mods are better supported through the Arcade as well. The third campaign Legacy of the Void, centering around the Protoss is in development now and the game has definitely lived a long life, sitting at the five year old mark already.

Clearly, Blizzard is starting to remember those of us who weren’t that taken with WoW but still love their other offerings. They’ve also started to branch out a bit by adding new IPs, such as Heroes of the Storm. Granted, this game still draws from their other IPs so it’s not entirely new, but it is their first foray into the MOBA scene and seems to be doing fairly well, though it’s not as popular as the kings of the genre League of Legends and DOTA 2. Personally this game appealed to me because I figured Blizzard would make a great MOBA, but it fell short of my expectations and I haven’t touched it since it was in Beta. Still, it’s good to see the company do something else besides make content for their MMO.

Lastly, a completely new IP called Overwatch has been in development for some time now. It’s actually showing up in the launcher now too, though I haven’t heard of anyone getting any in-game time just yet. It’s a team-based lobby shooter, and though this isn’t a new genre in itself it’s something Blizzard have yet to do and it looks good. Hype got the best of me with HotS though, so I’m not super excited but I will try it when I get a chance. Perhaps it will exceed my expectations if I keep them low. Video of the game does look fantastic though.

Most people are in the middle of writing (or have written) posts about their predictions for the next WoW expansion which will be announced later today. The other big news is that WoW is down to 5.6 million subscribers, a low not seen since 2005 or so, yet still the biggest amount of subscribers in any western MMO at this point, with FFXIV coming in a close second. I really wanted to make some commentary but as you can see, my history with WoW is limited, though my history with the company might exceed some of yours. I’m thankful that they have done well and can potentially make more games that I’m interested in sometime in the future. But I have nothing overly positive to say about their MMO and I don’t suspect that will ever change. I’m in agreement with some members of the blogosphere that WoW is slowly being sunset and focus within the company is shifting to other projects. Honestly, I think diversification is good not only for Blizzard but for gamers like me as well.

WoW is dead. Long live Blizzard.

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State of the Game: Playing & Watching

Another week down, more stuff played and watched. I mostly have blurbs this time around, because I spent the majority of the week playing League of Legends. I did play some other stuff as well as keeping up on TV shows so let’s jump right in.

League of Legends

I played a shit ton of League as I said. I mostly played ARAM, but did get some team builder matches in as well. As a result, I earned my support icon from the mode. support_iconI did end up buying one new champion, as I hit 4800 IP. Riot has been keeping up with their policy of dropping one champ from the 6300 tier down to the 4800 tier each time a new one releases, so there were some extra options. I was tempted to just continue saving until I hit 6300, but I ended up purchasing Fizz. I haven’t played him a whole lot, but in ARAMs where I got him (due to being in the free rotation) I did fairly well. Plus my end goal is to eventually own them all, so add one more to the pile. I believe at this point I still have 36 to collect. Meaning I own like 70-something. Not bad, but considering the amount of years I’ve played the game you’d think I’d have more. I had a rather good performance with Janna within the last few days, so I’ll just leave this here:


I have been keeping up on the World Championship matches. This weekend I watched Samsung White utterly DESTROY Samsung Blue in the first semi-finals match on Saturday (early – 1 am) morning. Going 3-0, SSW will be representing Korea in the Finals. This morning I watched OMG and Royal Club as well; it was a better series, but RC advance to the finals for their second year in a row after a 3-2 victory. This will be the second year in a row we see a China vs. Korea final, with RC falling to SKT T1 last year. With the performances this week, I’m feeling pretty positive that Korea will take it all in the end, again.

Other PC Games

I gave a rundown of the newest Alpha build for The Forest along with some screens of a recent playthrough in this post.

I played some Starcraft II over the course of the week, finishing up a few more missions. I believe I am nearing the end of the Terran campaign, though it’s interesting the amount of missions you get to play the Protoss. Their missions help to break up the monotony of playing only one race for so long. I like the Terrans quite a bit more in SC2 than I did in the original. I didn’t like the Zerg all that much when I tried them in multiplayer, but I know that when I get to know them again in the campaign I’ll probably be back to loving them. I’m hoping to complete the first campaign within the next week or so.

