A New Frontier Episode 5

This week marks the completion of the latest Walking Dead series from Telltale. Regulars will know that I have a mixed relationship with the company, in that I have loved some of their series, but I have become a bit burnt out on the gameplay style as a whole. I couldn’t help but want to see what happened next with Clementine and some of the various characters from the lore who have dotted the series, so I did pick up what could be called “Season 3.” This episode is the conclusion of that series, and as usual, we get to examine our choices made throughout the episode. This time around the concluding episode came with some other interesting stats that I hadn’t seen in other series from Telltale, and I’d like to share my personal results as well. To get things started, here’s the traditional ending screen with the choices from episode 5:

It seems that in most cases, players had similar responses to me. I’m surprised that less people fessed up to being into Kate, and that less people had Clementine stay around. I have treated Clem with the utmost respect throughout the series, and watching her grow has been fascinating. Regardless, the stats are interesting. What was even better was all of the additional information they added in subsequent screens:

I’m curious what the different results are and despite the fact that I know I could probably Google that shit, I’m not going to. If you have played the game and would like to share your experienced results, comments are open. I ended the game having had a Dysfunctional relationship with my brother. It’s not as if the game didn’t already set that up to be the case, but apparently I kept that dysfunction going. I tried to walk the line with him, but by the end he had proven to be an asshole and died anyway. So I guess the result doesn’t matter all that much in my case, but perhaps other endings exist where he lives. I see in the main header graphic that I used it appears that Kate is a zombie, so perhaps things could have swung another way.

I’m not sure how I ended up with Mixed Signals for Kate. Honestly, I poured it on thick with her while the game was just getting started, and later on I did things as politically correct as possible to avoid tensions with David, up until the point where I finally had to confess, but they were on the road together for years raising kids that weren’t theirs… I don’t know anyone in that situation who wouldn’t have done the same. It’s no different than Rick’s Wife and Shane really, it was the “once the secret’s out” bit that unfolded differently.

Really curious to know how else Clem could have turned out, but I’m proud to have had this effect on her development. The end of the game presented us with a single sentence: “Clementine will Return” or something with similar sentiment, so I think we’ll see another season eventually. How this could affect future developments of the story could be sweeping, but with these sort of curated experiences, I doubt it will be so exaggerated. Perhaps though, these stats will affect something on a grander scale. Time will tell I suppose.

This episode also came with a handy body count, for your reference:

Again, I’m curious to see what others got for their results. If you happen to have played through the game, drop something in the comments!

A New Frontier Episode 4

Episode 4 of TellTales latest season of The Walking Dead series was strange. It simultaneously felt like there was less playing time (less QTEs and less exploration) than any of the other episodes in the whole series, but it felt like one of the most intense episodes. TellTale has mastered this storyline, and has dropped in subtle tie-ins to previous seasons that will tie bits of the story together and tug on your heartstrings. The little details are the most striking, and the fact that every little choice  you make will come back to haunt you is superb. Things I had forgotten doing came to light in this playthrough, and that alone will catch you off guard. There are little sub-stories going on here too, like falling in love with Kate, seeing Clementine grow into a young adult (even “becoming a woman” so to speak), and the rivalry between two brothers. I really love the lore of this game series, and it really captures what it means to be human, and how it can tear you apart if you aren’t careful.

My choices were mostly in line with others, though it seems that some people held a grudge against Tripp (I just thought perhaps I would earn his forgiveness for taking out Conrad). Others held a grudge against Joan, which makes complete sense, though I was banking on David doing something stupid to screw things up for himself. The cliffhanger here is not knowing what happened to Kate at the end of the episode, and knowing that David is likely still alive. I managed to keep one of his kids upright, and would likely take better care of him, but he still wants his father, and well Kate wants Javi, so that makes things complicated, doesn’t it. We’ll see how things wrap in Richmond soon enough, but like each season before it, I don’t want it to end. Here were my choices, officially:

It’s been nice having something Walking Dead related to keep me going now that the latest season of the TV show has ended. That was a hell of a cliffhanger ending too, and it’s a long wait until October to find out what happens next. All I know is that I’ve grown tired of the Telltale formula for the most part, but can’t get enough of this series. I hope a new season is to follow in the coming years. I’ll be back when episode 5 drops to wrap things up.

