Diablo III Patch 2.4

Diablo III had another big patch go live this week, and just like in patch 2.3, there was a whole new zone added to Adventure Mode. This does mean that you need to own Reaper of Souls to access the new content, but if you haven’t picked up that expansion by now, you’re probably not much of a fan. The brand new zone added is called Greyhollow Island, and it is an offshoot of the Act V portion of the map. A gloomy, rainy, wooded island, there are plenty of new creatures to fight, lore bits, and places to explore. Outside of the new zone, there was also two previously existing zones that were expanded, both the Ruins of Sescheron and Leoric’s Manor. The former was expanded with the zone called Eternal Woods, and the latter had a section called the Royal Quarters added to it. They are smaller areas, but combined with the new zone add quite a bit of variety to your bounties and other adventures.


There’s much more to the patch than just new zones. Set Dungeons have been added, and require you to don a full set of class armor to enter them. The seasonal journey that was introduced in season 4 is also being tweaked for season 5 (that starts tomorrow), where completing it provides a whole set, so if you are having trouble finding a set of armor for your class, you have a guaranteed way to pick one up now. That will allow you to check out the set dungeon as well. Finally, there are empowered rifts, which is building upon the ever-changing rift system that has been around since RoS launched. I have no experience with the latter, so I’m not sure how good or bad that ends up being. All I know is that I feel re-motivated to try and complete the season journey this time around, and actually get far enough into the end game to see beyond Torment I and jump into greater rifts and all that good stuff. Who knows if that feeling will be maintained for very long, but I’m aiming towards getting balls deep in Diablo III again.

Last night I decided that it would be a good idea to play through the new areas on one of my existing max-level characters. I also decided to record all three of the new areas while I played through them, so at this point I’d like to share those videos:

Part one is a full clear of Greyhollow Island. It’s a fairly large overland zone with a lengthy dungeon so this is the longest of the three videos.

Part two is a full clear of the expanded zone of of the Ruins of Sescheron: The Eternal Woods. This zone is a bit smaller and also comes packed with a dungeon but it is only one level and was a much quicker clear.

Part three is the shortest run of them all. The Royal Quarters is a section added onto the Leoric’s Manor zone. It is filled to the brim with undead but is a relatively short clear. It is also the area you have to access to be able to enter the set dungeons, as you’ll see me discover in the video.

That’s all I have for now. Happy Gaming!

Steam Sale: Last Hurrah

The Steam holiday sale officially ended today, and wallets everywhere shared a collective sigh of relief. For the most part I didn’t spend too much money, but between what I did buy and what was gifted to me I’ve successfully added more weight to the backlog. Over the course of the final few days of the sale I managed to sell enough cards to pick up a couple of less expensive titles that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. It’s amazing that for just a couple of dollars you can pick up some pretty cool games. I did just that, spending $1.49 on Eldritch, and $0.99 on Paper Sorcerer. Neither is exactly new; these are both a couple of years old, but what I got for $2.50 during the sale would have normally cost me closer to $20, and those savings only make me enjoy the games that much more.

I would go into particulars about these games as I usually do, but I have actually recorded some video content that I’d rather you consume, and both videos have plenty of commentary within. Plus you can see the games in action and make a determination for yourself as to whether or not you’d enjoy them. Unfortunately these titles aren’t on sale anymore, but that doesn’t meant they won’t be again in the near future.

With that said, I guess it’s prudent for me to mention that with these two videos I’m about to share, I’ve started adding commentary to go along with the gameplay. Most of my videos in the past have been either straight gameplay or edited compilations of various game sessions. They were always made to compliment what I’d write here on the blog, so I never felt that commentary was necessary. However, I do notice that most videos I watch have gameplay + commentary, and I tend to enjoy those as much as the next guy. Honestly I like both styles of video, but I’ve decided to try out some different things now that I have a decent video editing program.

This first video is of Paper Sorcerer, and it’s the type of game that you could honestly make a Let’s Play series out of. I only play through a couple of the opening levels and talk about what’s going on in the game. If I get enough feedback that people want to see more of this, I’ll probably continue the series, though I labelled it as a “Quick Look” because it’s relatively short and will give you an idea if you’d like to play this title. If I do decide to record a full play through in segments, I’ll probably relabel this one accordingly.

The second “Quick Look” I produced is for Eldritch. This one is a rogue-like FPS with a bunch of different elements, though it doesn’t really lend itself to the Let’s Play format, due to just dying over and over. I think some games are better suited for Let’s Play and others for Quick Look. I do have a few other ideas for further videos that will require much more editing, but I’m feeling up to the challenge.

So there you have it. I’m trying new things with YouTube. Something seems to be working because my views/minutes watched are up, and there’s more comments coming in as well. If you guys like this blog, my podcast, or any of my other content I’d really appreciate your subscriptions to my YouTube channel. Content creation simply feels better when you know you’re actually reaching your intended audience. Also, let me know what you think of these videos, and if you’d like to see more.

This is not a Post, It’s a Sandwich.

Kudos for those of you who get the reference in this title of this post. 

This isn’t so much of a post in that I’m not in the mood to write, don’t really have a lot to talk about at the moment, and haven’t been playing anything really outside of D3, Shining Force and Nuclear Throne. The Shining Force bit I will probably talk about more after I complete the game, which shouldn’t be too much longer. Still, trying to keep up with this whole writing every day thing, along with attempting to keep up on the Nuclear Throne daily videos. With that said, some days you need some time off, and though I sat around all day doing basically nothing, I still didn’t have anything pop up that I needed to write about.

However, I did play some Awesomenauts last night and had a stellar game as Leon, and thought I’d share the replay (which I just found out enables you to convert your replays into videos you can share, though the process takes longer than if you were to use an external recorder). So here’s that, and you’ll still get the Nuclear Throne daily run video to boot.

I’m thinking I might start doing voice commentary over the daily runs so that it’s maybe more interesting. Also been thinking of doing some let’s play type stuff but I don’t have the most fantastic of editing tools so I’m not sure how far I’ll go with that. We’ll see soon enough.

Stuck with random plant again. Seems like I was doing pretty well, but died on 4-1. Feels like every death is so dumb and preventable when I watch these!