I hadn’t touched Orcs Must Die in months (since I purchased really), but not so long ago I was gifted a copy of the sequel by Welshtroll and decided it was time I beat the first game so I could move on to the second. I played quite a bit yesterday, completing a handful of missions. I have a handful of levels left to beat, but also have expansion content because I bought the complete pack so I’m not sure how much I really have yet to do. Either way the game is fun for short bursts, or longer sessions. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be ready for the 2nd game. I’m steadily moving through my backlog, despite not being able to focus on one game at a time 😛 The last mission I completed was pretty straight forward, but the one I’m on now where they introduce “the pounder,” is completely unfair. I failed twice, so I gave it a rest.

Bring on the horde!

The Path of Exile event played out on Saturday. I was a little late to the group so I had to sit out for a little while. I played my Witch solo for a bit, and hit level 23 (I could have sworn she was a bit higher level than that). When I joined in with the group, I played a Ranger I had created previously but hadn’t used much. It worked out as everyone had created new characters and they were about level 6 at that point which was the same level as said Ranger. We played for a couple more hours and I leveled that Ranger from 6 – 14. I got to experience some of the newer content in that the boss battles were more intense, but also had some new instances/events added in from one of the expansions. I didn’t take any screens… I don’t know why I keep forgetting.

The past week’s flash game for Bragtoberfest was called Axon. Initially Doone posted a laughable score, and I beat that rather quickly, posting one around 25k. Next thing I knew Jeromai made a post where she had hit 66k, completely blowing my score out of the water. I commented there that I was done… but then I decided to take another stab at it.

It didn’t take long for Murf to answer back at over 98k, and then Jeromai iced it with 108k. Now, I’m officially done. Next week’s challenge might play out differently.

Playstation Plus

I totally skipped over doing my typical Playstation Plus post. It was mentioned a few times in my circle so I just let it ride. I did dive into the games though, beating Chronicles of Mystara in one sitting. It was ok, but would have cost a fortune in the arcade where it originated. Those games were purposely designed to rob you of your lunch money. I played some Spelunky as well, and though it’s fun it doesn’t seem to have anything going for it as far as using it in Bragtoberfest. Maybe the daily challenges? sort of unsure about that. Giving us Batman Arkham Asylum seemed dumb. They already gave us Arkham City (the sequel, which I never played). Would have made more sense to give us Arkham Origins, but either way I’ve already beaten Asylum so that’s lame.


Hell on Wheels – took a mid season break, not sure why AMC is so fond of doing this. Been good so far, lots of intense scenes between the new governor and the main character. Was shocked that Common’s character was still alive but he was not himself after indians nursed him back to health. Sad that he had to be put down.

Boardwalk Empire – final season has been slow moving, but the weird part is the fact that they keep delving into Nucky’s past.. like why didn’t they care to do that in the first 3 seasons? Watching Capone be an idiot is fun, I love the actor playing him, as he was good ol’ Tommy in Snatch and that’s one of my favs.

The Strain – Season finale just happened, sorry to say that the “master” got away. Crazy that he could withstand direct sunlight, didn’t see that coming. Great show, can’t wait for next season.

Sons of Anarchy – Shit is getting really thick. Not only is there a huge gang war brewing between the bikers, the chinese, the mexicans and the blacks, it seems that Jax has played all ends against the middle. This is typical for SOA, there’s always these backhanded deals going on, but it’s hard to keep up with who is doing what. Then Gemma is “taking Juice out of town to safety” and he catches on that she’s gonna try to kill him. He looked like he might kill her. Sad thing is that he’s in the shitstorm for doing things for Jax and for her… yet they want him dead. No idea where this is going, but oh yes, there will be blood.