TWD A New Frontier Episode 3

The most recent chapter of the newest Walking Dead series from TellTale Games released this past week and I took an evening at home to play through it. I must say, I love the way cameos from the show and comics appear through the series. One season we saw a glimpse of Glen, Michonne got her own spin off series, and now we have Jesus making his own appearance. It also feels that the game has matured, and I don’t just mean because it has graphic elements, but moreso in the story telling itself. It feels wretched when the bad things and the tough choices come about, but there is that sense of following your own personal instincts in guiding the story. I grew tired of the same ol’ formula with TellTale games, just like I did with the same old Call of Duty every year, but because of my deep investment into this series (comics, show, multiple games) I still enjoy this one. It’s of particular note, and I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last post about the new series, but the game runs much better on a PS4 compared to the first seasons on the PS3. I’m sure PC users don’t have this issue. I chose to stay on console because I played the originals on console. But I digress.

I’m sure that you can infer just from the choices above that there was some difficulty in what to do throughout episode 3. It seems that choices were fairly evenly split if you consider that only two were very far from center. I don’t want to spoil anything further, but just wanted to share some thoughts on my continued playthrough of the game.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

I’ve written about TellTale Games’ Walking Dead series before, and there’s finally a new game in the series to discuss once more. The first season of the game came out a few years back on PS3 and was eventually ported to the PC as well. I loved the series, being a fan of the comic and TV show, which all encompass events within the real world, but are separate tales of different groups of people. It is a nice touch that characters we’ve met in the comics and the TV series have made appearances as well, and this game series has followed many familiar faces as well. I went into pretty excruciating detail the last time around, as far as explaining my actions, the general story and finishing off with my choices. Well, I can’t exactly do that at this juncture. The reason being is that not only did I pick the game up a couple of weeks after release, I also only played the first episode when I first loaded up the game. I don’t recall all of the scenes where the major choices took place, as you don’t really know what major choices you are making until after the episode is over. I decided to fire up the game and play episode 2 last night, and though I do remember that episode more clearly, I still don’t really feel the need to spoil things for you. I’d rather just talk about the game, and I’ll share my choices in case you want to compare.

If you’ve played the first two seasons of The Walking Dead games, you can import your save (if you actually uploaded those saves to the cloud years ago, and still have the ability to download them to your system of choice, that is). There is also an option to make the key choices from the first two seasons as you start up a new game, and then you can play with those prior choices coloring the outcome of various parts of the game. Personally, I couldn’t remember the exact choices I made, so I made my best guesses and moved along.

The game plays like other TellTale games, but I had come to a point that they weren’t really doing much for me anymore, and I hadn’t purchased one of their games in quite some time. It was all too samey, and without killer IPs, I couldn’t be bothered (Minecraft and Batman, I’m looking at you as being likely snoozefests). I will note that this title plays very well on the PS4, whereas I was noticing issues with framerate drops with the other titles that I played on my PS3. Its likely performance is even better on the PC, but I have made a tradition of playing these games on the Playstation, so I didn’t want to steer away from that.

Story-wise, we pick up some time after the 2nd season. Clementine isn’t present until a while into the first episode. Instead, we meet a new group of survivors, watch flashbacks to before the zombie apocalypse, and eventually come to find Clementine is a little more grown, and definitely less trusting than she used to be. She’s definitely a survivor, but has grown up with the world having gone to shit, and she’s starting to show it. Eventually shit hits the fan as it always does, and then we pick up in episode 2 shortly after some traumatic events. More of those are thrown on the pile during the second portion of the game.

Overall, it’s still my favorite series from Telltale, and I’ve played nearly all of their games (except for the last recent entries, which didn’t appeal to me). I look forward to seeing this one through to its end, and I’m curious if this series will continue, or if this will be the finale of a trilogy. I suppose time will tell. Here are my choices from Episodes 1 & 2. I’ll be back when the next episode releases. Until then, happy gaming, where ever you find yourselves!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20170206204611
Episode 1 Choices
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20170206204618
Episode 2 Choices