American Horror Story – I can already tell that this season is going to be much better than the last. For whatever reason I couldn’t get into Coven, but Freak Show has already started off great. The special effects for all the freaks (though I think some bits of that isn’t special effects) are great (particularly the two headed main character). The creepy factor of the serial killing clown.. man it’s gonna be a good season.

The Walking Dead starts later today. I cannot wait. When we left off, the crew had just made it to Terminus, and the consensus among fans is that they are cannibals. This wouldn’t be the first time the subject had been broached in the walking dead universe (season 1 of the game had a nice little farm with em). With the crew locked up in a train car, who knows how they’re going to bust out. But Rick didn’t look too happy going in there. He’ll be back with a vengeance.

So that’s about all I have for this week’s edition. 1.5k words later, I’m spent.

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State of the Game: Scattered

This week was like any other week. I got involved in some multiplayer for games I’ve had access to for a long time but never played for whatever reason. I sampled some indie games I hadn’t touched yet. I watched a bunch of League of Legends’ World Championship, along with playing the game a bit. I also played through the remainder of Dead Space 3, which had been sitting in the backlog for a couple months. So all in all, I’ve been sticking to my guns when it comes to clearing out the backlog, but also taking time to play some games with friends. A large portion of my focus this week was on Bragtoberfest though, which meant nailing down the details and getting things ready to go since the 1st in in a few short days. All in all the event is ready to go, and we’ve had a positive response from the community, so I’m looking forward to gaming with my fellow bloggers.

I did a bit of that already, playing a couple of different games with Doone this week. We started off by trying out The Banner Saga Factions, which was the multiplayer component that actually released before the regular game. It’s free to play, and basically just the battle mode, but instead of playing against the computer you play your friends. It seemed sort of buggy in our experience, and we only played one match before calling it quits. It had potential to be a cool game, but the battles would get old after a while, as you don’t have the storyline to go along with it. The Banner Saga was an amazing game, and I loved playing through it, but this multiplayer component was rather lacking.

2014-09-23_00001 2014-09-23_00002

After that I suggested that we play some Starcraft II multiplayer, and he agreed. I hadn’t touched the MP yet, having only made it ten or so missions into the solo campaign, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out that the multiplayer introduced some units I hadn’t seen yet, or that functioned differently than they did in the single player missions. This was even more disturbing when I tried out the Zerg, who used to be my favorite race but didn’t make much sense to me in the multiplayer. I assume this means I need to get used to them via the single player, but the Terran still didn’t have the learning curve. We started off in a 1v1 and I claimed victory fairly quickly, though Doone says he forced the fight and was distracted by reading about new units and that sort of thing. Sounds like excuses to me, but he did show more of what he could do when we played co-op vs. the AI. It was a sad showing for a while, we just couldn’t click and kept losing to the AI, but when we played again the next day, things went our way. We ended up finally crushing the AI, though it did take quite a while. We basically had to starve them of minerals without starving ourselves, so it was a delicate matter, but in the end we were victorious. I started to browse the Arcade and it looks to have a lot of cool user-created mods/modes and I look forward to checking that out soon.

Screenshot2014-09-23 22_53_14 Screenshot2014-09-25 01_16_09

As I mentioned, I’ve been watching the shit out of Worlds this year. I watched last year as well, though only the Summer Split and the tail end of Worlds (I did see SKT1 win it all). This year I missed the Spring and Summer Splits and only started watching during Worlds. I actually missed groups A & B, but I managed to watch almost every game from groups C & D. I’ve been rooting for TSM and Cloud 9 (US teams) because in years past it’s been European (Season 1) or Korean (Seasons 2 & 3) teams who have won it all, and it’s time for the US to show they can compete. So far the brackets are set up for the Quarterfinals, and both of those teams have hung in there, along with Chinese and Korean teams. Europe managed to see itself out after last night. If you’re interested, there’s a lot of coverage over at the official site. In other League news, they released skins for Fnatic (who won season 1), as they somehow hadn’t done that yet, but had for TPA and SKT in the seasons following. There’s also been updates to Viktor and Sion, along with a new champion released, called Azir. The game is most definitely still going strong. Having watched so much of it I was ready to get in game again myself, so I played a handful of ARAMs the other night. Hadn’t touched the game for a month, but first round was a great success:


Unfortunately I lost every game afterwards. That’s the problem with ARAM, sometimes you get stuck with a champion you love, and other times you don’t. Add in a few other people getting champs they aren’t good with, and say good night.

I played a few other games in my Steam catalog (scored from Humble Bundle), all Indie titles that I either really didn’t know about or hadn’t really been interested in, but thought I needed to try anyway due to some positive reviews and feedback from friends. Papers, Please was highly regarded by anyone I’ve heard of playing it, and I can say that it’s pretty fun, though reminds me a lot of when I worked in security, which was a bit of a turn off. Still, it’s an interesting idea for a game, that turns the mundane into a problem solving nightmare. Overall I’d recommend it for those looking for something completely out of left field to try. Another cool title is Race the Sun, in which you literally try to race the sun as it sets. Your plane is solar powered, so you need the sunlight to keep it going. It’s a simplistic idea, and the graphics are fairly basic, but it’s actually rather fun.


I also started up Prison Architect, which looks to be rather interesting, but I didn’t get too far along before deciding not to get too involved. It’s still in early access so things are always changing. I hear that this newest build is one of the best so far, so I do want to play more of it, but I just want to keep sticking to my guns with the whole backlog. So for now, I’m just poking my head into titles here and there. The Humble Store freebie this last week was Tropico 3, and though I’ve never played the series I hear that it’s pretty good, and that’s got the whole city builder thing going for it, so I have been avoiding it as well. Don’t want the time sinks until I finish a few more games! The last game I played for about an hour was Steamworld Dig, and it was rather fun as well. I wasn’t expecting much, some of the reviews on the store page were dismissive, but it’s got it’s hooks. Digging for treasure is never a bad thing, and using that treasure to get upgrades and new gadgets is fun as well. It’s basically a Metroidvania, but for the most part it feels pretty fresh. Playing as a steam-powered robot is an interesting twist by itself.

2014-09-24_00001 (2)

I have a few games in mind for my next playthrough. I’m going to continue on with the campaign for SC2, and perhaps try and finish another in the meantime. Some of these indies might be easy to beat as well, so I might knock a few off before long. Time will tell. Anyway, that’s all for this week’s edition. Happy Gaming!

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The State of the Game #19

I made the trip out to my Dad’s house this past weekend, leaving on Friday and getting home today. As such, my PS3 collected dust this week, and all of my gaming was done on either my laptop or my Dad’s PC. Having recently upgraded, his computer stops the shit out of mine, but that also meant that I could get into some things I have yet to try. For a moment, it was like being a kid in a candy store.

Initially the idea was for me to play some EQ2 and maybe some of the other MMOs he has that I haven’t touched. I did log into my EQ2 account and wandered around for a bit, but I was hard pressed to play much, because I knew as soon as I left I’d be unable to play anymore. The same went for the other MMOs, but I was still interested in giving Rift, Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2 a try. Unfortunately Rift and GW2 have limitations on character slots, and he had his all filled up, so though I was given the option to play whatever I wanted, I didn’t want to jump on a character that was already started. So he showed me some things in those games, and that was that. He didn’t have Neverwinter installed (it flew under his radar somehow) so I downloaded that and gave it a whirl, and I could see where it would be a game I could enjoy, but it did seem a tad on the boring side. I really didn’t get far enough to give a proper assessment, so I’ll leave the MMO commentary at that.

What really got my goat was the Blizzard games that have been out for a while now that I hadn’t played before. The titles in question are Starcraft II and Diablo III of course. I haven’t touched either game series for years, probably since the 90s when the last iterations released. I was always more into Starcraft than Warcraft, despite usually having the opposite taste (I’m usually more into High Fantasy than Sci-Fi). The Diablo series was always a favorite as well, and despite playing all of the other main competitors it sucked me in more than any action-RPG has in quite some time.

I started with Starcraft, mainly because that was like crack to me when I was a teenager. Despite the updated graphics and some differing mechanics, after the tutorial it all felt like old hat. I was seriously obsessed with the game back then, and it all came back to me — like riding a bike. I played through 6 or 7 missions and got a pretty good feel for the game. My thoughts, are that it is still awesome, and really the only RTS I’ve played in years. There has never been a good replacement for the original Starcraft in my eyes, until now, and it’s more Starcraft. Unfortunately my time was limited, so I only played those few missions in the campaign and no multiplayer. Multiplayer is usually where it’s at. Plus with the staggered campaign releases (no I didn’t play any of the Zerg campaign, but they were always my favorite) it’s the only way to play the other races from what I understand. Overall the gameplay was all that I could have hoped for, in that it really stayed true to the original. The menu interface being replaced by moving about on your ship in between battles is pretty neat, but it’s still just a dressed up interface. I did enjoy the research element along with the armory, where upgrades can be purchased without having to do so in-game. Research was unique also because you had to actually locate the resources during missions, and then could allocate those resources towards differing upgrades based on the opposing races’ technology. This is a must-buy once I build a new rig.

Diablo III is where I spent most of my weekend overall. Like I said earlier, I was amazed at how it sucked me in, when I’ve played so many action-RPGs over the years. Torchlight was so-so. Torchlight II was better, but still not crack-like (though I’m tempted to go and actually finish it now). Path of Exile felt like the spiritual successor to Diablo II, but D3 really took hold of me. When I saw the character classes I was unimpressed. All of the classes seemed like the usual and the only thing that stood out was the Demon Hunter. A ranger of sorts, the DH was equipped with ranged weapons (1 or 2-hand crossbows, regular long bows), and his abilities had to do with ranged attacks, evasion, or traps. This is what was expected, and though I played through at least 2/3 of the first act, I ended up deciding to go with another character. I remembered that I had a lot of success with the Necromancer of D2, and I also loved the Witch in PoE. As such, I rolled a Wizard, and man did I fall in love. I literally played all day yesterday, and ran through the entire first act and much of the 2nd and ended up being level 32 when I finally quit before the server went down for a patch early this morning. I can’t remember the last time I sat and played a single game for that long in one sitting, but it was well worth it. Aside from the fact that it was on my Dad’s account, so he just got a power-leveled Wizard for free (your welcome). Graphically, D3 wasn’t quite as dark as its predecessors, but it was still moody. The controls were simple and responsive, and I loved all of the crazy abilities my Wizard had, and I wasn’t even all the way through the game. The new advancement tree was well done in my opinion, and allowed for much customization. I missed out on the whole Auction House debacle, so I really have nothing negative to say about this game at all. That’s saying something. This is also a must-buy when I have the ability.

Lastly, I was doing my dailies for Hearthstone and my Dad hadn’t ever given the game a shot, so he decided to download it. He ran through the tutorial and got his Mage up to level 10 and then we challenged each other to some games. Surprisingly, he won the first game. I used a custom Rogue deck and for some reason he snowballed and I couldn’t pull myself out of the hole. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t win another game. I rolled out some of my better decks and creamed him, and then thought better of it. I went back to the basic pre-constructed decks but that didn’t make a difference. In fact I seemingly did better with those than my own decks. This is part of the trouble of constructing decks, sometimes they just don’t come out quite right, and the flow doesn’t happen unless you get luck on your side. Those basic decks are pretty finely tuned despite not having some of the cool effects the expert cards come with. Either way, it was a lot of fun being able to play with someone I know for a change. It was doubly fun to be able to rub it in face to face shortly thereafter as well.

That was about it for this week. On the horizon is The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 which released today (glad I picked up that season pass) and the Tomb Raider reboot, which was the freebie this week.